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Pet Name: Grarrl_of_Steele
Owner: Kari105
Breed: Grarrl

About Grarrl_of_Steele:

This is a story about how I, Grarrl_of_Steele saved my owner Kari105's life and got to save Neopia too.

It all began one afternoon when Kari105 wasn't looking too well, she was pale and was very weak.

One day I deceided to ask her what's wrong and she said," I'm terribly ill and I need help at once." I was so scared, I ran to the neohospital and had a docter come to the neohotel where we were staying. I asked him," Is she going to be all right?" I looked at Dr. JubJub, he had an oh no something must be done at once look on his face. All of the sudden he said," You have to get the mystical grass of life or else she will die!" "Go now you have to get it in three hours or else she's a gonner. Go!" I ran as quick as can be outside and started looking.

After a half an hour I sat down since I was so tired and then I started thinking, "Wait I don't even know what the grass of life is or looks like!" All of the sudden the Earth Faerie came out from behind a tree. "Oh Earth Faerie!" I said, "I desperatly need your help, my owner is sick and I need to get the grass of life to her in 2 hours or she will die!" Then in a small quiet voice she said," If you bring me the Amulet of the Dark Faerie I will give you the grass and a ride home." "Why do you need the Amulet?" I asked. "To defeat the Dark Faerie and stop her evil schemes." "I'll get it for..." I turned around and she was gone, "you." "Well, I better get going I only have 2 hours." so I set off on my way to the Dark Faerie's kingdom. "Oh no!" I exclaimed," The only way to the Dark Faerie's kingdom is to go through the Spooky Woods!" "But I have to, for my owner."

As I approached the woods I cautiously pulled out my compass. "Ok, North is this way, or is it this way. Oh great, well I'll just stop and ask for directions." I saw an old woman on the side of the road and asked her for directions. "Excuse me." I said politely, "Do you know the way to the Dark Faeries castle?" "Its down the road 2 miles then turn left, you cant miss it." she said "Ok, thanks." She sounded so familiar and she looked familiar but I couldn't tell because her face was covered up by a beuatiful black cloak. As I turned and left to go to the Dark Faerie's kingdom I pulled out my magic sheild and sword just in case.

I looked at my watch and I saw there was only one half an hour left. I went in hoping to be unnoticed by anyone but the Dark Faerie popped out and said in an evil voice, "I've been waiting for you." "How did you know I was comming?" I asked in great fear. "The lady on the side of the road was me!" "I knew you looked familiar!" "Now what do you want?" She asked in a mischievous way. I walked up to her and said in a whisper," Your Amulet." I snatched the Amulet from around her neck and ran. "Guards stop that thief!" She yelled. I ran as fast as I could. The guards got closer and closer but I kept running. I made it out of the Spooky Woods but I only had 10 minutes so I called out," Earth Faerie I have the Amulet so please bring me home I only have 10 minutes left!" All of the sudden she swooped down picked me and the Amulet up and we flew home.

"Here is your Amulet." I said as I gave her the Amulet." Thank you and here is your grass, we can both save people we love from dieing. Hurry up now you only have three minutes!" I ran inside hoping she was still ok." Here I have it!" We fed it to her as quick as we could. Slowly she awoke from her deep trance. "Grarrl_of_Steele," She said, "you saved my life, thank you!" Then Dr. JubJub ran to city hall to announce over the loud speeker a new holiday." Today January 15, 2001 is officialy announced Grarrl_of_Steele day and the Defeat of the Dark Faerie day." The crowd cheered with joy even though they didn't know what happened, but I know the real story of how I saved my owner and Neopia from the evil Dark Faerie.

That is how I saved my owners life and hey, I even got to save Neopia! All and all it was an exciting day. Oh yeah and if you want to visit my website you can at this address:

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