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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kaysie
Owner: frichikinisha
Pet Name: frichikinisha
Breed: Bowla

About Kaysie:
Wait, what's this? Somebody asking me about myself? A rather odd request, it's usually so easy to overlook the innocent Bowla hovering in the corner (hovering rather elegantly, I might add), easily mistaken for a piece of clothing or a toy. In fact I like to think I make a very good Petpet for Frichikinisha, since the day I was given to her in the springtime, we made a connection, although things weren't so perfect in the beginning.

It was a peculiar meeting to start with. You would think any pet would be over the moon to receive a gift, especially one such as a Petpet. She gazed at me with a look of unwavering confusion upon her face. You see... I can't think she ever imagined her pet would be a Bowla; after all what can you do with me? Fetch is out of the question; you don't exactly take me for a walk or play catch. In fact, on the surface I seem rather useless. I could tell immediately that Frichikinisha thought the same thing. I suppose looking back, I can understand her thoughts, but at the time I was not appreciative of this rudeness whatsoever.

"What is it?" She nuzzled me with her nose, not in an affectionate way, more of an attempt to see if I was actually alive or not. Not appreciative of this, I ran (or, rather, hovered quickly) away from the scene and hid away for a while. Why should I dignify such blatent rudeness with an answer? It wasn't the greatest boost of confidence a Petpet could receive.

A few hours went by; I don't know what happened in that time, but she had clearly been doing some thinking about what happened and felt some remorse. Knowing that she had hurt my feelings, she came and found me tucked away in the corner of our Neohome. I was decidedly forlorn and made no mistake of putting that feeling across. Wouldn't you feel the same way? Anyway, we played for what seemed like hours and soon put aside our original differences and became the best of friends. She began to understand that what I had to offer was far more important than mere games and superficial entertainment. I am a friendly companion, somebody to talk to when nobody else could possibly understand, which in the end is the most valuable thing of all and a service that I am proud to offer, even if I can't respond.

It wasn't long until Frichikinisha was proud to have me on her shoulder following her every step of the way. I even became quite the fashion accessory! So much for matching your shoes to your belt, now it's all about matching your hat to your Bowla! You can't get me from the NC Mall after all; I am one of a kind! The other Neopets would look at her with a sense of jealousy at the sight of me by her side. Looking back, I actually feel rather proud of myself.

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