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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Villian or Hero

Oh NO! There is a Kadoatie stuck in a tree... Who are you going to call?

Awwww... the poor little Kadoatie. Are your Neopets or Petpets heroes who would save that poor Kadoatie or are they the Villians that would cause it to get stuck in the tree? Your task for the next two weeks is to draw or paint a picture of your Neopet or Petpet in the role of a Hero or a Villian. They don't have to be rescuing or trapping that Kadoatie (we already called Defenders), but they should be doing something heroic or villianous. When you submit your entry tell us which Neopet or Petpet is represented in your picture and why you/they chose to be a hero or a villian. We will judge your entries on hillarity, heroics or villany, and imagination.

First Place

Fifteen winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 15,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

The Spongy Saviour Saves the Day!
by _kate_e_did_
Fara_Wei, my Sponge Lupe, is his little brother Naiahtin's hero.
You see, being a Baby Nimmo, Nai loves water, in fact, he can't live without it. But...as most babies do, he hates baths. The water's too warm, the soap hurts his eyes, the sounds are scary... and there's nothing to do in here!
Armed with a duckie, a washcloth and a secret weapon... his super-absorbent body, the Spongy Saviour saves the day once again!

Dastardly Danika!
by _pandan
Danika the dark-hour burglar extraordinaire! I've done this in the style of a wanted image. I thought it'd suit, no?
Danika is my white kacheek - chosen because I felt like doing something cheeky involving my pet that's based off of myself (Hiya! My name's Danika too!) *waves* If she had to play hero's or villains, she'd definitely be a purse-pinching bandit.

Sunny goes meanie
by aruanahansel
This is Sunny (Lessolay), my hysteric baby aisha. She likes to play pranks on everyone, even if they are much bigger and older than her. Usually her tricks are not so mean but today she won a place in the gallery of evil, by switching the pots of salt and sugar. I can assure you there will be lots of angry pets knocking at her bedroom door today but Sunny will just roll on the floor laughing, because she knows that no one would hurt a tiny baby aisha!

Cuesto the new villain
by blacklightnin
Cuesto the Eustabee turned villain following the closing of the latest Altador Cup. His favorite team, Faerieland, did quite poorly, much to his dismay, and he quickly turned to anger. Tsk tsk, Cuesto.

Thoroughly Bad
by chichikokoyamma
Lucheni has decided to pursue super-villainy, because having facial hair such as his leaves one very few other career options.

T Bunny Cybunny
by fjant
Hlopok the Cybunny is everything but a hero or villain -- except when it comes to serving tea! I imagine his super power would be switching bad tea for quality tea. Whether that's heroic or villainous depends on the tea drinker! His trade mark is a tea T, at your "service".

El Stupido to the rescue!
by giggzabit
Suo_Gan's spardel, El Stupido, tries his hand/paw at rescuing a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, he forgets to think. This is my third version. The other two didn't look right in colour, so I'm taking a risk by trying it in just pencil.

Hey, I found a shortcut!
by leopardsymptoms
Senking doesn't consider himself a villain, he actually considers himself quite friendly and approachable! That is, only if you're too big to be his dinner... His monstrous appetite leaves poor unsuspecting petpets facing their ends, as they mistake his body for some rocks connecting two shores of an island.

Rain, rain, go away.
by ninavogel
I chose Droastea's petpet, Cieuxgris, to be the villain in this drawing. As a grey Cirrus owned by a grey Ixi, Cieuxgris is generally pretty bummed out. He blows off steam by hovering over pets and petpets who seem to be having a bad day and makes them worse. In this case, Cieuxgris was floating about watering plants when he suddenly heard the cry of a Kadoatie in a tree! As anyone who has been to the Kadoatery can tell you, their cries can get really annoying. What follows is the scene depicted.

A Battledome Defeat
by rabbit_loves_me
It's my belief that nobody can be 100% the hero or 100% the villain. There's ALWAYS gray territory. In my entry, _Loyal_Lupe is neither hero nor villain, but something in between...

Villainous Munscully
by retrocrebbon
Munscully has no time for heroics, but he'll always stop to make others' lives miserable. Besides, that Kadoatie had it coming!

Who better to save the Order?
by return_of_itsy
Zesiro has been my Lutari's petpet for years, even before the Obelisk War. When he got word of the Order of the Red Erisim, he knew he had found his true calling. Now, he's saving the day!

Rise of the Raging Ribbon
by twillieblossom
Before, a little red Pteri by the name of TerryCherryBlossom said, "There's no one a person can go to for help here. Terror Mountain needs a hero." Then, the very next morning, the sun woke to just that. The Raging Ribbon stood there, ready for any and all heroics. As she still waits, another may be in waiting as well, but for something far more sinister. Coincidentally, the Tyrannian Aisha ZathandriaBlossom went missing the same time a new specter appeared. When prompted of her motives, the mysterious shadow only said one thing. "She wanted me to play. Now let's play."

The Cooty
by wegury
Protecting the microscopic crevices of Neopia, The Cooty, along with his sidekick Arty, scourers the underbelly to protect the citizens from the unseen forces of evil. In this thrilling edition, The Cooty faces off against a hoard of snailiens who have been ensnared with tiny mind control helmets nefariously concocted by the evil Dr. Sloth. Will The Cooty prevail? Will the snailiens be able to break-free of Dr. Sloth? This, and much more... and don't forget, SPORK!

Super Joukia!
by xxobumblebee
It was a beautiful summer morning, Super Joukia was on her way to pick flowers in her garden, but then HALT! She sees a Kadoatie trying to make lunch of a poor defenseless Mootix! She shouts at the Kadoatie and the apples from the tree start to fall and rain down on the sneaky Kads. The mootix runs off and the Kad is left seeing stars! Once again another save by SUPER JOUKIAAA!!!

Second Place

Twenty lucky people have 10,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Ereone and Abeid
by astenex
Here is a picture of two of my Neopets and a few scaredy-Kadoaties. Im hesitant to call my Usul, Ereone, a villain; its just in a zombies nature to chase whatever is moving. Im sure he just wants to play. My courageous Quiggle, Abeid, on the other hand, is definitely a hero. He wanted to be a knight ever since he was born! He was always going out of his way to help others, way before I painted him Quiguki. Here he is to the rescue again, catching Kadoaties as they jump out of the tree into his arms.

Accidents Happen!
by bettymoore
Tardises (the starry Krawk), darling bumbling dear that he is, would be the perfect first-time superhero. Although he always ends up saving the day, it seems that half of Neopia ends up destroyed in the process. Somehow, despite his lack of powers (most notable a complete dearth of fire-breathing ability) havoc, chaos, and explosions tend to follow him like a bad smell.

How to -NOT- save a princess.
by chantili_doce
My Neopets Borracha and Teca are actors! Lara is not very good at acting, but participates too! They do not like sad faces and are always in funny situations, no matter where or how! Hope you like it!! (-:

The Dung Lupe
by fatehound628
Hallohein the shadow lupe is a dastardly villain, graffiting Neopia Central with piles of dung at night! Could there be a super hero cunning enough to catch him? Why does he do such a shameful act? We heard through the grapevine that he's just "having fun". Hopefully one of Neopia's fine superheros will catch him soon, and spare our eyes from such horrendous imagery.

David the Pink Rock
by greyorangegrey
When David the valorous Pink Rock was asked what advice he would give aspiring heroes, he responded with: "The best thing you can be is to be yourself." It certainly came in handy when he thwarted Uzarro's escape!

Fantastiler the Stamp Licker
by jakemaja
At first Neopians only spoke quietly of his name, in the privacy of their neohomes in fear of incurring his wrath. It wasn't long before just speaking his name was met with fear, Fantastiler. Fantastiler's thieve army grew in numbers each day until it seemed that there were more Neopians allied to his cause, than opposing him. His cause you might ask? Rarity 101 retired stamps which he pasted to his long flowing cape with his long slobbery tongue. Each stamp told a story of pillaging and a conquest, in a small Neopian town. He only took the rarest of stamps for his cloak, tossing aside what he considered scraps from stolen, hard-earned collections to his loyal minions. It wasn't long until the inflation of these few precious stamps cause the collapse of the National Neopian Bank. Neopia was in a wake of a stamp shortage, with collectors hoarding what they could underneath floor boards. The stamp trade was at a stand still. The Post Office pleaded with his thieving guild, after the fear of public's crossing Fantastiler had nearly toppled their business. What demands could they meet to ensure his reign of terror come to a halt? He had but one request, a rare-minted stamp depicting his gloriousness for all of Neopia to see.

Aisha Avenger!
by koolkid89w20
After weeks of training on Kreludor, Aisha7598 has finally earned her place among the stars... but is she ready to take on Sloth's space minions face-to-face? Stay tuned to find out!

Being Evil is Good
by lasdarkfirewolf
What can you do when your favorite 'hero' is considered a villian? Here is not the most flattering picture of my Darigan Lupe, LAsDarkFireWolf but, Balthazar would be proud! And don't worry, I was told that LA let the faeries go after she'd caught them. Though we never did find the bottles they were caught in. Hrm.

The new petpet hero!
by lillykah_4
Having trouble with Balthazar getting your petpets? Never again, Super Babaa is the hero you need! Balthazar can't bother you anymore or your petpets, Super Babaa is tough enough to kick him out and make your little and adorable petpets safe! If you need help all you need to do is call Super Babaa and he will come flying to you. Drawn with coloured pencils and much love!

Quixotria the Villian
by liveintheory
"Where did all of the submissions go?"
I don't know why you would suspect me. Is it because I'm a mutant? Pfft. Clearly this box is not full of the other submissions; I want the contest to be fair. I want you to choose the absolute best pet, whoever that may be. And it'll be me. Or else.

My Toys!
by lizziloo87
The neopet represented in my drawing is my Baby JubJub Squishy789.
At the baby Neopia day care there are a lot of plushies to play with. Usually all the babies have a great time and share the plushies together quite happily. Not this time though, Squishy789 took all the plushies for himself! He didn't even feel bad about it. In his eyes, every plushie everywhere belongs only to him!

Bringer of Wraiths
by mucka33
Amodaious... known to most as Ode the island Poogle. He was a happy and carefree Poogle until the day he was forced to open his scarred eye. From its evil depths emerged this new villain: Ode the Bringer of Wraiths. Terrorizing Neopia anew since Xandra's petrification, he shows no signs of slowing down. Will anyone be able to put a stop to this menace?

Sibling Rivalry
by panther_puma
Unbeknownst to each other, superhero Violet Volcano and arch-nemesis Baron Spookington are the alter-egos of housemates mild-mannered Volcanuxon and moderately cranky Spooky_20744.

Doctors are everyday heroes!
by polarbearslover808
The neopet represented in my artwork is my valiant Aisha, Dayanna. When people think of heroes they think of King Altador or Psellia, but to me its firefighter, police or in Dayanna's case a heroic doctor! I chose Dayanna to be a doctor because they are the ones who save lives in a time of need, just like a superhero would do when when a citizen is in danger from the diabolical villain. In conclusion the most heroic people are often those who do their selfless work anonymously.

Meepit Oaks Jail Break
by racerfishy
Its funny what being imprisoned can do to a person. Specten the plushie Kyrii was locked in Meepit Oaks for only a short time before it took too much a toll on his mind. Getting himself out was easy enough, but letting loose the rest of the inmates? Thats where the real fun began.

Give 'em up!
by rosefairy28
Most pirates are not known for doing noble deeds, and this pirate is no exception. Ferisk the Xweetok frequently steals others' hard earned Neopoints for her selfish desires, no matter whose Neopoints they belong to. Upon realizing that earning Neopoints is too much hard work, she stole a bag full of points from an elderly Acara and quickly adapted her thievery skills by the age of 2. And so, Ferisk's lazy nature and lack of patience has led her to a criminal life full of treachery. Hide your Neopoints, or Ferisk will be hot on your trail!

I Licked it, it's Mine.
by sparklezbunny
Why should KyotheKawaiiKau be mocked for not having a flicker of artistic talent due to his clunky hooves when he can just steal the trophy instead?

The thief
by vihgatinha__20
The neopet is Lilyka and I chose her to be a villain because of his personality. She is determined and always gets what she wants. The Lilyka would be a great villain, because it is never discovered when does something wrong, and when she wants something, nobody in neopia can say no.

Zeptah Saves A Pfish.. I Think...
by zariovis
Looks like Zeptah managed to catch himself a nice dinner! Err... I mean he obviously saved that poor Pfish from drowning! Is he a hero, or a villain? Hard to decide with that adorable face, so I'll let you be the judge of that! :)

Third Place

Lastly there were 67 runners-up who will each receive 5,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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