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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sweetblu
Owner: dragon_sweetie_984
Pet Name: _Blue_Razzberry__
Breed: Baby Blu

About Sweetblu:
Blub! Blub!

Sweetblu sighed, with a heavy heart. He was no ordinary Baby Blu. He desperately longed for adventure. Every night that he rested his small blue head on the pebbles of his bowl, he wished he were sleeping out in the wide ocean, and would wake up to an adventurous morning instead of a day overflowing with boredom.

Other Petpets were content with being stuck in a cage or a bowl all day, being cooed over by adoring Neopets, but not Sweetblu! Dreams of adventure constantly swam in his head.

Blowing bubbles, Sweetblu swam in circles. He was a little tired today. Maybe in his dreams he would have an adventure. He curled up on the bottom of his small bowl and closed his eyes...

Sweetblu woke with a jolt. Where was he? Watery walls surrounded him. Peophins, Flotsams, and many other aquatic Neopets and Petpets swam busily around him. His dream had come true! Sweetblu was finally in the ocean!

Giving a "Blub!" of delight, Sweetblu went to explore. Beautiful underwater plants lined the ocean floor. Sweetblu purred with excitement as he swam around. He should be able to make lots of new friends here!

Sweetblu spotted a Flotsam, and decided to go try and make friends. Not noticing where he was swimming, he bumped right into...

...a very angry-looking Jetsam! The Jetsam growled, revealing many sharp teeth. Sweetblu trembled and tried to back away, but his fins wouldn't move! The Jetsam charged forward and...

Sweetblu woke up. What? What had happened? Sweetblu swam in a circle. He was back in his own bowl! He sighed. It was only a dream. Maybe he had enough adventure in his dreams.

A tap on his bowl made him whip around. "Sweetblu!" a friendly and familiar voice called.

It was Blue Razzberry! Sweetblu was glad to see his owner.

"Sweetblu," Blue Razzberry went on, "I've been meaning to tell you something."

Sweetblu wriggled his tail, staring at the blue Bruce.

"I haven't told you lately how much I appreciate you being here for me. You are the bravest, smartest, and sweetest Petpet a Neopet could ever have!"

Sweetblu purred.

Blue Razzberry continued. "Remember that one day we were out in Neopia Central? You saved me from that Kadoatie trap that I fell in!"

Sweetblu thought of all the good times he had had with his owner. It was true, Sweetblu had saved Blue Razzberry from that trap. And he did love his owner very much. Maybe living in his bowl with a simple Petpet life wasn't so bad after all...

Blue Razzberry smiled at her Baby Blu. "You're always there for me when I need you, Sweetblu!"

Sweetblu replied simply with "Blup!" If only he could tell Blue Razzberry the adventures he had had in his dream!

Blue Razzberry giggled, and said, "So, what are we waiting for? Let's go get some delicious Wild Chocomato smoothies!"

And with that, Petpet and Neopet -- best friends forever -- set out to find the best Wild Chocomato smoothies in Neopia.


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