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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Portrait of Zen

Sometimes life gets crazy and you just have to find a place to relax. Your challenge for this week is to draw a portrait of one of your Neopet's Petpets being zen, or as zen as they get. This portrait should be in a doodling style that uses repetitive patterns that all flow together to form a picture. (The petpet should be attached to one of your Neopets so that we can find it.) Please tell us what is happening in your portrait in the description. We're judging the portraits on beauty, and overall creativity.

First Place

Fifteen winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Bubble Circle of Zen
by _hoshi_ryu_
I chose to draw Philcashine the Peadackle, my Lenny's petpet. As Phil is a aquatic petpet he can't do much 'zen' things like yoga or cut bonsai trees, so I decided for him to illustrate the zen circle 'Enso' which demonstrates enlightenment, elegance, and the universe. He is quite at peace with the world. Everything is flowing around and off of him, no tides will sway his thoughts or break his concentration from creating his circle.

Snoozing Under the Sun
by _marshmallowz
This is a picture of my Lupe Bluorae's little Wain Petpet relaxing outside under a tree on a summer day. I had never heard of zentangle before this contest, but I had a lot of fun trying it out and playing around with different patterns! Definitely relaxing :) I tried to incorporate the zentangle style not only in the scenery, but also in the Wain's design itself to tie everything together.

Xingxing the Tomamu at Peace
by _skippypeanutbutter_
Xingxing is an elegant tomamu who sometimes gets stressed out by her owner Ceptir's crazy antics. At such times, Xingxing prefers to find peace among the stars for which she was named (Xing means 'star' in Chinese). With two flaps of her graceful wings, Xingxing is airborne in her own little world.

Gypmu in Meditation
by annneonet
A gympu in meditation...hanging upside from a tree. A truly comfortable position for the petpet.

Fins the Huggy
by arcipello
This is Fins the Huggy. He belongs to my Cybunny, Xearran. Since Fins has flippers, he enjoys swimming most of all. A nice relaxing swim is all it takes for Fins to be totally zen. This was my first time trying out zentangle, thanks to this random contest I am hooked! I used permanent markers, pens, and pencils.

Good Night, Knight: Darigan Ukali
by ccr153lucky2
Knight, the Darigan Ukali, loves nothing more than to hoard shiny gemstones and jewels, often curling around them in order to go to sleep (or just to chill). Shiny stones to him are like teddy-bears to children.

At Peace
by crickwing
Here we have Mumby the Epuni, in the style of Zentangle. She is at peace, cuddling up next to a sweetly scented flower. With her eyes closed, she imagines the sound of great rolling waves (pictured bottom behind her), calming winds winds (swirling on the left of the image), and large fluffy clouds (spirals in the upper left). Drawn with micron pens in a moleskine journal. Thank you!

Wadjet At Peace
by draikese
Kimsimo's petpet Wadjet seems to have found a comfy branch to take a nap on! This zentangle took approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Jera the Quadrapus Floats Along
by drayne
Jera takes a break from amusing his owner, Besegra, with his derpy anecdotes and floats across the sea. This zen adventure leaves Jera to contemplate life and enjoy the beauty of nature. Where the bubbles he rides on come from... you may not want to know. All you need to know is that he is completely... relaxed. :)

Xila in Bubblebee Nirvana
by fat_p3ngu1n
My tranquil white bubblebee Xila (who's royally owned by Zithena) is at peace with herself and the Neopian world. She is the yin to her seashell zen garden of yang. Her restful eyes delicately gaze over the the unseen universe bursting full of resonating energies. Sketched on drawing paper. Inked on tracing paper. Scanned and minor touch-ups on the computer. Namaste.

by kosui
Capricious Cassie II often spends time in gardens of flea grass and perfume mallows, staring vacantly at the sky. She likes to daydream about having a magnificent bloom of her own, much like the flowers around her. Rain or shine, she remains contemplative in the garden, listening to the wind whistle through the nearby orchard of candy floss trees.

by lachtaube
Darling, Paarlei's purebred Faerie Drugal has a rather dangerous habit of flying while she snoozes... At least she's in her zen place! Dream happy dreams, little one.

The Circular of Zen
by sally771228
My Hissi's petpet, the Darigan Quetzal, is learning about Zen. He want to sit in meditation, but the Quetzals do not have hands and legs, so my Quetzalcan twists his body on the lotus flower for meditation. After a long time meditation, the idea he finally got of zen is just like the shape he made, a circular, that means zero and infinite. It's a never ending life, like Neopia, even Kreludor, and also a twisted Darigan Quetzal.

Senet, in Reeds
by scarabi
Senet the Seti finds a moment of rest among strange leaves. He turns his face to the moon, basking in the glow that turns his pelt silver and the flowers into pale bloom.

Valentina's Zen Surf 'n Sand
by theirishpirate
Valentina is a Kazeriu that rarely leaves her best friend, _Dark_Steed_, to travel through Neopia unchaperoned. Every now and then, Dark manages to elude Valentina, or so she thinks... What really transpires is that Valentina and her Fleaf, Rad, take a beak on Valentina's own private Zen Island. Here, Valentina can bask in the glow of the setting sun, snuggle into the warm sand between a few palm trees and watch Rad and his fellow Fleaf friends climb about. Smooth island music floats by on the breeze, and waves carry on their backs little dancing fish. Culture surrounds Valentina and when she returns to Dark's side, she will be totally rejuvenated by her little vacation.

Second Place

Thirty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

by _undead_whisper_
This is my Usul, Iambic's, Weewoo, Pentametre, relaxing after a long day spent out with his best friend. In true Zentangle style, I tried to never undo any mark I had made so that it would flow freely and naturally, creating all sorts of fun patterns!

by acara_crystal_kiss
Sir Hasalot is usually to busy to indulge in the finer things in life, like finding inner peace, doing yoga and so on...but on occasion one can find himself taking a nap in the most natural pose, evaporating the zenniest energy imaginable. This is my interpretation.

by annelikene
After a long day, Laura only wants to meditate in peace and quiet.

Katsou the Darigan Ukali
by babagabadoosh
Katsuo is Babagabadoosh's Darigan Ukali. They love to sit and meditate in the twilight after a day of intensive training. Made with lots of black ink, a compass, colored pencil and oodles of patience ;) Ohm!

by blumaroocrazy21
This is a zentangle of my Krawk's petpet, Craven the Crokabek. She tends to dislike just about everyone, so her zen place is high up a tree. (:

by boelin
My Mutant Kougra Assraells petpet Gargamell is a Zomutt, and when he is being zen he plays dead as in this picture.

As Zen as a Kadoatie can get
by devilpersian_vegeta
'Kadoatie is what we like to call a pain in the neck. When it is bedtime and the lights go out, the Kadoatie cries continuously until you turn them back on.' -kadoatie item description Oops, I left my Kadoatie in the dark. This is as zen as 13 (my Kadoatie) gets. Enjoy.

Stealing the Stars From the Sky
by elshastara
Avendrus is my Hissi's Darigan Quetzal. Being a Quetzal, he rarely ever sits still and has a nasty tendency to bite everything. My other petpets didn't really like sitting still, either. However, I managed to stumble upon Avendrus like this, stealing the stars of the night sky from atop one of the mountains between the Haunted Woods and Altador to put on his sides. This is about as zen as he, or any of my petpets, can get.

Zen T
by haileyskye
Leaving the house to find some peace and quiet, T goes in the back yard and dozes off in a hammock.

Jump the Juma
by hanlb
Jump the Juma is tired after a hard days playing with Kilavar ... So he's taking a nap. You can't get more zen than that!

by hannahlutz
This is Amarantha the Cuttlebot, the charming and cuddly pet of Burbalee_Yurbalee. I drew her on standard printer paper using colored pens. In the picture, Amarantha is practicing her under-water breathing exercises as she drifts peacefully through the largest saline suspension in Neopia--Maraqua.

Shenkuu Bliss
by jamiewm
This is my Poogle's plushie closing his eyes just relaxing atop a mountain in Shenkuu in a tiny little meadow.

Sunbathing Slorgclops
by jjquil
This is Montblanc the Slorgclops, attached to my Neopet Famfrit. I drew his smiling face upturned towards the sunlight, as felines so often do when they are relaxing. He is framed by the leaves of plants in the garden, and the circular pattern on the ground represents the sunshine. The swirling patterns on his body represent the shaggy fur and slime that make his species so unique. The zentangle style lends a lot of movement to his contours!

Cambri in the Garden of Zen
by kaos7777
Cambri the Slorg has a pretty hectic life, being a Jetsam's petpet. Cambri never knows when his owner will turn on him and make him his dinner! So Cambri likes to relax at his Garden of Zen. He has a favourite rock in the middle of mystical waters that he loves to escape to.

Sui's Zen Water
by kasokami
Sui spends most of her time in the water, but no water is as relaxing as the small rock pools in The Lost Desert, here she just lazily floats and lets the ancient waters relax her for perfect Zen

by l3lo0
Splookie is a little inker. Even when he is calm - which goodness knows, is absolutely never - he still tends to leave little puffs of ink behind him. Also bubbles. He never stops blowing bubbles. Ever.

Edgar - TheSchwartz
by linnipooh
To Edgar, zen time is any time that he is away from his MSP Poogle, TheSchwartz. Can you imagine how hard it is to be around a crazy MSP all day? Note: my scanner is broken so I had to take a pic with my camera to submit this ... thus the quality of the pic.

Downward Faellie
by lolrockstars
Nyx the Starry Faellie is very zentastic in her favourite yoga pose. ;D

by mahinawai
I wasn't too sure about this. I love making zentangles, so thought I'd give this a try! I drew my aisha's (Kamehaikana's) petpet who is an island carmiller with peace sign flowers, tons of flowers, and flowing relaxing lines. I hope you enjoy!

Megumi, the plushie Mazzew
by meli_92_arg
This is Megumi, the little Plushie Mazzew of Kaylishi, my lovely Christmas Zafara ~ She is quiet and peaceful after being fixed by Kayli. You can see the needle, and some extra plush spread around. I've made it in a white paper, all with a 0.4 ink pen. It was very fun!

Grape Drink
by moonbeamgoddess
It took me over 15 hours to draw this, and I used 2 sharpie pens, one circle guide, and a 6.5 by 6 inch piece of paper. I love my hasee!!

Tancle's Virtupets Space Station
by nazonara
Tancle's imagination of how it would be like to conquer Virtupets Space Station in zentangle style.

by oxxxallashiasxxxo
Here is Flurp, Asia_555 Petpet, a Flerper. Flerpers are at their happiest and most relaxed amongst nature. Flurp likes nothing more than to spend hours in his Neogarden. He likes to think there, paint pictures of flowers, write poetry about plants, play with them, and generally just relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Neopia. Here he is surprise hugging a Pretty (Non) Pink Puff and giving it oddles of love and squishies. It helps them grow you know. :D

~Valora's Dream Zentangle Portrait~
by pinkpaint
This is my petpet zentangle portrait, it features Kezra's white Faellie, Valora! In this zentangle Valora can be seen when she is most zen, when she's dreaming of course! Valora dreams of one day visiting Shenkuu and the great rivers that flow through the unique and mountainous terrain of the land. What Valora wants to see most of all, however, are to see the beautiful Shenkuu cherry blossoms that she has only ever dreamed of. Valora wishes to make cherry blossom 'angels' in a pile of these beautiful flowers. Then dreams of running through Shenkuu, painted in zentangles and stars for everyone to see her cherry blossom smile, singing and dancing of her dreams come true. Materials used: 200gsm art paper, caligoraphy pigment ink pens (2.0 and 3.5), pastel white chalk pencil and lots of imagination and relaxation! :D

Zen Kepru
by rali_side
Although Kepru are known to be highly energetic little petpets, Allisaya's companion, Fennec, likes nothing more than to relax under a palm tree of a Lost Desert oasis. There he really feels at peace and can achieve a zen state!

Food for Thought
by repulsives
My kadoatie is meditating to.. you guessed it, more food! (I guess you shall never satisfy her desire for food :3) This time it's her favourite cherry cake. Her petpetpet is also inching down to have a tasty share of her thought.

by seshic
My Kyrii's Blugar by a river, plotting its next exciting day of sleeping.

Xytayia the Xepru
by tenabee
Here is a picture of Xaniliah's petpet... Xytayia.
Sleep little one.
Dream of dreams beyond reality.
Let your mind reach out to undiscovered worlds. Sleep little one.

Running Free
by wascowais
This zentangle portraits Pelender, my royal Gnorbu Dartel's Vacana. His favourite pasttime is running around on the hills, so that is what i depicted. Items used: Paper, Pencil, Black marker.

Squiggles the Mystical Quadrapus
by wolf_rainz
Materials: Black Sharpies (Ultra Fine Point, Fine Point and Chisel Tip) Time: Too long to count. This is Squiggles my unusual Quadrapus. He has a very whimsical imagination and I based his portrait off of the magic tricks and spells he likes to create in his mind.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!