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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Patient
Owner: _werewolf_at_heart_
Pet Name: Gatoring
Breed: Plushie Chuchuana

About Patient:
His name is Patient, and patience is exactly what is needed when dealing with the mechanical terror that is Gatoring. Patient the plushie Chuchuana is the soft and cuddly companion of the great, terrifying, metal contraption that is Gatoring the robot Grarrl, who has undoubtedly the most outrageous temper tantrums ever. Small and fragile Patient is probably the dumbest and yet bravest Petpet of all for sticking around Gatoring.

When you are dealing with a tonne of metal, teeth, and extreme rage, you have to have patience. Now don't get me wrong, Gatoring isn't all bad, and Patient actually enjoys being his faithful companion, but Gatoring does have a faulty wire and when that surge of electrical current zaps his peewee-sized brain -- BAMMM!! You've got yourself a problem.

There is reasoning, though, behind the strange companionship that Patient has with Gatoring. Patient is so devoted to Gatoring because Gatoring saved him from abandonment. In a world of toys, when you break you are trash, and that's exactly what happened to Patient.

Patient once was owned by a young girl who loved her toys, but was extremely rough when she played with them. Even though he's a Petpet, she considered Patietn a toy, and he was the most commonly played with. Eventually, during a game of "Fly, Plushie, Fly," Patient tore one of his arms. On another occasion, the girl's brother, a Lupe, took out Patient's left eye button. And eventually the stitching that held his little body together began to fall away. Soon the girl's mother decided it was time to get rid of the "icky" Petpet and get a more suitable one, and she threw poor Patient into a rubbish bin. Patient had never felt so alone. His world became dark and cold. Unable to move due to his injuries, Patient was stuck in the rubbish bin.

Gatoring was a trash picker, as well as a loner. He would go about looking through other Neopets' rubbish to find "treasures," which were usally toys that he loved to fix up. He was extremely good at it too. One sunny morning he went about his usually routine of going right at sunrise to look through his neighbours' rubbish before they awoke. He eventually stumbled upon the rubbish bin that held Patient prisoner.

When Gatoring found him, Patient was missing a button eye, his stitching was torn, and his stuffing had nearly completely fallen out, and he smelled, but of course Gatoring took the lost lonely little plushie Petpet and fixed him all up. Now the two are inseparable, and, well, Patient is the object of Gatoring's affection... and, uh, roar. Stuffing does come in handy, though, and helps Patient block out some of the deafening noises that reverberate from his titanic friend's jaws. Patient really is what his name says, and what can he say except he loves the big lug of bolts!

After all his hardships he still has to deal with one more thing, and that's the hardheadedness of his best friend, but that is fine with him. =)

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