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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Garden in Your Mind

Summer is almost here, and many Neopians are thinking about their neogardens. So we are going to have your challenge for the next couple of weeks be to draw a dream neogarden. The garden of course should only have neopian flowers and decorations. You can use whatever you want to create it, such as paint, chalk, markers, etc. When you submit your entry tell us why you drew the neogarden that you drew, and what you used to draw your neogarden in the description. We will judge your entries on creativity, unique design, and imagination.

First Place

Three winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 15,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Neogarden of faeries
by bibiey
Faerieland may not be the strongest out there, but my heart belongs to this team! This neogarden that I drew seems almost like a dream with soft colors and beautiful decorations that belong, most of the time, specifically to Faerieland. This dream neogarden provides a safe and loving atmosphere to, not only faerie pets, but hopefully, to all pets in Neopia. It was a childhood fantasy to own a garden like the one I drew... Of course my expectations changed over the years, but this imaginary place still means a lot to me! I used an application on my tablet to draw and then, used Photoshop to add a final touch. (Luminosity + grainy effect)

Welcome to the Green
by bingsu
I drew my dream neogarden to be located right above the Faerieland entrance. This is the ideal location since it overlooks the beautiful trees and Rainbow Pool, as well as, the castle. Faerieland is quite a populated place and my Neopet, Bingsoo, enjoys the balance between city and nature.
I used:
- markers
- pen + pencil
- scissors
- tape + glue + ruler
- paper

Kelp Garden
by panther_puma
My Peophin Connie and her underwater garden! She's getting to be quite the fisherpet, and she's collected all kinds of beautiful plant life. Made with acrylics.

Second Place

Four lucky people have 10,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

All-Year Autumn Garden
by coryldork
Autumn is my favourite season, and my dream garden would consist of all the plants and flowers that remind me of the vibrant, warm colours. Only orange, yellow, and red flowers allowed! I'd surround my garden with a white picket fence and fill it with red poppies, autumn blush plants, autumn sunset daisies and of course autumn birch trees. The garden would not be complete without an aurora lily and an autumn pond, with a meandering stream flowing under a stone bridge. I drew this dream garden using coloured graphite pencils and my love for autumn.

Neopian Botanical Paradise
by flamingmoonlight
My ideal neogarden would be an oasis of relaxation and imagination, apart from having a lush forest it would also have:
- a chocolate tree house
-a chocolate bridge ( with its own chocolate puddle)
-candy floss tree
And other neopian plants:)
This dream neogarden would be an awesome place where my neopets and I could relax and unwind.
Oh yeah and please excuse the fairy vase, it is quite jittery

A garden for all
by hogwartsbean3
My entry was designed with all my pets in mind, a garden that they can all enjoy. The left side of the garden is the natural side, with lots of lovely flowers and a pond. The right side is where everyone can have lots of fun in the swimming pool, and eat lots of lovely barbecue food. There is even a special area for Godric that only he knows how to access. I drew my entry with colored pencils and a piece of paper, and added the annotations on the computer, because no one can read my writing :p

A Bright Brightvale Garden
by kilominter
I drew this garden because it is what I imagine a home/yard in Brightvale would look like. It includes garden lilies, savage daffodils, rude daffodils, Aurora lilies, blurbs, pink morning glory vines, a lucky slorg gnome, a gourd house, and a rainbow brick pond. Drawn with coloured pencils.

Third Place

Lastly there were 17 runners-up who will each receive 5,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!