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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Knave
Owner: andrealightwater
Pet Name: Zedilsepro
Breed: Red Meowclops

About Knave:
"No Knave! Leave it alone!" a shrill cry came from out of nowhere as a little red Meowclops leaped from a nearby bush chasing a rather small-looking, helpless Meepit. After them, a Halloween uni, Zedilsepro, (Zed for short) came galloping through, his bone wings clattering and his flaming hooves ablaze. His crimson eyes were pupiless, but anyone could tell he was after that Meowclops...
"Please stop, Knave!" he yelled, slowing as the Meowclops and Meepit stopped to confront eachother. The Meepit turned abruptly and hissed, getting into a Meepit fighting stance, (the cutest image of a Meepit you could ever dream of...) and the Meowclops licked his chops, wagging his cat-like tail. He had his claws out and was ready to leap at the Meepit when suddenly, it turned ugly...extremely ugly. The Meepit's mouth grew large enough to swallow the Meowclops and uni both, but the Meowclops didn't back down.
The uni rolled his eyes. "That Knave is going to get himself eaten..." he quickly dashed to Knave and scooped him up with his long horn, tossing him upon his back, and swiftly ran away from the evil pink creature. The Meepit grinned in victory and went on his merry little way.
Once away from danger, Zed stopped and glared back at his petpet. "You really are trouble, you know that?"
The Meowclops only smiled and began purring. Zed rolled his eyes. Yes, this Meowclops had seen to it that Zed went through much chaos and destruction (he even had the nerve to eat Dr. Sloth's beloved Angelpuss, making the evil Doctor very angry indeed...) but Zed was very grateful to have him as a companion. Why, just the thought of how they met made his melancholy face brighten up somewhat....

Being as scary as he was, Knave, the evil red Meowclops you are so familiar with now, (heh, riiight...) he couldn't make and keep a single friend...much less did he really even care for one. He would scamper about, creating various destructive acts in the name of evil, not caring about the consequences.
Well, one day he went too far....as you have been told before, he somehow managed to find his way right into Dr. Sloth's home...wherever that may actually be. You see, Dr. Sloth has a secret, a deep dark secret that the public must not know...you see, he has this cute little Angelpuss that he loves and cares for greatly. If anything were to happen to it, well...knowing the vileness of Dr. Sloth, it wasn't going to be good for poor little Knave.
The moment he saw it, Knave knew that the Angelpuss would be his next meal...and so it was. He gulped the poor creature down and smiled, not noticing the deep red eyes glaring at him from the darkness. A loud scream echoed out and Knave was soon caught in Dr. Sloth's arms.
Then suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, Zed came bursting through a wall and saved Knave all heroic-like.
Of course, Zed hadn't intentially bursted through that wall...he had most likely been flying randomly and lost control, or perhaps was sleep-walking, er... sleep-flying morelike...and accidentally hit the wall...either way, he had saved the Meowclops and had managed to get away from the furious Dr. Sloth in on piece.
And from that day forward, Knave, the sly little red Meowclops and Zed, the scary yet kind Halloween Uni, were best friends and lifetime companions...
But what if Sloth was still after them...?
*a distant cry is heard*
"I'll get you yet, you little beast! I'll never forget what you did to my ickle Schmookum-Pie!"

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