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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Onvara28
Owner: onvara28
Breed: Tuskaninny

About Onvara28:
I love going on adventures,
Splashing here and there,
I would at times climb up Terror Mountain,
Or visit the summer faire!
There are moments when I get tired
And refuse to move at all
But when I lie down
I think of going to the NC Mall!
Every once in a while
I settle down on the couch with a treat
But when I gobble it down
I run off outside, where all my friends would meet!
It’s hard being an adventurer,
When my sisters call me to come back home
I can hardly bear it!
I feel so neglected, bored, and alone.
No one seems to really understand me
Although my sisters are the best I could ask for
And they play with me day after day
I can’t help but try to get through that door…
To the lively world outside, and to all the happy cheers
I look out the windows at night,
And take my eyes off my book…
I look out at the sparkling stars shining a brilliant light
and can’t wait for the next day to come.

My friends tell me to calm down
And try to learn more about the world around me
So sometimes I listen at school or read a book
But the only thing I always see,
Is the thrill of swimming, running, exploration!
An explorer! I admit, there may be nothing else I can be.
Once I decided to aim for the stars
I read till I could read no more!
The books were stacked all around me
And my eyes were starting to feel sore.
But I hadn’t reached my goal yet!
I want them to be proud!
My family tells me I’m very intelligent now
And that was how I completed one part of my vow.

My family says I look great
Why not compete in the beauty contest?
So I do just that, and work hard to paint
I do my hardest, and what I think looks best!
But I just don’t fit in.
I buy new supplies and start from scratch
I work till the sun goes down
I want to make my family happy,
But I always seem to make them frown.
I make many pictures and many drawings
But I just can’t be one of those pretty ones
I’ve sketched and I’ve colored,
But I can’t seem to have fun.
I love the competition though,
It makes me anxious for the results
I’m jumping up and down with excitement
But unfortunately when the day comes, I’m drowned with faults.
To this day I still hope.
I don’t give up.
I still work for my goal
Maybe… maybe one day I’ll bring home a trophy, a cup?

Because everyone is disappointed in me,
I train myself to be a defender in Battledome.
But after every battle, successful or not,
I walk sadly, forlornly… home.
It is certainly quite an adventure,
Competing in front of all those excited faces,
But it’s still different from exploring…
I can’t go with my friends to new places.
I earned trophies and yet
I have not done my hardest
I will become stronger and faster!
That is when I will have completed my quest.

But there’s one thing I know for sure.

No matter what happens,
I know my family and friends will be with me forever.
I’ll be there for them, and them for me.
We’ll never give up. Never.

When I feel the sun warming up Neopia Central
I smile and hum a jolly song
For, no matter what I do for fun,
This is where I truly belong.

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