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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Katariss
Owner: saro_the_legendaerie
Pet Name: Lunayie
Breed: Snow Seti

About Katariss:
Cold wind lashed at the Petpet's smooth, black-furred flanks, as savage and tangible as the teeth and claws of Turmaculus. Perhaps, the Seti mused to herself as the endless white of Terror Mountain whirled before her dull, frightened eyes, I would have been better off being his lunch than trying to run.

But run she had, and made terrific time, hightailing it away from the Kacheek who, until now, had been her caring owner. But he, too, had caught the taste of avatar collection, and was willing to sacrifice his companion of countless days to some massive, greedy beast.

Snow was falling swiftly, almost as swift as the Seti herself had started out. Now, though, it was all the Petpet could do just to keep moving. Long, slender legs, made for pounding the desert sand and leaving all others far behind now seemed like sticks of lead, heavy, cold, and useless. The mountain itself seemed eager to consume her.

Her breath became more and more ragged as time went by, until at last she curled up as best as she could in the deepening white, the precious heat released by her breath warming her belly only fractionally as the blizzard raged on. Memories of her life in the wilds, foraging in Quasala, along with more bittersweet thoughts of her life at home in Neopia Central, filled her narrow eyes with tears and her heart with pain.

By the time the storm was gone, and the winds died down to a mere murmur, and the sun was rising slowing in the east and casting a gentle peach glow on the snow, the Seti's tears were frozen and her heart hurt no more.


"Hurry up, Luxor," Luna called over her bright blue shoulder, the sunlight keeping her bare arms warm and her spirits buoyant. Behind her, hauling his way slowly up the slope, was a skunk Peophin with an Ukali perched on his sleek back.

"I'm working on it," he puffed, snorting as a snowball passed over his head. "Tourists," the Peophin sighed as the Ukali scaled his long neck, digging ivory claws into Luxor's snow-hued mane.

Behind him lay Happy Valley, a cheerful village set at the foot of the cold but breathtaking mountain, and before them lay the Ice Caves, which Luna was determined to reach.

"Do you want a hand?" She cocked her head to one side, and her adopted brother shook his head. "No," he gasped, "I can make it. I take Holly to the Fruit Machine every day; I can get up a silly little mount-- Ahh!"

The Peophin rolled as best as he could out of the ditch in the snow that was left behind by his thick body. Near the end of that ditch was a sharp-edged, dark-coloured mass of something stiff and cold.

"Oh, Luxor, look," the Draik crooned, falling to her knees in the snow and caressing the hard body. "It's a little Seti that got lost in the snow. Can I keep it?"

The Peophin grimaced slightly. "Ah, Luna.... I know you want a Petpet and all, but shouldn't we find you one a little less... frozen?"

"Don't be silly! I learned a spell; I can heal her! Watch, " and sparks of blue magic blossomed from her claws and enveloped the frosted Seti as Luxor reached for his sister.

"Luna, I really don't think healing magic works that way! Who knows how long it's been here and if it'll even come back, and-- "

The bundle stirred, and both Neopets froze themselves. White eyes blinked open, and the snow Seti raised her head, tilting it slightly to one side.

"I knew it," shouted the Draik, scooping up her new companion and hugging the eternally cold form to her chest. "I'm going to call you Katariss."

Luxor paled a little and exchanged looks with his Ukali. "I don't think I want to know how you did that," he addressed his sister at last as they continued their journey up the slope.

Oblivious of the worry of the pets behind her, the newly awakened Seti sighed blissfully to the clear blue sky. I think I'm going to like living with her!

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