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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am so happy!

Pet Name: Rinloth
Owner: Mirandawrath
Breed: Uni

About Rinloth:

Many owners in Neopia have pets, but as many do not know, the faeries have one as well. I speak of the one named Rinloth.

It was a dark day in Neopia. Hatred and evil had spread from the bowels of the Haunted Woods throughout the lands. The faeries no longer had any power to stop the evil force for they dreaded that the pool that was the source of their power had been tampered with, so they called up another force, but this one of light that came from the sky.

Rinloth arrived in a bundle of clouds. Her eyes looked about her at the world she had been born to and fear shook her body. The faeries took her in their arms and knew that their savior had come. The queen faerie stood up amongst the others and pronounced "Now has come the time when Neopia will return to the pets, and love will reign over all! Return to us our powers, and save the planet my dear, Rinloth the Brave!" Her voice echoed throughout the kingdoms of Neopia and Rinloth began to glow. Her cowering face lifted as her horn and wings started to expand into powerful intruments of magic. Her body turned a radiant color of red and her eyes no longer showed her terror. She had realized her destiny! Rinloth would find out what was the horrible force that corrupted the sacred lands of Neopia, and place the faeries as protectors of the planet once and for all!

She set out knowing very little. Her hooves churned up the ground as she flitted across the Neopia landscape toward the unknown. All around her throughout each town she saw all the shops had closed, the pets glared evily toward her pure heart, and the owners kept inside their homes. But Rinloth remained brave and strong physically and spiritually. She had the ultimate quest to undertake! Finally she arrived at the source of the devilish power. She gazed up at the dark rotting tower that lay before her. It stood looming in front of her in all its terror. Rinloth saw nothing to cause the evil but she felt it growing within her. She could feel her heart begin to grow dark, and hate for the world, she had been born to, started to fester inside. Tears sprang from her eyes, "Is this what everyone else feels?" Rinloth exclaimed out loud. "What are you that instills this anger within all that live?" Then as though on cue a rumble occurred beneath her and the ground split. She strained to fly up using her wings but her journey had tired her and she no longer had the strength to fly. Rinloth plunged towards a black pit.....

Slowly she awakened and red eyes watched her as she got up and brushed the dirt off. She called, "Who are you?" No answer. She searched for any power within her to light the room around and suddenly her horn began to glow. The underground cavern lit up and nothing was to be seen that caused the terrifying stares. She began to tremble. Then she found a small door leading from the room and carefully she opened it. With her horn lighting the way she found herself at another door, but this one was large and covered in a gold and silver markings. Rinloth attempted to push on the door but nothing happened. Her horn! That would open it surely.. she mustered up all her strength and aimed all her thoughts on the door, but all that came from inside was a loud sob. Suddenly she realized that the hate was starting to grow and her newly gained powers were weakening. She just couldn't become what everyone else had! She had to fight this off...

She shuddered and backed into the corner of the large hallway. She had lost.. she couldn't live up to the faeries' expectations. Just as she closed her eyes to give in to the hatred a picture of the Queen Faerie formed in her mind. Her radiance filled Rinloth's heart with the warmth she had lost.

"Rinloth! You cannot give in! Your powers are much too great. Even greater than mine. You must draw from the pool within yourself! Look at who you are! Do not be afraid..." And the faerie disappeared into the depths of her unconscious.
Rinloth's eyes opened with new life and she found the evil creatures closing in around her! She reared into the air and jumped over the crowd... the creatures turned and their yellow, hungry, teeth gleamed in the darkness. She backed into the door and closed her eyes hoping the Queen would return, but no such luck. She searched within herself just as the faerie had told her and she saw her home she had come from.. the picture burned within her memory each day she had been gone and had not left now. It was her last hope. She focused on this and SUDDENLY the door opened with a slam! She leaped into the room. The creatures attempted to follow but just as it had opened the door banged shut. Her curious heart beckoned her to turn around, and she did. What she saw was not a creature great in stature but what emanated from it was more anger and fear than she could stand. It's small body sat beside a dark swirling pool, and she noticed it had tears coming from its eyes.

She neared the sorry being and kneeled next to it. Her eyes became soft and caring and she asked who it was.
"My name is Sulken, and I am doomed to remain in this cavern for all my life." It's shriveled green skin bent when it talked in it's raspy voice.
"Why are you down here, Sulken?" Rinloth spoke softly to the devastated Neopet.
"As a child I wandered much and one very sad day I had found my way into this cavern after a great pit had opened and I had fallen through. Some creatures with horrible red eyes and scary teeth have held my prisoner within this room. That door is the only thing that keeps me from my death. So I lay here next to this pool. It was once a beautiful silver.. but now, it's just black, but it's kept me alive, and for that I am thankful." The creature held its face in its hands and sobbed.

Rinloth peered into the pool and noticed on the sides were chiseled pictures of something so familiar. They were faeries! Could this be the faery well? The source of all their powers? She sat with the distorted Neopet for a while and thought. Finally she had come to a conclusion. It was now or never!

"Sulken! I must get you out of here! You are destroying our world! Your dark, afraid feelings are corrupting all of us by reaching us through the faerie well of power. I will return you to the outside world." Rinloth stood up and reared high into the air. Her horn glowed with a new drive. Her will to succeed pushed her to finish her very special quest. Rinloth stood by as the creature climbed wearily onto her back and she rode towards the door with a powerful force. She once again focused all of her energy. Every ounce of good and hope poured into her horn, she even had to beat her wings to focus so hard. The door FLEW open and the evil unseen creatures backed away in hesitation. They hissed and moaned at what they hoped would be their meal, but Rinloth using her powers of telekinesis backed them up. She frantically searched for anything that would hold them, and suddenly she found a crevice within the wall of the cavern, and with all her strength she flung the devilish creatures into the dark hole and she covered the hole with rubble. A sigh of relief calmed her, but then she looked at the ever weakening Neopet upon her back. Panic overtook her! She must take Sulken to the hospital and save it! Little did she know her moving the rubble caused the rock to fall from the ceiling. It was only a matter of moments before the whole place would cave in. This was beginning to become too much for her.

Rinloth dashed for the door as fast as her legs could carry the two of them. As she burst through the entrance she had forgotten about the horrible pit she had fallen into. Then remembering her gift of flying she unfolded her wings and began to beat them. But would she have enough energy to make it all the way? The cavern was quickly crumbling to pieces. Her wings flapped with a fury, slowly she lifted off the ground and ascended up the cave walls. The light of the outside world had become so strong.. it beckoned her.. warmed her with all its rays that could reach her. Her spirit climbed towards it. Sulken, on her back, shrank into a ball of screeching fear! The light was too much for it to handle, but she couldn't help that now. The top was so close.. she could almost... OH NO! She started to fall.. her wings gave out. "NO! I won't let this happen!" The determined Uni flew up into the air and onto the ground of the beautiful green earth and landed with a giant THUD!

The cavern! The pool! What was she going to do? It was all going to be destroyed. She called upon the faeries with every last ounce of magic she had within her. Then as the world rumbled down around her she passed out. Her eyes closed and she could take no more.. ...............................................................then.....slowly........her eyes opened...... surrounding her were the faeries that had brought her into the world..... was she...... DEAD?

Then as she stood up she noticed the rubble.. no.. she had not died. Each faerie watched her with warm loving eyes.
"What do I do to deserve such a look?" She asked sadly. Tears fell from her face. One by one the faeries pointed up and then she noticed it. The silver pool of faerie power had risen up into the sky.. it had escaped the peril!
"How did that happen?" She asked curiously.
"Well Rinloth," the faery Queen stepped forward, "your want for everyone's safety was so great that you unconsciously picked up the pool and put it out of harms way! We had nothing to do with it. It was all your pure heart Rinloth. But your friend... could not be saved."
Sulken's body laid lifelessly on the ground. Rinloth rushed to its side. "Oh no.. it was all my fault! I could have saved it.. no Neopet deserves this." And magically the strange little creature transformed back into the beautiful Aisha it once was. "Oh my..." Rinloth gaped in awe. Then the faeries picked up the small pet and carried it away to a special place amongst all Neopets who move on to another life.
"Rinloth.. you are to be commended for your bravery and caring. You are to remain on this earth and care for all pets and owners.. find yourself a friend that you will call an owner and be cared for. But no matter where you are, you must know that you will always be the Neopet of the faeries." and with that the Queen Faerie flew away into the clouds....

Rinloth had been left there to go on another quest.. to find me.. Mirandawrath, her present owner.. but that's a different story...

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