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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sakura
Owner: lovaley
Pet Name: Blossaim
Breed: Faerie Ghostkerchief

About Sakura:
Blossaim wandered aimlessly through the beautiful gardens of Shenkuu, parasol in hand, hoping for some sort of excitement to stroll her way. Throughout the day she had been remarkably bored by her surroundings and needed something interesting in order to spark her happiness. Since she'd always been amazed by their beauty, the cherry blossom trees were her last stop of the day. She had never been let down by the wondrous sight of pink petals rapidly swirling through the spring air. It had been some time since she had witnessed their magnificence and was overly excited to view their blooming flowers on the first day of spring.

As Blossaim made her way past the paper lanterns and cascading golden fountains, she was extremely unimpressed. Nothing was even remotely comparable to the beauty that was held in the mystical cherry blossom trees.

When Blossaim was approaching the large enclosure where the cherry blossom trees resided, something strange came over her. There was no beautiful aroma in the air that she had normally encountered on her previous visits. What was the matter? She began sprinting on the stepping stones in order reach the entrance sooner. Once she arrived at the stone arch that provided an entrance to the garden, she stopped abruptly in her tracks. The cherry blossom trees were not nearly what she had expected.

She slowly walked up to the largest tree in the center of the enclosure and stared in disgust at its offerings. The flowers were withered to a disturbing shade of grey that made her heart twist with sadness. How could this have happened? It was the first day of spring, was it not? Blossiam fell to the ground and touched the bark on the old drooping tree.

"What can I do to make you beautiful again?" Blossaim sniffed, a tear slowly dripping from her face.

Almost instantly a ghostly figure appeared next to her, smirking at the question. It was a small Faerie Ghostkerchief that was only slightly bigger than a cherry herself. She fluttered frantically around Blossaim's face, as if beckoning her to pay attention to what was about to happen. Then, by some form of enchantment, the Ghostkerchief began swarming excitedly around the tree, creating a beautiful pink light that shined brightly throughout the entire garden.

Suddenly, the once withered tree transformed in front of Blossaim's eyes. Petals flew wildly around her, and the wind flung her hair back as the sweet smell of the cherry blossoms once again filled the air. Within seconds, the fascinating cherry blossom tree that she had always admired was now in front of her, more beautiful than she had even remembered.

The tiny Faerie Ghostkerchief made her way back down toward Blossaim, who was now sitting on the ground in amazement as to what had just happened.

"How in the world did you do that?! You are the most wonderful creature I've ever encountered!" Blossaim exclaimed.

The Ghostkerchief, flattered beyond expression, had never met anyone who appreciated the cherry blossom trees with such devotion. She was so captivated by Blossaim, in fact, that she decided to become forever loyal to this Usul and allowed her to present her with a name.

"Oh, I know the perfect name for you!" declared Blossaim. "I will name you Sakura, after the beautiful cherry blossom trees that you have so generously given back to me. We are going to be the best of friends, Sakura, I just know it!"

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