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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bebu
Owner: ecobabe
Pet Name: dayly_dayly_10
Breed: Grackle Bug

About Bebu:
Dayly had been in a deep blue funk for as long as I could remember. I really didn't know what to do. Echo had bought him as many toys as she could think of, and he still would not come out of the rut he was in.

"Hey Dayly, wanna come shopping with Echo and me?" I inquired hopefully, eyes wide as I could make them.

"I'm not really in the mood, I_Got_Sheared," he muttered forlornly. It was getting worse and worse. I couldn't remember a single time when he had called me by my Pound name.

"Come on! It'll be fun! We can get you some clothes to go with your new colour!" In a desperate attempt to cheer him, Echo had recently painted Dayly glowing, his old favourite colour. At the mention of his new paint job, Dayly looked up.

"Okay, fine. But if this is no fun, Quint, I'm blaming you!" he droned. However, I could tell he was cheering.

We walked through the streets of the Lost Desert cities. Nomi had broken off, and we all knew she was in Sutek's Scrolls, poking through the scrolls. Echo was searching for Neohome items in Osiri's Pottery, which was an occasional thing for her. I spotted the Petpet stall and hurried over, dragging Dayly with me.

Dayly glowered at a perky Anubis, and I wondered sullenly if he could take the cheer out of a Blobagus. Then, I regained my optimism. A pet snatched up the Anubis, depositing the Neopoints on the counter and rushing away, and I glanced around.

There was a charming little Turtmid, which I pointed out to Dayly. He scrutinised the cheerful little creature as it hopped up to him, then turned stubbornly away. The Turtmid didn't seem to mind and scurried off to the next Neopet at the stall, begging for a home.

Of course, Dayly let his hardened self ignore the hopeful little Petpets I brought to him, and I began to lose hope. That was when I spotted it.

"What's this?" I asked, pulling a huddled blue body out of the shadow. A timid little Grackle Bug, it looked up at me with frightened eyes. I was charmed, and I began to walk toward Dayly with it. Just then, a dark-looking Buzz with a handful of skewers walked by me and snatched the Grackle Bug away.

"Hey!" I cried, but I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A green streak flashed in my peripheral vision, and I spotted Dayly at the counter, pointing at the Buzz.

"My brother had that Petpet in his very paws, and that big bully snatched him away!" he was shrieking angrily, eyes pinched shut.

"Is this true?" Peopatra inquired gently, noting the skewers in the Buzz's hand.

"I've been watching this kid for a while. He just brings Petpets to this one," he jerked his head at Dayly, "who just sends 'em away."

Dayly twitched angrily. "How do you know that I don't want this one?" he snapped, and I was afraid, because I knew by experience that he hated others making assumptions.

"Well, do you?" challenged the Buzz, eyes glinting dangerously.

Dayly fidgeted. He was a pacifist, and I saw that he could tell that the little Petpet would be turned into cuisine. I could almost see his vegetarian stomach churn. Anyhow, Dayly wanted to prove his point about assumptions.

"Yes. I do want this one."

The Buzz shrugged passively, dropping the little blue Petpet into Dayly's paws. I couldn't help but chuckle as Dayly shelled out the asking price. He shook his head at me as we went to find Echo.


Back at the Neohome, Nomi was leaning toward Dayly. His entire body was turned from the Petpet. Everyone in our family had refused to feed the Petpet, and he was definitely against any contact with the critter.

"Well, Dayly, you would be no sort of pacifist if you let a little Petpet starve after you saved it," Nomi insisted, holding out a bag of Petpet treats.

Dayly reluctantly took the bag, turning around to face the Grackle Bug's big green eyes. She, no name, was obviously very hungry. Dayly held out a treat. The Grackle Bug scooped it up and ran on to his shoulder, chittering. As she ate, little crumblies dropped onto Dayly's head. He smiled as they tickled him.

"Oh, you're a little beebly-boo-boo, aren't you?" His heart seemed softened by the innocence of the little creature. Or perhaps it was the first sensation of contact that he had since he was in the Pound that set him off. The only sensation of contact he had allowed, anyway. No matter what it was, the baby talk that was then spilling out of Dayly's mouth was nothing we had ever heard before.

"So, does it have a name?" Nomi asked, grinning widely as she put her face near his.

"SHE! Does SHE have a name?" Dayly corrected Nomi. "And yes, she does. Bebu. Beebooly boo." Dayly began cooing to the critter he had saved. He began cooing to the critter that had saved him.

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