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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fellow
Owner: tinkor
Pet Name: Bellariys
Breed: Albot

About Fellow:
Though it is nighttime, you can see far across the field in which you stand, for the clouds catch the light of the moon and spread it wide to give light to travellers such as yourself. The ground is uneven, and due to the tall grass, it's hard to see holes that have been dug by mischievous Meepits.

As you pick your way across, you step on a lump, which, unfortunately, isn't stable, and you trip and topple into the tall grass. A loud screech rings out, and you quickly feel around for what you stepped on. You feel something cold and hard, and snatch it up. It looks like... a mechanical Horus perhaps? Its eyes are glowing red, and screeches continue erupting from its small beak, which keeps opening and closing. That's when you notice its wing has almost fallen off, being held on by a single small screw. You try to fit it back in place, which makes the thing be quiet, but whenever the wing slips, it begins throwing another tantrum, so you find some string in your pocket to hold the wing tight.

"Oh, Fellow!" You turn and then look down to see an Aisha girl making her way through the grass, which is taller than she is. "Thank you for finding my Fellow," she sighs. "He fell out of my pocket earlier today, and I didn't realise he was gone until bedtime, so I had to sneak out to come looking for him."

"He's yours?" you ask. "Oh, sorry, I think I broke his wing," you begin to apologise, but the Aisha brushes it off.

"If you hadn't broken him, I never would've found him, but thanks to you, he set off his alarm system. I can replace the screws at home; I have thousands because Fellow is always losing them." She glances around. "Um, mind walking me home? I'm actually... not a fan of the dark..." she mumbles.

As you both start walking toward the edge of the field, you ask, "So, what is 'Fellow'?"

The Aisha begins examining the wing as you both walk. "Oh, he's an Albot."

"Really? He looks a little, uh, different," you comment. "It looks like he has crystals on his wings."

The Aisha nods. "Yeah, there's a small story behind him and me...

"A few months ago, my school had taken a field trip to Moltara. When the teachers were asking the guard if it as okay for us to take a tour of the Magma Pool, I saw something, a pretty glowing light. I figured on finding it quickly and returning. I ended up finding a little glow worm, and I was really excited to show my friends, but when I returned, the guard said they left because they weren't permitted to enter. I never panicked so much before in my life; I was in a strange place, I didn't know where to begin looking for my class. I managed to get directions to the main square, but they weren't there, so I curled up on the steps of the town hall, and admittedly, I began to cry.

"Then, I heard a little twittering sound, sort of a mix between a whistle and a hoot. I looked up, and I saw Fellow hopping along. He hadn't any wings at all on him. I went to pick him up, but he began to hop away. I asked him if he could lead me to my friends, and he twittered again, so I followed. We passed right by Tangor's Workshop. I told Fellow to wait a moment, and I went in. Mr. Tangor had many Albots on his shelf, so I pointed to one, and told him I wanted wings just like those. Mr. Tangor told me he needed some supplies, but I didn't have time, so I handed him a necklace and bracelet I was wearing, and also some stones I had picked up while wandering, so he made me wings out of those instead.

"The Albot then led me the rest of the way, and as soon as we found the class, I told him I could attach the wings to him at my home if he wanted to come with me. And as you can see, we are now together today, and always will be."

As you approach a fence, the Aisha quickly says, "Oh, Fellow knows the way home from here, so you don't have to come any farther." She places the Albot down and he starts to hop off, and she follows into the darkness. "Bye!" the Aisha calls back after she is far out of sight.

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