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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Candy Jr.
Owner: mattc9132
Pet Name: _Christmas_Candy_
Breed: Maraquan Anubis

About Candy Jr.:
The waves were soft and gentle, and the ocean's faint current created a relaxing mood all around Maraqua. All around, frolicking between coral beds and seaweed fields, Neopets were happily playing around with their own Petpets. Well, all except one Neopet, that is...

Candy was individual. He didn't have a Petpet at all, because every Petpet he'd gotten to know hadn't wanted to be his true companion. He lay on the sunset coral cushions and sighed. Why should a Neopet of pure kindness not have a Petpet? He reached into his pouch and pulled out the one thing that reminded him of a Petpet, his Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush. He slowly but surely drifted off to a long sleep.

The mood in Maraqua had changed. Candy, still lying on the sunset coral, was unaware of the events that were now taking place in his once-quiet ocean world. The city lay silent. The ruins lay silent. Everything was silent. Christmas Candy sat up. Floating way up above his head was the biggest boat that had possibly ever been seen out at sea. Maraqua was dark. Darker than the night sky.

Before Candy could do anything at all, a loud bang went off, and a huge cannonball shot out from the side of the ship and rocketed down, creating a small earthquake-like tremble as it hit the delicate ruins. The ship then turned around, fleeing before the residents and warriors of Maraqua could take any action. It had done its deed of destroying the one still-standing building left in Old Maraqua. Still, the city lay silent. Well, all was silent, other than the strange splashing sound coming from high up on the watery surface...

Candy floated up to the surface of the ocean to check out what was splashing around helplessly. Four dark blue paws struggled to paddle for any longer, and the Anubis, which appeared to have been a prisoner on the pirate ship, slowly began to drift down to the bottom of the sea.

Shocked at what he had just seen, Candy quickly grabbed the Anubis and took out the one thing he had that would make him come close to a Petpet, his Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush. He quickly splashed it all over the Anubis, until he was finally a Maraquan Anubis.

Candy let out a sigh. He was happy that he had saved a life, as well as freed one from being prisoner, but the feeling of not having a Petpet got to him again. He turned away, head hanging low, swimming back to the coral fields.

As he was swimming, he felt something tapping on his shoulder. He turned to see the Maraquan Anubis he had saved. It leapt on him, hugging him tightly. Candy had never felt loved like this before, so he cuddled back.

At long last, Candy had found a Petpet that would accept him, and the Anubis, Candy Jr., finally felt loved by a Neopet, instead of being imprisoned and mistreated.

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