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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Roskor
Owner: sculpture
Pet Name: Joskor
Breed: Gallion

About Roskor:
Joskor holds up his Gallion and smiles at you. He excitedly explains, "And this is my Gallion, Roskor. He's my best friend in all of Neopia!"

Roskor nods in agreement, making a happy chirping noise.

Joskor hugs his winged orange and blue pal. "Roskor has been with me through thick and thin."

"When I first found Roskor I was lost in -- I mean -- exploring the forest. My owner told me she was going to go to a shop to buy us a couple of Meridellian food items. But I love exploring, so I went off on my own for a bit. I wound up in some strange place when my stomach started to growl. Because I was so hungry."

Roskor flaps his wings and flies up to perch on Joskor's head. Joskor smiles and pats his Petpet. "That's when something landed on my head! At first I was scared and jumped to try to get it off me, but then I realised that Roskor had found me and dropped a Fishberry on my head! Roskor was so caring even though he barely knew me. After I ate the berry, we played for a bit in the forest. He even showed me the way back to my owner."

Joskor pauses and says in a lower tone, "But I wasn't lost or anything, just a little off course..."

"When I brought Roskor back to my owner, she was so delighted that he helped me find my way back that she asked him if he wanted to join our family."

Joskor grins. "My owner said that Roskor and I looked like we had been friends all our lives, so when we were naming Roskor, she said she wanted to give him a name that complimented mine. She said that in personality, we were almost like twins because we both love exploring the land."

"Finally my owner, Sculpture, came up with the name 'Roskor,' and Roskor liked it so much that he flew into the air and did several backflips before coming back down."

"Ever since then," Joskor continues, "Roskor has been by my side."

Joskor speaks louder with more emotion as he explains the bond between him and his loyal Gallion. "Roskor really cheered me up the day that we met. And he does the same any time I'm sad! Sometimes I go in for experiments at the Secret Lab, and I get zapped into a strange species or even change gender (eek!). I'm always scared that I'm going to become a Quiggle! Once I even turned into a scary-looking Jetsam! But Roskor doesn't care, he's always there for me, and he still loves me no matter what I look like!"

Roskor flaps his wings and chirps happily, flying down from his friend's head to nuzzle Joskor's cheek affectionately. Joskor hugs Roskor again.

"I know, buddy! It's because you're the best Petpet ever. And we'll be best friends until the end of time, won't we , Roskor?"

Roskor is so happy he flies up into the air a couple of feet and does a back flip before flapping his wings to get back down into his best friend Joskor's arms. He purrs happily and looks around contently.

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