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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Macey_Elizabeth
Owner: jcouturex3
Breed: Usul

About Macey_Elizabeth:
Hello! My name is Macey Elizabeth and I’m an usul but you can just call me Macey. I decided to enter the pet spotlight because I happen to think that I am a very interesting and unique usul, but then again, that may just be my humble opinion.

I’m a whopping 152 days old, making me the oldest pet in my family. I love my younger siblings to death, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they can be just plain annoying!

When I was a baby my mommy discovered that I was as blind as a korbat. I would constantly walk into walls and trees and reading numbers and letters was nearly impossible. My mommy took me to the eyedoctor and I was told that I would need glasses if I ever wanted to see clearly.

I was devastated at first… what would the other neopets think of me! Would they make fun of me? Would they call me names? But then, one day when shopping, I found them… a stunning pair of hot pink heart shaped glasses. I begged my mommy to buy them and she agreed.

Putting them on was perhaps one of the happiest moments of my life. Immediately my once blurry world was filled with clarity. I could finally make out faces and see clearly the world that I had been missing before. I ran around the house for hours exploring my new found world. Every detail was remarkable. I looked in the mirror and grinned… I looked pretty snazzy in my new heart shaped glasses.

After exploring the house for the better part of the day I went outside and then I saw them- clouds. It was love at first sight. My vision had always been so poor that I had never been able to see clouds like I could see them now. They were marvelous, so fluffy, white and soft. I was immediately entranced.

From that moment on, clouds became my number one love and obsession. Every day, I would spend hours lying in the fields of Meridell watching the clouds. Sometimes I would play my guitar or draw but mostly I would just lie on my back, the grass tickling my fur and daydream about what it would be like to be able to be up there, bouncing happily from cloud to cloud. I would make up stories about the shapes I saw within the clouds.

One day, my mommy woke me up bright and early and informed me that we were going to Neopia Central. When I asked why she grinned and replied “It’s a surprise, Mace! You’ll see soon enough.” When we arrived at Neopia Central several hours later, we made our way to somewhere I had heard a lot about but never been to… the Rainbow Pool. “Mommy, what are we doing here?” I inquired. She smiled, and pulled out a cloud paintbrush from her purse. “You’ve been such a good usul lately I decided that you deserved a treat and I got this for you.” My face lit up, I was going to be a cloud usul! When my transformation was done, I looked at my fur. It was covered in beautiful, fluffy, white, clouds. I had never felt so happy in my life.

My dream now, is to go to Faerieland. Mommy has been once and she says that it is the most magical place in Neopia and when you’re there, you’re literally thousands of feet about Neopia on a giant cloud. She promised she would take me over summer vacation, and I absolutely cannot wait.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me, and a word of advice… when life seems to get stressful or if you’re feeling a little down, just step outside, look up at the clouds, and for a moment, everything will be okay.

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