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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ruben
Owner: keller_bloom
Pet Name: Bridget_Bloom
Breed: Crystacat

About Ruben:
You squint painfully in the blinding sun, desperately searching for some kind of landmark. As you turn your head, a sudden gust of wind sweeps across the desert and blows a handful of red-hot sand into your face. You splutter, the sharp sand stinging your eyes and making your mouth dry. You shut your mouth quickly and instantly regret it -- the sand grinds against your teeth and puts a shiver down your spine. How in Neopia did you make it here?

One minute you had been happily browsing the scroll stall in Sakhmet and heard that there were some new backgrounds to be bought over at Qasala. The last tour guide had already set off an hour ago, but how hard could it be to make it to the other town? Apparently it was very difficult to make it alone.

You feel the sweat trickle down your spine and wish you could find some shade to stop the unrelenting sun from baking you like Qando Bread. You peer around blindly once again, but see nothing but a bright yellow blur. Then suddenly, you see something... a red glint shining very close, almost as though the sun was glancing off a ruby. It flickers fleetingly for a moment and then vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Perhaps you imagined it; you've heard that the desert can make you see things that aren't there.

You peer around in the bright light once more. There it is again! You stride hopefully toward the direction of the light, the desert sand making your legs ache and your shoes feel heavy.

At first you cannot see the source of the red light. You peer at the sand longing for the flash of crimson to blink at you once more. There it is, straight ahead! You stumble over your own feet in your haste and hit the sand belly-first, knocking the wind out of you.

As you struggle to regain your breath you notice that the red blob is directly in front of your face. As your vision begins to clear, you notice two black eyes staring at you from beneath what now seems to be a red jewel. A Crystacat is sat staring patiently at you. Despite its thick fur it doesn't seem to be bothered by the heat, and its large feet seem to be perfectly adapted to walking over the sand as it ambles sleekly toward you. It butts its jewelled head against your forehead and purrs contentedly. You scramble to your feet and watch as the curious creature walks quickly across the sand. It turns back to look at you and waves one of its short arms; apparently it wants you to follow.

Looking around, you you realise that it probably knows the desert better than you do, and so with a new enthusiasm you follow the tiny creature across the burning sand.

Often you think you have lost sight of your miniature saviour because its fur is so similar in colour to the endless stretches of sand. However, the intuitive Petpet seems to recognise when you're lost as it turns its head and flashes that brilliant red jewel at you once more so you may find its path once again.

Before long you find yourself entering the ramshackle walls of Qasala and silently praise the glorious shade that they provide from the burning sun. You look ahead and see that the Crystacat has stopped. It looks up eagerly and suddenly jumps effortlessly from the sandy floor into the arms of a spotted Xweetok, who pets it fondly.
"Good boy, Ruben," she coos as she strokes his head.

You cross over to the happy pair and thank them both for their kind assistance.

"There's no need to thank me," replies the Xweetok, still stroking Ruben's head. "He does it all on his own. He knows this desert like the back of his paw."

You smile and scratch Ruben affectionately behind the ear. He seems to nod his head in enjoyment.

You leave the joyful duo in search of the tour guide. You'll definitely think again about trying to cross the Lost Desert alone. You realise at last why they call it lost!

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