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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Airaniel
Owner: magirose
Breed: Draik

About Airaniel:
"Hey!" says a white Draik with a grin as she waves in your direction. "Looks like another Draik Day, huh? This is my third one."

"I'm Aire, by the way." she adds as she makes herself comfortable in a nearby snowdrift and motions for you to do the same, "Don't be scared! The snow's actually nice! The worst it can do is make your bum freeze!"

"The cold's never bothered me. I was hatched on Christmas Eve, after all - so I'm a real winter girl. I like the snow, too! That's probably why I like Terror Mountain so much... it's snowy all year 'round! Who could ask for more!?"

"You know, I wonder if this Christmas Draiks will be able to be painted Snow. Wouldn't that be great? Maybe not for me, but at least for other Draiks... I mean, Snow's a cool color! I've always wondered one thing about Ice and Snow pets, though: how do they keep from melting? Wouldn't you think they'd either have to live in Terror Mountain, or something? That must be a real drag!"

"Have you ever been to Terror Mountain before? There's a ton of stuff to do! One of my favorite things is hanging out at the Scratchcard Kiosk. Scratchcards are pretty cheap... and I've seen a lot of people get rich off of them! I also like to run quests for the Snow Faerie when I can. Well, at least I'll try to do them whenever we can afford them. Sometimes she can get pretty demanding!"

She laughs nervously before continuing, "And the Snowager? I'm sure you've heard of him - who hasn't!? I'd avoid that neck of the caves, though. He can be a real grump! Not that I blame him, though... I'd probably be that grumpy if I only got three hours of constantly disturbed sleep a day. I mean, he settles down for a nap and gets bombarded by Neopians trying to steal his stuff! I'd almost feel sorry for the poor guy if he'd stop firing ice at me every time I pay a visit..."

"My Petpet Quilly really likes to play in the snow up here. He's a Flowper... and he has a lot of energy. Sometimes it's best to just set him loose and let him run around, throwing snowballs at unsuspecting Neopets... At least it gets him off my back for a little while! What a pest! I do have to admit, though, he's okay every once in a while... usually when he's all tuckered out from causing trouble."

She smirks, "Quilly and the Snow Faerie aren't my only friends, though. I've actually been fortunate to meet a lot of other Draiks! You'd think that, since we're so rare, meeting another one wouldn't happen very often. Sometimes I think that's true - but some of the Draiks I've met, I've known almost since I was hatched! Draiks make the best buddies, too - take my word for it!"

"Second, though... I do have a good friend that's a Ruki. Her name's Vyala and, well, sometimes I think she's crazy! She's always obsessing over Jeran, or Garin - she seems to fall in love with all of the Neopian Heroes, actually. Maybe someday there will be a Ruki hero to take her mind off all of the others."

"Vyala actually won the Pet Spotlight once, too. She's the one to suggested I try for Draik Day. Now, I know I'm not half as charismatic as she is, but it's worth a try, right?"

"Anyways, thanks for stopping by and listening to me blab on. If you're ever bored, stop by Terror Mountain and see if you can find me. I'll probably be the one trying to chase that little Blue Flowper out of the Snowager's Den before he gets eaten..." she laughs and shakes her head, "See ya!"

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