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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Caption This

For this final Random Contest we're asking you to send in your ideas for future Caption Contest Competitions! The 10 best ideas will be chosen as real contests. So, not only would you win a Random Contest, you'll be the creator of a Caption Contest also! ;)

We have TONS of caption contest ideas but we just wanted to see what you can come up with... yeah. *shifty eyes* Your submission should include the caption image and any other information you would like to give about it in the description. We will judge entries on creativity, fun, and their overall awesomness. :)

First Place

Fifteen winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 15,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

New hobby
by eeva1500
The ice wocky wanted to explore the depths of the lake. Too bad he has a FREEZING body temperature!

No nonsense in the Library!
by eugenie247
Who knew faerie books could actually fly? Certainly not the angelpuss or the unsuspecting book-loving jubjub!! The faellie seems okay with giving a zombie hand a high-five though. Will the library faerie be able to get her act together before the winged books overrun (or more like.. overFLY... HAHAHAHA) her library? Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in the captions!

by jorghe_akw
looks like Boochi has been having some trouble with his raygun lately.

Me das un Donut (Give me a Donut)
by lauz_luna
Una calida tarde, los chias fruta se disponian a devorar unas cuantas Donuts, sin darse cuenta que no eran los unicos que deseaban comerlas...(One warm afternoon, the fruit Chias were preparing to eat some donuts without realizing that they weren't the only ones that wanted to eat them...)

Gone Fishin'
by lissy_chan
No fish were harmed in the making of this caption contest entry.

Pizzaroo Pals
by macteazle
While Aristotle is treating Abigail and Lulu to lunch at their favorite pizza establishment, Chadley shows up and invites himself to their table! How rood! Abigail is enjoying his antics, but Aristotle is not impressed.

wool shrinks
by magmay1991
Much like some children are forced to enjoy family vacations with the family, I imagined some pets had to enjoy some fun activities whether they wanted to or not. It brought to mind a poor gnorbu who was forced to get into a pool, even though it's SO bad for wool and it's gonna be just awful to deal with later. I also thought it would be hilarious to juxtapose a cheery scene with a grumpy gnorbu. the scene also gives three actors to caption; the gnorbu, the floatie, and the unseen narrator.

by mm_mutt
Some petpets just aren't appreciated enough.

oh jeeze
by psilanthropy
a chomby, poogle, and gnorbu run into a giant slorg on their morning walk in the woods. drawn using a wacom bamboo tablet in paint tool sai.

A Gathering of Meepits
by sixlets1
Something malevolent (and sentient) is rising from the grave this Halloween... This piece was created primarily using twigs, paper, clay, and coloured pencils. I decided to pursue a Halloween theme since it seemed fitting for that time of the year. The Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie and the Meepits were to be my focus before I started, but I also included a Blue Jubjub, the Brain Tree, and the Scary Tree Stamp image in my final project. It may be hard to tell, but the second Meepit from the left is holding blueprints (presumably related to the whole world domination thing). Wizard Meepit is still my favourite by far though...

Trouble at Kiko Pop
by suixx
Any new game is bound to have some flaws, and Kiko Pop has a few. Mainly, poor aim. Images are taken from backgrounds, Kiko Pop, and past Caption Contests, combined to form one picture. :)

It's raining Mortogs!!
by teasheriff
I was playing Kiss the Mortog, then thought about the random raining Mortog event. What if that happened while you were playing the game? You'd never be able to find the Prince/Princess!!

Goodnight, Random Contest
by tweetybird104
A holiday scene featuring a sleeping Doglefox, Meepit in a bowl of cashews, and blue Snowbunny. The tree and book were created using origami.

The Tactics of a Stealthy Grarrl
by weenie420
Stealthy Grarrl is fired.

Snow Roller Mishap
by winner19955
incorporate randomness that still appeared natural. I also wanted to center my theme around a special day. Since winter is approaching, I chose Usul Skiing Season and threw in Snow Roller for some extra fun. This picture is based off the second stage of Snow Roller, which takes place in the Ice Caves. Since the Snowager lives in the Ice Caves, I've included him in the fun! The Kiosk Wocky appeared because of a lottery ticket random event and totally not because I forgot he moved to Happy Valley.

Second Place

Thirty Five lucky people have 10,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

It's Random Time!
by 09004888
Sketched, lined and painted the piece using Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop respectively Thank you for years of fun with this contest TNT

16th Annual Meepit Picnic
by _crescendo
Created in Photoshop, this image for the Caption Contest was inspired by my absolute favourite petpet of all time, the glorious, magnificent, and cunning Meepit! (Hey! That's not what I wrote, I said Feep--- *sound of struggling*) What could possibly be happening here? Is the Feepit a spy, trying to uncover the secrets of those devious Meepits? Or does he secretly just want to fit in and join in on all the food, fun, and plotting?

Birthday paintbrush
by _kunay_
This caption contest its my form to protest to the staff for a new birthday color for the neopets.Preferably i wish that the first pet of this color was the cybunny because they are my favorite specie (The Dr. Sloth approve this message with his quality certification stamp (?) )

Negg Rescue
by angelor_deviludecide
A negg has been discovered inside TNTs fridge, and the Neopets are trying to rescue it! Will they reach the negg in time? It's up to Neopians to tell us what happens :) This caption is starring the 2004 McDonalds happy meal Neopets plushies, which I remember begging my parents to eat every meal at McDonalds in order to collect them all lol

Avatar Battle!
by blackbelt_brad
Here is my entry to the last Random Contest. It has been truly awesome to see all of the winners along the way, and I really hope I can join them! Not for the avatar or any of that, but to prove that you don't need any fancy or expensive programs to win these types of things! All that was used to make this was MS Paint and GIMP. Took 2 days to think of an idea, 2 or 3 hours to find the right pictures to use, and then about 4 hours to finish the rest. With very basic tools, all you need is to set your mind to what you are doing, and you can accomplish almost anything! Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed!

Maraquan pets!
by chillis3
The one on the left is a Maraquan Shoyru, the middle's a Maraquan Aisha, and the end's a Maraquan Techo; all with respective petpets.

Florg's Birthday!
by cjgerik
This is my entry for the Random Contest, in which I propose an idea for a future Caption Contest. My entry depicts Florg's birthday, with a birthday cake and a guest... a Birthday Kadoatie! Which one will Florg choose to eat?!

by darkflame1516
With Neopets 15th birthday coming up, I thought this was a cute idea. Throwing a party to celebrate and things are going awry! I think it's got many different potential captions and I think everyone would have fun coming up with things everyone is saying in it!

Cat & Chips Anyone?
by dawildchild
Flying vegetables.. One happy Goldy.. & of course one Plumpy stuck in a fish bowl! Drawn with marker pens/blenders =)

by deliriumm_tremens
Here we have the Super Flying Pea and his host of rampaging Down For Maintenance Pteris, and a giant Ghostkerbomb primed and ready! Made with paper, cardboard, pens, ink, tape and more paper and more tape and perhaps a straw, it's ready for a caption made by Neopians more clever at it than I am!

Two Trees
by elipsis4k
I painted you some happy little clouds.

Happening of Rainbow
by euraru
Everybody knows and loves, The Rainbow Pool! (of course I love, and you too) but look that... what the happened? Many color, Paint brush is float on the rainbow, And rainbow made puddle for petpets... Ahh, Many happening! Can you know their happening? Could you tell we some your caption!

by fhujmasterofhedgehog
Lupe says BINGO while his Gelert friend Facepalms

Wrong Turn
by glacidea
Drawn using a digital art tablet, with colors eyedropped from various places around the site, such as the Ice Caves, and Snowager's Lair. Seems this little Kacheek is in a bit of trouble, eh? Save her with your wit and creativity!

Gross Food
by grimagog1971
I couldn't come up with a funny title for this one, so maybe someone else can.

Friends Who Bake Together
by gwenelyn
"Friends Who Bake Together" is a scene I made for an upcoming Caption Contest Competition. The scene depicts a group of loveable Neopets who are attempting to bake a pie. (Though they may not all be putting in the same amount of effort as one another...) The materials used in this image are a paper backdrop, flour, various kitchen utensils, and Neopets action figures.

Where are you going, guys?!
by ibuky_matsuba
There's something really dangerous or exciting to make those drawings of Neopets flee running from the sketchbook, what should it be? Maybe the last call for something important...

by kazemas
This little baby kougra accepted his friends challenge of a hide-and-seek game! But maybe it will be a little harder to find them than he thought...

Halloween Never Ends!
by kittyko92
I am not entirely sure what that Kiko and JubJub plan on doing, but I have concerns.

A Risky Attempt
by kolidescope
yew, you don't know how difficult this photo was to shoot! I had to stand at the bottom of the canyon with a zoom lens to capture just the right angle, and the poor Kougra, Kristenz, nearly fell twice. But it was all in the name of artistic perfection! And so I present this to you in honor of the final Random Contest.

Style Swipe
by liltle_lupe
My entry is based on the rivalry aspect of Illusen and Jhudora, by having Jhudora copying Illusen's signature look and teasing her. I added the Bartamus and Faellie both to add more to the scene appearance wise, and add more characters to potentially be used in the captions. (The background is loosely based on a small area of the Faerieland map behind the Faerie Caverns area.)

Not Very Mincing
by meggyness
The caption contest could certainly do with a little more Eliv Thade. I'm not sure if the Spyder is screaming, or singing, or just chatting annoyingly, but Thade does not appear too pleased. I love the Random Contest, so I'm sad to see it go, but I'm also happy that I was able to participate one last time.

Christmas Time!
by monsdr
his is my entrance for the random contest! :)

Eureka! Final Random Contest
by neopets9738368
Anyone that's ever fed or tried to feed a Kad will appreciate this one... Think it will get everyone involved :)

Terror, terror everywhere
by nieladani
My idea was to be as random as possible. That always allows users to have more creativity. I did the hand drawings and color with watercolors. I cut out the drawings and took a photo. What could have happened to Wocky, the usul and petpet? Let each who try to guess. The candy bag gives good clues. Happy halloween!

First Neopian Battledome Problems..
by pikachueats
A Kiko stands before the Battledome after an intense battle. Wiping the sweat of victory off his brow, he wonders... how am I ever going to get all this equipment home?! Image features: Kiko (plush toy), Background (colored pencils), Nova (plush toy), Ghostkerbomb (construction paper & string), Leaf Shield (cloth, construction paper & colored pencils), Bow Of Destiny (wire, paint & dental floss), Scroll of Knowledge (coffee-stained paper, paint & pipe cleaner), Golden Compass (construction paper), Super Attack Pea (construction paper &... a pea).

Meepits.. in.. Spaaace
by sambeck64
Looks like this intrepid adventurer got more than they bargained for... is nowhere in (or above) neopia safe?!?

The Final Countdown
by sp4de
The End is Near......

Sunny day
by trilce
Having fun in spring!

Meerca Chase: Real Life Edition
by ummagine3284
My entry is made up of some miniature Neopets plushies, a Lord Kass action figure set, and an intimidating pile of homemade Neggs. There are the iconic Meerca Chase Neggs - a Happy Negg, Fish Negg, Rainbow Negg, and Power Negg - and a few other famous Neggs, including the Super Negg, Speckled Negg (seen behind the Meerca), and the Cool Negg. How will Lord Kass get out of this one?

Lenny me Pink
by vaspira
Decided to draw a curious weewoo who found a pink paint brush and a wondering lenny would love to have it.

Bacon Dilemma
by virteous
Who doesn't adore plumpies right?!?!!! And what would happen if SUPER ATTACK BACON APPEARS?!!1? There is only one way to find out...

Regular Stroll in the Woods
by whisperingspirit
The Haunted Woods can be a little...strange sometimes. Be careful traveling through there. You never know who, or what, you might run into!

Waiting for the Altador Cup
by witfer
I think this is the perfect caption that should be used before the Altador Cup starts. The Altador Cup is my favourite event of the site because you get to support your team and I decided to give it a tribute by drawing a bunch of excited Weewoos waiting for it. This is my first entry, and by default, the last one. I have really worked hard on this so I really hope I win something.

Forever out of items
by xxcrayzylilboyxx
The abandoned attic attracts the most peculiar costumers. Ink and marker.

Third Place

Lastly there were 198 runners-up who will each receive 5,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!