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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Battle On!

So what scares you?
Since the Battledome has launched (in beta) we have been thinking a bit about what scares us here at the Neopets Headquarters. Thus your challenge for the next two weeks is to draw one of your Neopets facing the scariest thing in Neopia (according to your Neopet). As always this drawing should be Neopets themed and drawn entirely by yourself. Your submission should include a picture you drew and the story of what is happening in the picture in the description. We will judge entries on creativity, fun, and their overall awesomness. :)

First Place

Nine winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

The King of Meat
by _morrogh_
One night, An'karr was stealing away from Darigan Citadel to rob a butcher shop that had the most delicious meat troughout Neopia. He broke into the shop and jumped at the meat. After he had eaten all the steaks, sausages, spare ribs and chicken wings, he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, a little sausage, which had been fallen behind a shelf, crawled out of the shop. It was almost light outside when An'karr woke up. On his way back to the citadel he heard a strange sound from behind the trees. The little sausage jumped out of its hiding place and shouted: "I found him! He's the one that ate all my brothers and sisters!" The trees were shaking and a crowd of meat creatures appeared followed by its king. The King of Meat pointed at An'karr and said: "I am here to punish you for your sins! You will be forced to eat nothing else then vegetables for the rest of your life!" "Oh no, please not vegetables!" An'karr screamed and ran away followed by the angry crowd of meats.

Luzdorinda Vs Monocerous
by alondra_elf
This entry happens in the Shenkuu Arena:
Luzdorinda explores the area when suddenly...
Wild Monocerous Appeared!
The Monocerous growls: 'I like the wockys'
Luzdorinda says: 'Really?'
The Monocerous roars: 'With salt and pepper!'
Luzdorinda shouts: 'We're going to fight!'
And the battle begins. WHO WILL WIN?

Top of the food chain?
by amyerita5
After a long day travelling across the Lost Desert, Xyallu the Eyrie decided to take a break and treated himself to some fresh Grackle Bugs. Unfortunately, his meal was cut short when the legendary Giant Grackle Bug appeared to avenge its brethren!

In the Lost Desert, Grackle Bug eats you!

The Tooth Faerie
by chylaira
Sulks hoarded all his candy from trick-o-treating on Halloween to savour slowly --only to be hunted down by the menacing Tooth Faerie! She waves a toothbrush at him, going on and on about cavities and dental hygiene and what candy does to your teeth -when Sulks can't possibly absorb all that because he's trembling in fear at her glares and her clean toothbrush and her threats to confiscate his hard earned candy-! Sulks could never understand why this faerie is warmly welcomed by all.

Atuos vs the ANGRY Tax Beast
by codestonees
As any pet whose source of luxury depends on their owner's income would, Atuos bravely fends of the terrifying ANGRY Tax Beast with his lightning-charged staff in hopes of protecting what little NP his owner manages to make!

I am not scared of anything!
by foxenctih
Kentariin: "Bring out the next opponent! I'm not scared of anything! Even if it's a Meepit!
A Meepit???!!!!!

Red eyes
by ice_wolf_elemental_
The stroll through the Haunted Woods is interrupted by a scream,
From a dark black bird which has haunted _Ice_Canine_s dream,
However he still stands strong, undeterred,
While feathers fall from this mysterious bird,
Suddenly the Black Pteri rises into the dark shadowy sky,
Then dives down towards _Ice_Canine_ with an evil cry,
_Ice_Canine_ looks up at the monster with one quick glance,
Then prepares himself in a fighting stance.
Swiftly he bolts towards it as the rain starts to fall,
And they both head towards each other ready for the brawl.
However between the trees, red eyes burn bright,
Hundreds of them watch, just waiting in the night.

As Darkness Falls
by icebarrier
As darkness spreads throughout canyons, the Shadow Usul makes her move on the lost Hissi.

Royal Kyrii vs Undead Apple
by skayl
Pinkydoodlepie hates apple bobbing. Bart likes Pinky, though.

Second Place

Twenty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Charlie vs Sopramus the Gnorbu
by 987654321_hj
Life is tough for Charlie the Kacheek from the Rubbish dump in Meri Acres Farm. Less and less is coming his way, and he struggles to make ends meet. Sometimes, as shown in the picture, he gets desperate, going to any means to get nps. And as for Gnorbus, well, everyone knows they love their fur more than anything in the world, and do anything in their power to keep it clean and fresh. This is why my Gnorbu, Sopramus, was so terrified when Charlie tried to cut off his golden locks, the only villan to ever try to do that, making Charlie the scariest thing in neopia to poor Sopramus!

Xonza Faces Her Nightmares
by ashydoodles
Since Xonza was a little Grundo, she had horrific nightmares. The stories of her people being enslaved and tortured by the one an only Dr. Sloth plagued her dreams. She had always wondered when Sloth would randomly appear to torture her as he had her people. Her loving owner thought that it would be wise to give Xonza some confidence so Xonza would know this was not her fate. She placed Xonza in the lab ray daily and with every zap Xonza began to feel a change come about her. It was something even fear could not hold back. She had found her inner spirit and it grew wild and it came in the form of a Woodland zap. One day while visiting family in Kreludor, the moment that Xonza had feared finally arrived. Randomly, out of nowhere, Dr. Frank Sloth appeared. He grabbed Xonza's little sister Utugi. "Another little Grundo to do my bidding," Sloth spewed with evil glee as Xonza's body froze in fear. Utugi pleaded for help. Her eyes weld with tears as she looked at Xonza. Xonza knew in that instant that she had to do something. Anger began to run wildly inside her. She felt a burst of energy as she extended her hand toward Sloth. Vines pushed forward where Xonza's fingers should have been. They began to intertwine as they reached out to Sloth. They stretched tightly around his evil little neck. "Put my sister down, you bird brain. You have no idea who you are messing with," Xonza exclaimed with confidence as Sloth's own fear welled up in his eyes. He dropped Utugi with a thud as he grabbed at the vines that braided like a noose around his neck. "Go get help! I can hold him off for now!" Xonza ordered Utugi as she but the ground. She turned her attentions back to Sloth. His arms began flailing through the air as he fell to his knees screaming for his minions to save him but it was too late. the little Grundo who had once feared him had found the powers to subdue him. She held him there with clenched teeth baring as she waited for help to arrive. She heard her owner yelling her name as people from all over Kreludor ran toward them. A couple of mutant Grundos rushed to cease up Dr. Sloth as she slowly withdrew her vines. The vines receded as her finger began to take form again. "You did it, Xonza. You beat him. You faced your fears. I am so proud of you!" Her owner screamed with pride as the crowd picked up Xonza and carried her to a big celebration for Xonza and defeat of Dr. Sloth.

Omg! The creepiness!!
by btrfly_87
"Andrastel!!! Salt is in my room again!!" You hear a horrific scream come from the hallway. It was Vergil and it seems his house mate's Slorg was yet again slithering after the very terrified Vergil! We aren't sure why Vergil would be so frightened of the little slug like creature. It could be the over excessive slime it seems to produce or the blank, creepy stare it gets around with on it's face. All we know is that little Salty LOVES Vergil, unfortunately. It may be because it like's to hear Vergil scream, it could be because it likes to hang out with Umba, Vergil's Snooky. No one quite Knows what's going through the little creature's mind, not even him owner Andrastel....

Petpet Laboratory of Doom
by cordula141291
There's not much Sothorn is afraid of. Walking into dark, unknown caves - no problem. Being zapped by the lab ray without knowing the result - piece of cake. However, there's one thing he can't stand: whenever we visit the petpet lab - no matter which of my pets' petpets I choose - he freaks out completely and tries to find a way into the lab to save them. The mere thought of that mad Kookith attacking his dear friends frightens him and makes him incredibly angry. But his worst nightmare is that one day he manages to enter the lab, just in time to see the ray being fired at his beloved Xilura, his Island Hasee, making her vanish into thin air. Should this scenario ever come true, I will not assume liability for any damage inflicted on the lab premises.

Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns
by dire_straits
Ricette has always been a brave Neopet, for a baby, that is! Until I took her to the Deserted Fairgrounds for a game of Carnival Terror: she's showed a profound fear of clowns ever since. It's something in their eyes, she assures me... Ricette won't come near the Battledome anymore, fearing I might surprise her with a 1-player fight against the Clown Chia.

King Terask
by dragonier_45
The mighty and the terrifying king Terask, the draik that everybody fears. Kisarein has to fight him, so he will, no matter how scared he is. He will put all of his bravery in his sword and will never show any sign of weakness to the enemy! Will he succeed to his horrible opponent?

Battle of the PaintBrushes!
by lasdarkfirewolf
There is nothing more scarier to a Darigan Pet, than perhaps the Paint Brush, PINK! So bright and cheery! What Darigan pet would want to change to such a color?! Not this Lupe! And what could be holding such a fearsome object but, none other than a MEEPIT! This Meepit's devious plan is to paint all pets the color they fear the most. But, this Lupe is ready to fight back, taking the Meepit to the new Battledome and having a battle with Paint Brushes. Armed with her Darigan Paint Brush, this Lupe plans to take down the Pink Paint Brush, and the Meepit with the bright idea. As the Lupe cries out, "Never!" She takes a swing at the Meepit with her brush. The Meepit dodging and lunging forward with it's Pink Paint Brush. Who will win? Hard to say, you know how tricky those Meepits can be!

Candy's Fears
by meowser_kat2
I rescued my Faerie Kacheek, Candy_2493, from the pound years ago. She had a bad experience there, and, to this day, her worst fear is being sent back there, and having to face Dr. Death...

by monsieurdelacour
Romania was stalking the woods, just like any normal Vampire Blumaroo, when she came upon the most particular creature with quite a particular odor! This smelly Neopet smiled sweetly and tried to make friends with our daring blumaroo, but somehow she was terrified. She felt like if she proceeded any further, her hitpoints would decrease to 0. Thus, Romania screamed like a NeoSchool girl and ran away. (Her physician has deemed her extremely allergic to garlic. Go figure.)

Facing Jhudora.
by neptun3z_
Vissek has discovered that his owner has been victim of a terrible disease, incurable by any kind of power. This time he has no choice than go to the dark fairy, the most powerful of all ... Jhudora. From childhood he grew up with the fear of having to see her, face to face, but now he have to deal with it to save Neptune, but what is his real fear? Willing to do a search for Jhudora under time pressure, or lose his master? In my drawing I express how Jhudora mindplays with Vissek to do her orders. (Quests)

Faerieland Nightmare
by opinkusamadesu
Zombie pets aren't scared of the same things other pets are. To them a routine trip to the Healing Springs can be a terrifying ordeal. But it's important for zombie pets to visit frequently so they don't fall apart... literally!
Here Rawlyne is having a terrible nightmare about the thing that scares her the most: Venturing out of her safe, spooky home in the Haunted Woods into the frightening cheerfulness of Faerieland... and being attacked by a giant, horrifyingly adorable Weewoo! And this Weewoo wants to turn the tables and take a bite out of her!
Will she get away? Or will she have to face her fear before she can wake up? I'm sure she'll tell me all about it in the morning.

by paws265
Like any woodland pet, little Aldena's greatest fear is fire.

Fwuffy and the Plushie Monster
by pokemon_master_a74
It was raining and stormy outside, so I was in the craft room. As a Plushie Doglefox, I love to play fetch. But Jennifer had gone off to talk to the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, so I was home alone playing ball with myself. If you launch it across the room and chase it it's very similar to having someone else throw it. Anyways, Jennifer got home a little while later. She was dripping puddles across the floor and her thick Xweetok fur was drenched. She was carrying something in her hands that was about my size. I couldn't see it very well from my angle. I ran and dropped my ball at her feet. Jen placed the object on the table and knelt down to scratch my ears. "Not now, Fwuffy. We'll play fetch later." It's so frustrating when people say "we'll play later" because they always forget. So I feel the need to follow Jen around with the ball so that she remembers her promise. So it was that I followed her into the craft room, tail wagging and mouth full of tennis ball. Ignoring me, Jen stepped over to the sewing machine and accidentally dropped the object. Lightning flashed outside, illuminating the room. There, on the floor, to my absolute horror, was a Ripped Moehog Plushie!!! It lay awkwardly on the blue and white tile. And, worst of all, it had NO HEAD!!! Well, I panicked. What sort of demon does that to plushies?!
"Jen!" I yelped. "Jen, help me!"
She had bent over to pick up the plushie, which I was slowly backing away from. Clearly, she didn't feel the same abject terror as I, because she merely said, "With what? What is it?" "That . . . that thing!!! I-It's got no head! Who would do that!" "Oh, don't worry. I'm fixing it. I'll just make it a new one." At this point I was trembling with fear. I had backed all the way into the corner. "B-But I'm a P-Plushie too!" The horror filled my mind and I could think of nothing but some sort of monster, one that tears apart plushies and rips off their heads. It was cruel, evil, unthinkable. I like my head! I need it! And with that, I ran into the nearest Miamouse hole and cowered in the dark. It took Jen four hours to finally coax me out. But it ended alright. She gave the plushie a new head and it looks much nicer now. And though I will never forget that terrifying moment, I still have my head and have used it to play that promised game of fetch and many more besides. So no need to worry, all you Plushie pets, there is no . . . monster . . . that . . . WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?!

All the Ice-cream in Neopia...
by redmanedlion
My brave Kougra can face just about anything... except the thought of one day waking up to find an ice cream free neopia. Factorys shut down, ban signs everywhere and every scoop of ice cream discarded. He would be living in a pale, sad, scary Neopia on that day. Done with pen and pencil crayon

This ends today
by royal_cierra
"Welcome again.. please take a seat over there and we can begin.." Amounted had been zapped one too many times and he had finally snapped. Grabbing the deranged scientist by the coat, he challenged him to a battle, and the scorchio seemed oh so happy to accept..

Creepy unwanted houseguests...
by ruvaak
Zofaas just really isn't very fond of Spyders. :)

Camping Trip
by smart100000
Rayecia had never gone camping before, so she was very surprised when her friend asked her to come with her on a camping trip. Rayecia asked her owner if she could go, but her owner said no, telling her that camping was too dangerous for a Mallow Grundo. But Rayecia didn't listen, and went with her friend anyway. When Rayecia arrived at the camping place, her friend already had a fire set up. She noticed a box of crackers and a bar of chocolate on the ground. "What are they for?" she asked. Her friend picked up a stick and turned around to face Rayecia with an evil smile. She licked her lips as she replied, "They're for s'mores." Now, Rayecia was wishing that she had listened to her owner and stayed home.

You Can't Have My Brains!
by theycallmelilo
Eutrene just loves to read, and he reads every book he gets his hands on. He has the tendency to walk and read, usually he just walks into things. But he walked into his brother's room today to sit in the window seat as he usually does when he isn't home. He trips over something and drops his book, he looks around to see what he tripped on. And oh no! A Staring Negg! His brother must have put this in here to scare Eutrene out of his room! I had to come in and save him because all he could do was sit there and shake and cry and cover his eyes. Of all the things he could use, he had to pick the one thing that scares his brother the most... Poor Eutrene. Looks like it's time for yet another trip to the book store for me...

Not M'Treasure!
by underclassedhero
The draik trotted back into her cabin. Her ship rocked back and forth with the tide as she and her crew headed towards their home island - The Candy Isle! The pirates had placed the vast majority of their treasure on that island, the treasure of gumdrops, chocolate, and cookie dough. Yes, this was a crew of candy pirates! This certain draik was the captain, Captain Eloiva, a supposedly fearless pirate who plundered sweets like no other. The captain had a routine every morning - wake up, check with the crew, have her morning candy snack. She had just gotten back from being with her shipmates, and now she was ready for her delicious sweets. Opening her candy jar beside her bed, she recoiled in horror at what she saw. Her candy was gone! Every last bit! But she hadn't eaten it all - she had a schedule of how much candy to eat so she would always have enough - so who stole her candy? She had no time to think of that just now. She had never been without her beloved treats for more than half a day. Now she'd have to endure the three day trip without sugar. What a nightmare!

Nightmare Wraith
by vonroe
This is an image of my Baby Shoyru, Zuosi. As you can see he is terrified of the Wraith Krawk that awaits him only in his darkest nightmares (since he has never truly seen one in his lifetime, he just has a wild imagination). ;)

Third Place

Lastly there were 52 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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