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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

What a great adventure!

Pet Name: Phaethon1
Owner: lucius_titus_maximus
Breed: Kougra

About Phaethon1:

Hello there at Neopets. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am submitting a picture and some information about my neopet, the red male Kougra, Phaethon1! I'm telling you, he is the best neopet ever! (well, maybe) But he definetly is a kougra of a different color, I'm telling you!! He knows his ancient Roman and Greek Philosphers!!! He sits up in his room all day studying them trying to find out the meaning of the cosmos and stuff like that, and then comes down and relates it all to me, and it just goes flying over my head!!! Plus he is catching up on his philosphers that he missed while he was imbedded in volcanic rock!!! Oh, you probably don't know that about him, do you. Errr. Here is a breif history of him:

I am an archeaologist and one day the government of Italy called me up and told me that they needed an extra archaeologist to excavate the ruins of Pompeii. Of course, this is the dream of a lifetime for me, so I pack up my bags and go flying into Italy to start the excavations. So they assign me to a place where they believe the Bacillica is located and I start to excavate the site. I wasn't expecting it to be pretty with all of the bones that they had been digging up, and, I do admit, I found a few bodies in pretty gortesque positions as they tryed to protect themselves from the pyroclastic flows. But I found something that I wasn't expecting at all! As I dug, I hit the rock with my chisle and hammer and I heard somebody say something! I didn't think much about it until, when I hit the rock again, it started to rant in Latin about how people are so inconsiderate and have no feelings for other people who are trying to get some sleep. So I dig this creature out to find that it was a Kougra from Rome! He was all decked out in his toga and and some olive leaves wraped around his head and was clutching his scrolls in his hands. Me, excited that I had acutually found a living relic from the Roman world from around 79 A.D., I had to ask my supervisors for a break. They said I could, and when I returned to the Kougra, he was still giving his rant about how inconsiderate people are. So I calm him down after much persuasion in Latin and I ask him if he knows where he is. Of course, he is totally disgusted by my clothing and is very cranky after his 1,921 year nap and, after he rubs his eyes, is shocked to find his town in ruins and, people digging it up again, and strange wheeled vehicles driving around instead of horses and chariots and wagons. So I explain to him that it is the year 2000 which he is confused by, because he doesn't undertand the "New Worlds" concept of time. So after about thirty minutes of explaining the "New Worlds" concept of time, he finally realises that he had been locked in rock and ash for 1,921 years. He was just as excited at the fact as I was that he survived that long. So I ask him about himself and I learn that he is an ancient breed of the Kougra, more wild looking than the modern breeds. His name was Phaethon and he was one of the Roman Senators visiting Pompeii to work out some chinks in the Pompeian government with the local officals when the volcano erupted. They were all closed in a layer of rock and ash as the searing heat enveloped them. Suprisingly enough, his fur and scrolls had not been damaged and I asked him if I could give these to my supervisor to use as artifacts. He was not to happy about the idea but once I told him it would help the modern world learn of his culture and how the government was ran, he freely gave them up. Over the next few days as I excavated the site, Phaethon helped me identify the bones of the people closest to him as Pompeian officals that he was discussing the law with and helped me learn of the Latin culture more thouroughly while I taught him the English language and the history of the world that had passed by him while he slept. When I told him that he missed a few philosphers, he almost had a heart attack, and, with his broken English he said that he needed to find their writings and catch up on his studies. So when he and I left fom Italy in the plane, (which he got air sick on before we even left the ground even though he was amazed that we were in the air) when we got back home, we went to the library and checked out every Greek and Roman philosopher's writings that we could find, and now he is eagerly teaching my newest neopet, his youngest sister, Apollos, philosophy and Latin.

And that is my neopet. If you ask me, Phaethon is one great guy and is worthy of the spotlight but I'll leave that decision up to the team! Phaethon and I both hope you have a good new year!

As Phaethon would say,
Vale! (goodbye in Latin)

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