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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Buttons
Owner: xfluffy_bunx
Pet Name: xGlitter_Itx
Breed: Ombat

About Buttons:
Cold and shivering, I slowly crawl through the mist, deeper into the forest. I can't see where I'm going, but I still make my way on the dirt path, leaving the small imprints of my paws behind. I can't see any sunlight through the canopy of the treetops when I look up. I don't think any other wildlife lives here, for I can see there aren't any berries or seeds to feed on, nor is there a river or stream to drink from. I try to remember how I got here, to this... this...

I don't even know where I am and how I got here! A few hours ago, on Mystery Island, I was scavenging for food in the trash cans and bins, but then something hit me. All I could see was bright green and a huge mass of pink with little black dots.

Whatever it was, it fell on me hard. Next thing I know, I'm here in some kind of jungle place, trying to get out of here as fast as I can. All I see now are narrow leaning trees that the wind whistles through, vines that tangle among one another, and mist ghosting deep, deep into the forest.

I think back into my past. Everyone teased me because I looked so drop-dead cute. I tried to show them I am actually really tough and vicious on the inside.

"Show me your mighty roar!" one of the bullies would say to me. "Come on! Look at his face! Awww... can't the wittle bitty Ombat woar? Ha, ha, ha!"

"I can roar!" I growled back without even thinking.

"Oh yeah? Then show us your mighty howl! See? I told you wittle weenie omby-womby can't do it."

All of the bullies would laugh at me, using that stupid baby language. It was true, though. The problem was that I couldn't, well, roar. Everyone knows that Ombats have one of the mightiest roars in all of Neopia... except me. My heart would pound right against my chest, as I prayed to Fyora to bless me with a spine-tingling roar.

I try to forget about my silly life story and concentrate on finding something useful to get me out of this forest.

Lots of burnt ashes and sticks loom around the edge of the path. It tells me that someone has camped here before. I wonder if they ever made it out alive.

I try to look at the bright side of being here. Let's think... the pros would probably be:

1. It's quiet.
2. I'm away from the bullies.
3. Nobody is here.

No, wait, take that back. I'm lonely.

Now, the cons about this place would be:

1. I'm lonely.

2. It feels like Terror Mountain here.

3. If I get hungry, there isn't any food nearby.

There are probably a thousand more cons, but I don't try to think about them. I try to only think about the pros, and suddenly I feel a nice ray of warmth beneath my fur.

Wait, that isn't from me thinking. It's the tree branches! On top of the branches there is a huge gap in between the leaves. Sunlight gleams through, making me feel sleepy. The path lights up as well, but now there is a visitor standing on it. It's a Lizark.

We stand there, staring at each other. The Lizark has several strange markings, painted in blood-red and sunshine yellow. Then the Lizark does a hand signal asking me to follow him.

Is this be a good idea? Maybe it's showing me a way to get out of here... or leading me to certain death. What choice do I have? I may as well.

The Lizark scurries rather fast compared to me. After a few minutes of passing low vines that droop down and jumping over large rocks in the way, we make it to a small half-deserted village. Geraptiku. The Lizark hasn't said anything during the trip here. When I thank him, he just leads me to one of the huts.

Inside are loads of other Petpets and a shop counter. Suddenly, someone pushes me into a cage and says. "Time to restock."

NO! I don't want to sit here and wait till someone adopts me. What if the Neopet who adopts me is a furious Battledome challenger? They'll probably want me to do a loud, frightening roar! And when they find out I'm no good at that, they'll put me in a trade or auction or, worse, DISCARD ME.

As I look around this curious shop, I see a yellow Kacheek approach cautiously. This Neopet looks kind of harmless, definitely not the types to get involved with fights! I am then happily sold to the yellow Kacheek and see the smile upon her face.

Now I won't be teased for my wimpy roar and I'll always have a warm, safe home to go to!

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