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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sparky
Owner: cynnick
Pet Name: CyanSkyz
Breed: Christmas Harris

About Sparky:
Hi, I'm Sparky, and I'm here to nominate my pet for the Spotlight. His name is Jolt, and he's a Jiggybug. Isn't he great?

Jolt is my best friend. He goes with me everywhere, usually tucked into my scarf or under my hat. He is like a living icicle, with a pinch of electricity thrown in for good measure. That's extremely convenient to have around, because if CyanSkyz (that's my owner) or I ever develop any really bad habits, Jolt can give us shock treatments to help us get over them! Like when I had this bad habit of petting Jolt when he didn't want to be pet, he cured me of it in just a few days. And I am totally over my bad habit of sleeping in, in the mornings. So you see, the shocks are quite helpful. As for his bites, well, they barely hurt at all, because the ice cold numbs you right up.

Where do Jiggybugs come from? Well, it's a common misconception that Jiggybugs come from Maraqua. They're aquatic, yes, but only in the sense that they're made of ice. A Jiggybug would melt in the warm waters where Maraquans live! Jiggybugs are actually made in the Secret Laboratory, each time the ray zaps a Neopian into an ice pet. They're like little living sparks that form when all that electricity hits all that ice. They tend to migrate to Terror Mountain, where the icy weather keeps them in their solid form. In fact, I think I met Jolt at the Slushie Shop in Happy Valley, although I'm not 100% sure. I just know that I reached up to scratch this really bad itch under my hat one day, I felt a sharp pain in my finger, and there he was!

I think he chose me as his owner because I help him stay frozen solid. We Christmas Harrises are great at chilling! That's one reason Cyan and I are so great together. I don't get shocked by his electricity, because my shoes have soft soles; and he doesn't get frozen by my cold blue fur, because of his thick, warm coat. I do get shocks from Jolt, though. I haven't really figured out why.

What do Jolt and I like to do together? Well, as I said, Jolt is always with me, giving me little love nibbles under my hat. He is constantly grooming my fur, at least I think that's what he's doing under there. Sometimes Sully (the cloud Miamouse, one of my housemates) and I like to have races between Jolt and Flit, Sully's Cooty, and Jolt always wins! Cooties are terrible at racing. They usually flitter around in silly little circles, with those tiny wings of theirs. Poor Sully! What a boring pet he has. Not like Jolt! A Jiggybug is the most exciting pet ever.

In fact, he OW! Excuse me just a minute.
Jolt! I was just... OW! All right, all right, I'm done. OW!
This concludes my presentation about Jolt, the Jiggybug.

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