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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Yummy Pizza Pie?


As you all might know by now our office likes food. Today several of us have been craving pizza, so your challenge today is to make neopian themed pizza! The pizza should be Neopets themed, please no boring flavours like cheese, pepperoni etc., it doesn't have to be one from the site, but you do need to explain why you decided to make the one you did and why it is neopian. The pizzas should be 100% edible, because really, what is the point of an inedible pizza! We will expect a full description of how you made the pizza and what the pizza is or was inspired by. We will judge entries based on yumminess, creativity, and how neopian it is. :)

First Place

Six winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Esophagor Pizza
by ericalaelfa
This pizza IS the Esophagor. The ingredients I used are all the things he ate before, and I gave him a looots of cheese.

Strawberry Fields Forever Pizza
by fireairshadow
It's approaching summer here in Australia so instead of the traditional baked pizza I thought I'd make a dessert pizza! The inspiration is the Neopets lemon jelly pizza. Instead of lemon jelly though I thought I'd use my favourite edible flavoured Neopian paint brush as the inspiration - the Strawberry Fields Forever paint brush! Thus is born the Strawberry Fields Forever pizza. The pizza is entirely made of jelly (after all flour dough is too heavy a thing to eat in summer!) - the red jelly being strawberry and the green jelly being lime. The "seeds" of the strawberry (look closely at the red jelly) are actually poppy seeds. The "leaves" of the strawberry are mint leaves from my garden. When cut up each slice of the pizza actually looks like a giant strawberry! Hope you guys like strawberries!

Mmm, Mynci Pizza!
by kspare2
My pizza was inspired by one of the cutest Neopets in existence... the Mynci! My pizza was made using pizza crust, marinara sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni, green olives with pimentos, green and orange bell peppers, and mushrooms. Very edible and very delicious! I would have saved the Random Contest judges a piece but that might be considered bribery. O:)

Parts on a Pizza
by moonset
In celebration of Halloween, we have a spooky and delicious Parts on a Pizza! Ingredients: Raspberry jam pizza sauce, Yellow food colouring tinted whipped-cream cheese, Marshmallow, fondant and jam smothered fingers, Marshmallow, fondant and food colouring eyeballs, all on a sweet scone dough pizza base. Or at least that's what you can tell your guests (; Completely edible. NOMNOMNOM.

Meowclops Pizza
by satari7
The Pizza is inspired by an Halloween Meowclops! I made a normal pizza (with a lots of vegetables), then I took 2 Albumens, I fried them and I incised a Meowclops figure. Then I made the big eye with one yolk. Mounth, paws and pupil were make with an Aubergine. ps: That Pizza was 'yumminess'!

Misfortunate Pizza
by smallcat910
It's all about pizza this week soon comes All Hallows' Eve. Put the two together, Neopian style, and you get the Wheel of Misfortune pizza. No animals, or neopets, were harmed in the making of this grim, yet tasty, looking snack. Basic part is made from fresh dough and store bought veggie cheese. Mushrooms, black olives, veggie pepperoni, and orange peppers were cut and arranged to create the claws, skulls, eye, and landing spots on the wheel. Yum!

Second Place

Twelve lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Carrot Chia Pizza
by 87marypaul
I choose to make a Carrot Chia Pizza because I just love carrots! My pizza is delicious and (somewhat) healthy with plenty of carrots in it! I had a lot of fun to prepare it...and to eat it afterwards! (Poor Chia...I understand Lupes' passion now...I made the dough with flour, water, yeast, oil and salt, then I rolled out the dough and cut the shape of my Chia. Then I put some tomato sauce on it, some oil and then a looot of carrots! Then I put the pizza in the oven, and after it was cooked I put the ham smile on it and the parsley (which can be eaten, but I already had too many carrots so that was enough for me!).. Then for the fun part...let's eat the Chia!

by _divadiva_
I took all inspiration from the Altador Cup NC prize - Fiery Yooyu Pizza. Seeing as I couldn't make my pizza jump and burst into fire, I decided I'd have to be a tad more creative when making it "fiery". Pizza: base + CHILLI FLAKES, tomato sauce + CHILLI FLAKES, EXTRA SPICY salami, more CHILLI FLAKES, grated cheese, a cheese mouth and nose and salami eyes. To a normal human being this would not be edible. However to prove that is does indeed follow the rules, I got my garbage compacter *ahem* boyfriend to eat it.

Icky Slimy Pizza
by asheemoon
This delicious creation was inspired by Neopet's Icky Slimy Pizza. The first step was to make a giant, homemade snickerdoodle cookie. This was made by mixing together granulated sugar, cinnamon sugar, flour, cream of tartar, margarine, baking soda, and a pinch of salt. You put it on a circular pan and roll it out into the shape of pizza dough. Put into oven at 400 degrees for 13 minutes. As it is cooking, gather your oreo cookies, put in a bowl or large cup and crush them with a fork till they are pea-size. Take the cookie out and place in freezer to cool quickly. Grab four cups of vanilla pudding, scoop them all out into a large bowl, squeeze about ten drops of edible food coloring (green), and mix. Take out cookie and spread the pudding onto it like pizza sauce (slime). Sprinkle the crushed oreos all over the pizza (dirt). Place Gummy worms and fudge-filled chocolate eyeballs as well. Slice and serve! This pizza is DELICIOUS!

Game Graveyard Pizza
by hiscowgirl1204
I decided to make a dessert pizza because of my love for anything sweet. I made a cinnamon sugar crust, topped it with caramel sauce, then added butter toasted peanuts. To make it Neopian style, I took inspiration from the Game Graveyard. I love the Haunted Woods and miss the old games, so I wanted to feature them. The gravestones are made from homemade modeling chocolate (yum) and the spooky petpets are made from marshmallows, fruit roll-ups, and candy corn. Using edible markers I was able to make them at least somewhat resemble those erm..loveable creatures that you might find hanging around the Game Graveyear! R.I.P! (Also, I apologize, the pictures are grainy because of the way I had to save the file, but believe family can attest it did not affect the flavor :) No petpets were harmed in the making of this dessert pizza.

Molten Borovan Pizza
by izzywizard
To me, nothing says Neopian eatings more than Borovan, so it was the perfect pizza inspiration. Items used: Pizza dough, Chocolate Sauce, Asparagus, Powdered Sugar. How the magic happened: the dough was prepared and put on the pan. Added chocolate sauce with Asparagus heads on top. Asparagus stalks chopped and added for extra Borovan goodness. Cooked at 450 degrees for about ten minutes. Garnish with a sprinkle of powdered sugar as a little shout out to Borovan Brownies, my favorite treat.

Schnelly pizza!!
by katie_f_1998
The Schnelly is my all time favorite petpet so I decided to make my my dessert cookie pizza after them! The pizza is sugar cookie, the ears and mouth and frosting, the black fur is chocolate syrup and the white fur is whipped cream. I melted life savers and put a jelly bean in them to make the eyes and the background is frosting and silver sprinkles!!

Jelly Pizza SUPREME
by mischievious_man
My Jelly Pizza is based off the Lemon Jelly Pizza food item on the site. Using different flavors of gelatin, I was able to successfully make a pizza that was not only lemon but also cranberry, orange, pineapple, grape, and lime. It's a Jelly Pizza SUPREME! Jelly World still doesn't exist.

Whole Yummy Cloud Pizza
by mykvet
The Whole Yummy Cloud Pizza is a sweet pizza which comprises a pie crust with sweet blueberry sauce, sweetened vanilla-lemon cream cheese as the cheese portion, and coloured sprinkles, sugar and dragees as the toppings. Did you know that blue food triggers an aversive reaction to us, as it's a colour food often turns when spoiled? Don't worry, this dessert pizza was as tasty as it is pretty! :)

Dinner and Dessert
by neonlily
My Pizzas are based on the Rainbow Pizza and Starfish Pizza. Dinner should be fun and colourful and delicious. Dough and cheese store bought, divided dough to make large main dish and small sweet dish. Dough was then shaped and rolled out. For the Rainbow Pizza I based with Garlic Powder, Oregano, Five Pepper Blend, and Cheese. Then I used Roma, Yellow Heirloom, and Orange tomatoes. Tomatillos for green, one Shallot, Red Sweet Pepper and Mushrooms, blue with the help of food colour. Baked on 500 for 15 minutes. For the Starfish Pizza no Starfish were harmed. Using the smaller divided dough, based with grape jelly, sliced and shaped a Red Pear into the shape of a star and topped with Honey. Baked on 500 for 8 minutes. Cool, slice, serve, enjoy.

Meepit Pizza!
by orlando_bloom_bigfan
I made a very simple pizza dough using flour, yeast, water and some thyme for extra flavour. I then shaped the pizza into the form of a meepit face with ears and spread a layer of pasta sauce on top (because it is so much better than pizza sauces!) Because I am vegan, I topped my pizza with tomato, capsicum, onion, fake cheese and some Italian Herbs. Any other toppings can be added though. In a bowl I mushed up some cannellini beans and mixed in a couple of drops of pink food colouring. This was then spread over the pizza to make my meepit pink! Tomato slices made the eyes, and two un-coloured cannellini beans made the teeth. Cannellini beans are very filling and practically tasteless, so did not ruin the pizza in any way! Then I got to eat the meepit instead of the meepit eating me! As you can see in the photos, I also made a Rainbow Pizza and a Neopox Pizza, just because I could. I chose the meepit as my main focus because, well, I love meepits! :D

Brightvale & Meridell Pizza
by shevirah
My entry includes two pizzas, one inspired by the Brightvale star symbol and the other inspired by Meridell's crown and shield symbol. I also purposefully made the Brightvale pizza a vegetable pizza since King Hagan appreciates healthy foods, and I made Meridell a desert pizza since we all know King Skarl has a bit of a sweet tooth. :)
How I Made the Brightvale Pizza:
1. Create pizza dough and wait 1 hour to rise.
2. Roll out on pizza stone; fold crust
3. Spread tomato sauce
4. Cover with mozzarella cheese
5. Place spinach and cut green peppers in triangular shape
6. Bake in oven for 15 minutes
7. Cut cheddar cheese into eight triangles (four small four large) and one hexagonal
8. Place on pizza

Meridell Pizza:
1. Mixed sugar cookie dough and baked for 18 minutes
2. Mixed cream cheese sauce and spread on cookie
3. Mixed red then blue whipped cream; spread on cookie
4. Cut graham crackers (two rectangles) (3-5 triangles)
5. Place graham crackers as crown in center, place yellow m&m's above triangular graham crackers
6. Place blueberries in blue portions and strawberries in red portions

Bullseye on Fire
by stryclone
For this contest I made 2 pizzas, 1 for my spouse, and 1 for myself. I do not like spicy foods, so I made myself a Bullseye Pizza. I used a pizza crust, and made the white layers with Potato, Onions, and Gruyere Cheese. I made the red layers with Beets. For the spicy, Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza, I used a pizza crust with green chili tomato sauce. I used Pepper Jack cheese, to make it extra spicy and used cornupeppers (Jalapeno, Green Chili, and Bell Peppers) to form the fire faerie face. The eyes were made with spicy stuffed olives, and the faerie dust covering her face is made from onions and ancho chili pepper. They were delicious!

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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