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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lory_mosk
Owner: kity19931120
Breed: Usul

About lory_mosk:
Hello, Neopia! *struggles out of the box* They don’t make boxes as they used to. *sigh* Anyway, I am Lory_Mosk the usuki usul, and to make it brief I like spooky food, short battles, Key Quest and Turmac Roll. *squeeeeak* And of course, my petpet Plushie snarhook. Happy now? *looks at petpet at the bottom of box*
I am actually here not to brag about myself, although I can do it quite well, but to speak about my specific colour. Yes, people and neopets, and most appreciated dynamite (All hail the dynamite behind Neo), the usuki color.
First of all, where do usukis come from? Yes, you buy them from the neopian bazaar, but where are they MADE? I know what you are thinking, from Kreludor, duh, because of the Freaky Factory game, right? Well, let me ask you something, have you ever created an usuki there? No? Neither did I. So where do usukis come from after all?
I doubt they are made in the usuki shop. Maybe on the space station; they build a lot of things there like rays, weapons, space ships and levers of doom for *gasp* Sloth (All hail Sloth!). But I think the green villain in the black dress would melt on the sight of cute little toys like usukis.
So where could we put a mass doll making factory? I would guess, in Faerieland. In the Hidden Tower, of course; that’s why we don’t see it. And let’s be frank over here, for how many items the tower stocks, it should be enough free space, right? It is a TOWER, after all. But the stock is pretty big, and maybe the faerie queen lives there, so maybe not.
I would rule out Maraqua since usukis can’t stand salty water. Shenkuu and Altador are too old fashioned. Mystery Island is full, no space for a factory; even the underground is run by ninjas *shifty eyes*. Haunted Woods? No way. In the desert? It’s too hot. Terror Mountain? Too cold. Tyrannia, Brightvale and Meridell are just not it, if you know what I mean... Lutari Island, self explanatory. Kiko Island, Roo Island, Krawk Island same as Lutari Island.
Now that I think about it, there is no Usuki Island. Now seriously, what have the Blumaroos done to deserve an island?! The lutaris appeared like YESTERDAY; how do they have an island (an exclusive mobile one too)?! We usukis have been here for ages; that is the last straw. I refuse to continue my rant without an island.
I mean, now really, the Krawks are low in popularity. *cries* How could dynamite do this to us usuls?! Well, at least there is no Quiguki Island. That would be the final blow to us.
*idea* If there is no Usuki Island, I will make one. *goes to bottom of box, grabs pencils and paper* It should be big, big as the Haunted Woods, and then it should be made of cotton candy, mmmm, and we should have a giant cotton candy thing like the big omelette or the giant jelly that doesn’t exist. *cheer* Ohhhh, and we should have the Great Usul that would give out quests and what about *tears of happiness and sparkles* Make-your-own-usuki center. It would be a dream come true. So beautiful.
And rainbows, three suns, and ohhhhhh, a giant plushie spardel. That would be epic. Everybody would love it. We should have a faerie too, you know, usuki would be an official element. How could I have not thought this before? It is like my life begins now.
Oh well, when I will finish this, *scribbles* the dynamite will have to approve it and I will be the next ruler of an island. *maniacal evil laugh*
Oh my, *blushes* you were still here. To conclude, I love spooky food and designing islands for my fellow usukis, and put conquering the world on the list too. *smile*
Goodbye, everyone! *waves and closes box*

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