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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Floaty
Owner: neapigen
Pet Name: Ayallaneya
Breed: Faerie Ghostkerchief

About Floaty:
It was as normal a day as any. Floaty was being taken on a trip to Faerieland for a spin on the Wheel of Excitement with her owner, Ayallaneya, when the Meerca suddenly announced:

"Floaty, dear, today we will take a little detour!"

The ghostkerchief answered with a gleeful loop and a short giggle, before floating down to rest on the Meerca's round little shoulder. As much as Floaty loved the daily visits in Faerieland, she was never shy for a bit of adventure. She gently nudged her owner, who didn't seem to react. The ghostkerchief poked her again on the cheek, this time a little bit harder.

"Stop that!" Ayallaneya squealed and added after a look at the Petpet's suddenly stern face: "Meridell. We are going to visit an old friend of mine today."

Floaty thought she heard Ayallaneya mutter something more, but only caught "...not my idea, Nea should know better by now..." and as curious as she was, she let it slip. She was not a fool; as much as she loved Ayallaneya, Floaty would be the first to admit that the Meerca had some character flaws. Being spoilt and moody were just a few.

A pair of faerie wings travel faster than both fins and paws, and before anyone could say, "Quadruple Fudge Cheese," they were strolling among golden fields and small well-tended cottages. Ayallaneya smiled at her friend, but Floaty couldn't help but notice something odd in her owner's eyes. She was not one to resign, though, so the little Ghostkerchief put on a brave smile and performed a half-hearted loop.

Ayallaneya sighed, and held out her paw. Floaty's heart sank, and she flew down and landed on it, her face only inches away from the Meerca's.

"Floaty," Ayallaneya began. "I love you. But there is something I need you to do."

Floaty's face cracked up in a wide smile; she loved doing tasks and running errands. She felt a little bit silly for having doubted her owner and best friend -- for a second she had almost feared being abandoned there and then. The Meerca smiled back, looking at Floaty thoughtlessly scratching a Mootix bite at the back of her head. Ayallaneya pointed at a large silhouette behind one of the little houses.

"Do you see that?" All humour was gone from her voice; Floaty had never before seen her owner so serious. "His name is Turmaculus. He is a horrible, horrible beast who delights in eating innocent Petpets for breakfast!" Ayallaneya's big, blue eyes were now wet with tears. She squeezed Floaty, who suddenly wasn't as excited about the whole thing anymore. "Here." Ayallaneya grabbed a little stick, and handed it to Floaty. "Poke him with this. And remember, none of this was my idea... and... I love you!"

Floaty could barely hear those last words through her owner's sobbing.

Determined, she began floating toward the big pile of flesh that was Turmaculus with her little stick in a firm grasp. As she drew closer, the roaring snores of the big, sleeping guy made her air around her wings shiver and sent vibrations through the ground.

With a last thought on her Meerca, her owner, her best friend, she lifted the stick high above her head. Floaty closed her eyes, and... the stick didn't move a bit! Floaty opened her mouth to let out a gasp, but discovered to her big surprise that she couldn't say a thing. Something was gently pulling her back, and at a safe distance from the Turmaculus, Floaty was set free and turned around. She squealed with relief and zoomed straight into the open arms of Ayallaneya.

"I can't believe you would do that for me!" the Meerca said with a little smile. "I can't believe it..." With an evil grin she pointed in the direction of Turmaculus, and Floaty saw the contours of a Lupe and a Ganuthor drawing closer to him, along with another figure whom Floaty immediately recognised as Ayallaneya's owner, Nea. Ayallaneya laughed. "I had a little... talk... with Nea," Ayallaneya revealed. Floaty gave the Meerca a puzzled look.

"Don't worry," the Meerca said. She gave the little Ghostkerchief a light kiss on her forehead and put her own gleaming wings in motion. "You will never, ever have to do that again."

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