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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Caramel
Owner: lil_candyland_girl
Pet Name: Yatxa
Breed: Carmariller

About Caramel:
"Do re mi..."

The judges cringed at the incredibly off-key tune, shaking their heads as they looked up at the pair currently taking the stage: a chocolate Cybunny and her Petpet, a Carmariller. They were quite disappointed. It was already noon, and they still hadn't found a suitable Petpet for the spotlight. But they knew they shouldn't be too quick to judge, so they continued to listen to what the pair had to say.

The chocolate Cybunny was unaware of the judges' reaction to the warm-up. Looking quite confident, she took a deep breath and started speaking, "Hi everyone, I'm Yatxa. This here is my Petpet and best friend, Caramel." She gestured toward the grinning Carmariller who seemed to be enjoying the spotlight, as it did some fancy somersaults in mid-air.

Yatxa took out a guide to Petpets and began to read, "Carmarillers are jolly Petpets that sing pretty melodies when happy." She looked up at the judges. "This might be true for most Carmarillers, but Caramel is special. I still remember the first time I walked into the Petpet shop, in hopes of finding the perfect Petpet. Caramel was the only Carmariller left in the entire shop because she was different, and her singing's not as great as all the others." As if on cue, Caramel drifted to the ground and sang a woeful, out-of-tune melody.

"Caramel was on sale as well. Nobody wanted a Carmariller that couldn't sing. Nobody except for me, that is. Somehow, her optimistic attitude really drew me to her. She didn't seem to mind that she was the odd one out of the crowd. But even so, I still didn't have enough Neopoints to buy her, so I made a deal with the shopkeeper. If I came to the shop to help out every day for five entire weeks, then Caramel would be mine."

At this point, the judges seemed slightly more interested than before, as they jotted things down onto pieces of paper.

"So I went there every single day," Yatxa went on. "And every day, I would see countless Petpets go to new homes, but Caramel would always be there, singing her goofy songs, occasionally forcing a sensitive-eared customer out of the shop.

"Finally, the five weeks were up, and the kind shopkeeper kept her promise. Caramel went home with me that day, singing silly, completely off-key songs all the while. We got lots of glares, of course, but both of us were so happy, we didn't even care!" The Cybunny and Carmariller exchanged smiles as if they both clearly remembered that day.

"Caramel may be a terrible singer, but she's got a personality of gold. She's always there for me to cheer me up with one of her songs. She adores dancing, and she's really good at it, too. That might make up for her terrible singing, huh? I guess it all goes to show us that being yourself is always the best way to go, right, Caramel?" Yatxa giggled as Caramel tumbled joyfully in mid-air. Even the judges couldn't help but smile.

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