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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fotoh
Owner: redwithenvy
Pet Name: Sinthysis
Breed: Flerper

About Fotoh:
The Haunted Woods is not the place for a small Petpet to wander around alone.

No, not the place at all.

It had just started to rain, the temperature becoming cold and dreary. The wind howled and blew hard, shaking the dead branches of the many trees scattered around. The ground was becoming muddy, making the Petpet's journey more difficult.

But perhaps, you are curious how he got there? He was a small Flerper, a traveller from the Virtupets Space Station. He used to be in the care of the friendly shopkeeper of The Robo-Petpet Shop. But disliking the cold, bleakness of space, the Flerper hid himself on a crate heading back to Neopia. There was no plant life in space. And no plant life meant he had no purpose....

The shuttle carrying the cargo toward Neopia had a bit of trouble, and had scraped up against the Shenkuu mountains. The Flerper's crate rattled as it fell toward the ground, landing in the heart of the Haunted Woods.

So now here he was, struggling to move with his legs half in the mud. The Flerper slipped and pulled, trying to free himself from the hold the ground had on him. Screeching Batterflies flew overhead, frightening the defenceless Petpet below. Rain pelting his body, the Flerper struggled one last time and freed himself from the mud, tumbling into a large tree. He shook his head and looked at the dead ground beneath his feet. He finally found the plant life he was searching for... but it was ugly and twisted. The Flerper sat down, wondering if he should have just stayed in the space station... where he would be safe and warm...

Then, he noticed something to his right. By the root of the rotten tree behind him, he saw a budding flower. Somehow, it had managed to survive the rough soil of the Haunted Woods and was fighting to sprout out of the earth. Feeling an instinct to want to protect the budding flora, the Flerper crawled over weakly and sat by it, tending to the flower with all his might, until he fell asleep from exhaustion.

The night passed, the Flerper awakening to the sound of a female voice.

"You poor thing!"

Startled, the Flerper reached for the ground as a speckled Kyrii picked him up carefully, wiping the mud off of his arms. She tilted her head as she watched the Flerper struggle to get back to the ground.

"Dear, you have nothing to worry about." The Kyrii smiled as she held the confused Flerper close. "My name is Sinthysis, little one."

She watched as the Flerper squeaked, still trying to get out of her grasp. Sinthysis looked down, noticing the flower, which surprisingly had bloomed overnight.

"You are trying to take care of the flower, aren't you?" She smiled, kneeling down and letting the Flerper move back to the plant. The small Petpet moved into a guarding stance.

"Do not worry; I have no intention of harming the flower." Sinthysis smiled as she watched. "You have quite a talent for taking care of plant life... I could use your help."

She chuckled as she sat down next to the defensive Flerper, who still watched her cautiously. "I have a fondness for the flora of Neopia as well. I take care of much of the plant life beyond the Haunted Woods." She beamed. "But never have I seen a flower grow within the Haunted Wood's borders."

The Flerper began to ease up as he watched the Kyrii, who reached out to brush her fingers against the blooming petals of the flower he was protecting. "I know you wish to protect this flower, and I will help you to transfer it to more suitable soil. But," she grinned, holding her hand out to him, "how would you like to help me take care of the plants of Neopia?"

The Flerper stared, before slowly crawling away from the flower, reaching a paw up into Sinthysis's hand. She smiled as she picked him up, and reached down to dig the flower out of the ground, holding the flower in one hand, and the Flerper in the other.

"Well, since we're now partners, I suppose I need to call you something, huh?" Sinthysis smiled as she walked away from the woods, heading out into a beautiful open plain. "How about... Fotoh? ...Yes, I think Fotoh suits you well."

The Flerper squeaked in agreement, holding onto his new friend as they left to do what they both loved to do... taking care of the diverse flora of Neopia.

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