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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kelso
Owner: guardianpinkneko
Pet Name: Kagammi
Breed: Plushie Gathow

About Kelso:
Kagammi pads out with me tucked in her mouth... again. She does this every morning after waking up, taking me from the nice warm bed to the chair by the heater. A blanket, made especially for me, awaits me there. Normally, I'm grumpy when she first does this. But as I get comfortable in the blanket, the warmth of the heater blowing against me, I realise it's better here than in the bed, and I curl up and go back to sleep, Kagammi's chocolate coffee's scent drifting through my nose.

I came across Kagammi (or she came across me) when she had given her first pet away. Mia, her plushie Miamouse, had preferred life in city, rather than the cove in which Kagammi currently lives. So Kagammi allowed Mia to go back to the city, where she could live more happily.

Now ME, I prefer the life outdoors. I'm not some little Angelpuss that prefers the sweet life indoors with a comfortable bed all to myself, Petpet food brought to my dish every day. No, this life suits me better.

Anyway, I came to live with Kagammi when I had run away from home. My owner was an annoying Wocky who put bows on my ears, and combed tail strands, and gave me weekly baths, and all the stupid stuff giggly girl owners do to their Petpets. I hated it, so I ran away.

I ran straight into a forest, where I bumped into Kagammi. She had been watching the sunset and looked like she had been thinking deeply about something, but when she saw me, she brightened up a bit. She said hi, slowly pet me, then turned back to staring at the sunset. I got a little closer, sat next to her as she pet me, and watched the sunset as well. It was actually very pretty; I had never seen a sunset, or a sunrise, before. I could come to enjoy this.

Ever since then, I've stayed here. I like it here. Kagammi seems to know when I don't want to be messed with, and she leaves me alone during those times. I like that about her. We also play outside on nice days, usually with the different wild Petpets we find in the woods. We even scared off a Whoot once, just for fun! We had hid in the bushes while he drifted off to sleep. Then, we lunged out and yowled loudly; he jumped, hooted, and flew off quickly in fright.

On rainy days, we sit inside and snuggle in a blanket, and sometimes Kagammi reads a book to me. I love hearing the stories she reads to me; they're really interesting. That's another good thing; we have similar interests.

We live near Shenkuu, and she buys me some of the best food from there, like the Tigerbuggle Sushi, or my favourite, Curried Fish! Most owners wouldn't allow their Petpets to eat anything but Petpet food, but Kagammi knows how disgusting that food tastes (although I do kind of like the Disco Petpet food, it has a unique flavor), so she allows me to eat the food that I like and that's good for me. I appreciate that, too.

All in all, life is good here. I'm happy, I've got a nice warm place to call home, great food, and an owner who really knows and understands me.

This is my home, my life, my happiness.

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