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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Autumn Crown

Autumn is almost here!

Many Neopians like to dress up to celebrate with beards, hats, and clothes made from leaves and other fall foliage. In honour of Autumn, your task for the random contest is going to be to make crowns or tiaras. The crown should be Neopets themed and made of fall foliage if you can. If it is spring where you live do the best you can, and make sure you let us know why your crown is a bit more spring-like. You can be as intricate as you want with these, but we need to know that you made it so please feel free to include pictures of the process along with the final picture. These crowns should be fun and colourful. We will expect a full description of what the crown is of and how you made it. We will judge entries based on creativity, beauty, and its amusement value. :)

First Place

Eight winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Autumn, Autumn, Spring, Autumn
by _im_someone_
Because it's Spring where i live (Australia) my crown looks a bit more Springish than Autunm. So this crown is inspired by the shape of 'Tiara of the Deep' and the rose part of the crown is inspired by 'Figure Skating Rose Shower' - i also used the rose to cover the ring that goes around your head for miximum comfort :) the nearly dead Autumn like is woven around the wire which is inside the tube of rose petals. the flowers were then arranged and attached on. This crown is fit for any princess/queen! (p.s i tried my best to give it an Autumn twist with the deadish leaves)

Red Poogle Autumn Spectacular
by amberwaves100
For this entry I started with my large red Poogle plushie. I then scoured the neighborhood for the rest of the autumn plumage. I used small maple branches as the core of the crown. Next I added some iris seed pods (green) and two purple cone flower seed pods (sticking up straight up top). Next was added two Norway Maple dark purple leaves and two bunches of sugar maple red leaves in the background. Below the Poogle are red Mountain Ash berries and three mini-popcorn husks to finish the autumn Poogle theme. I had a fun time here in Minnesota, USA with this contest and appreciate your time. Thank you. Amber

Crowning Glory!
by juli1321
First I used grape vines that were carefully woven together into circlets. I glued pine cones to make the points on the crowns and then decorated with leaves, using a hot glue gun to glue them on. Finally I adorned them with bright red coral berries that look like jewels on the face of the crowns. Materials used: grape vines, variety of leaves (sugar maple, hackberry, water oak, slash pine, and Virgina creeper), elderly chewed pine cones, fresh green pine cones, coral berries, glue gun, glue sticks

Autumn Leave Crown
by ravendarkwoodstar
I usually make these all year round with my mom and grandma and when I saw that this was the Contest I was so happy. I got to work right away. The crown is made from vines from my back yard. And the red flowers are dried up leaf petals that we crafted into there form and went over them with nail polish hardener. So that they hold there shape. We did use fake berries so we would not attract bugs and they would not go bad. I had fun making this with my family and I hope you enjoy looking at it. :)

Autumn's Faerie Crown
by rosey_buddy
Normally, with the notable exception of the dark faeries, the faeries of Faerieland get along, but there are some groups who are more at odds than others. One good example of this is the Earth and Fire Faeries. The Fire Faeries sometimes have the bad habit of "accidently" setting the leaves on fire, and the Earth Faeries "accidently" knock dirt onto Fire Faerie's fires. There isn't always much hardship, but there is a small rivalry. The one time there is much camaraderie between the two is Autumn. The Autumn festival is one of the 4 major Faeries celebrate through the year. Autumn is when the leaves of the Earth let their colors burst into flames. Even the Earth Faeries change their clothing to the burning leaves of the giant trees they get the leaves to make their cloths from. Fire Faeries and Earth Faeries become temporarily indistinguishable beside their hair. As always during the Autumn festival, there is a crown making contest and the hottest competition between the Earth and Fire Faeries. Fire Faeries enchanting flames to look live leaves and Earth Faeries making gems shimmer with an inner fire that just glows. Surely it is a sight to behold. The Festival is especially favorable with the Moltarans, because the akin the change of the leaves to the heating and cooling of the magma in the magma pools, the Shekuuian, who's mountains burst into colors, and the people of the Icy Mountains, who are happy with any season, as it is a break from the oppressive freezing temperatures of their mountain. Please, enjoy my entry into this illustrious contest.

Autumn Darigan Ixi Crown
by sailor_savvy
To make yourself appear as a Renaissance Darigan Ixi in the festive fallspirit. This headband had plastic ram horns, painted to be a dark, shimmery gray, with ears that were crafted from leather, boiled to give that ixi-ear appearance (With faux fur added). Seeing as there are only eucalyptus trees where I live, silk leaves and flowers were used to create the proper look and durability for this fall crown. Much glue, string, and effort was put into this to combine my two favorites, the lovable ixi, and the magical season of autumn.

Autumns Nature Tiara
by starqueen_10
My Tiara represents the NC mall Autumn Tiara. I made my tiara by using these materials: Glue, Scissors, Sculpting Clay, construction paper, A lot of different kinds of leaves I found in my yard and a couple of fake grapes painted red. I began with a handful of clay, I started shaping it into a tiara that actually is wearable, and made a construction paper border to hold the tiara in place. I then began to add all sorts of leaves here and there, everywhere!!! I then finally added the fake grapes. It took me 3 hours to complete.

A crown for mr.coconut
by the_angel_sazo
Is is currently Spring in Australia and what better time for mr.coconut to visit! Unfortunately, he didn't get past customs, so a replacement coconut had to model my design. All foliage was collected from my backyard, which is extremely green and bright at the moment, so finding Autumn colours was a challenge! It is meant to be simple - nothing but leaves and flowers used and there was no need for glue or tape. After all, it had to reflect the simplicity of mr.coconut himself, who is a coconut of very few words. "What do you think of it mr.coconut?" "GOOD NIGHT!"

Second Place

Ten lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Leaves and Acorns Tiara
by _white_spirit_
This is my first entry in the 'random contest' competition and probably the first tiara I have ever made! It was inspired in NC Mall's 'Autumn Tiara', and the materials used include several multi-colour eucalyptus leaves, acorns, white glue, brushes, cinnamon sticks and other foliage in general. To do it, I also used kitchen paper and wooden/plastic springs. It goes perfectly with long dark-brown hair, but, obviously, anyone can use it to share their love with Autumn! ^^

The Cybunny Autumn Crown
by asheemoon
I used some small craft scissors and cut a strip of white printing paper about one inch thick. I folded it into a circle and measured the size of my Cybunny's head. I collected some yellow and green leaves off my neighbor's lawn with their permission, a few blades of green grass, a small handful of dry brown grass, some berries off the bush in my front yard and little white flowers. I glued three medium sized leaves on the front of the paper, and used a small amount of tape for support. In the center, I taped on six pieces of grass and added the little white flowers on top. At the root of the little white flowers are a couple of tiny red leaves. Behind the blades of grass I glued the dry brown grass and added the berries on each side. There are a few more small leaves on the far left and far right, and more leaves surrounding the whole back and sides of the crown. :)

Miya's Autumn Crown
by brand_04
Join Miya_4 and Brand_04 as we make the best Autumn leaf crown ever!

Exotic Autumn Leaf Tiara
by darigangirl8000
To make my tiara, I first gathered many types of leaves from my back yard and acorns. To create the shape of the tiara, I twisted up floral wire. I used small yellow oval shaped leaves, rolled them up and hot glued them around the entire wire to thicken the base of the wire for comfort. Finally, I hot glued the acorns and the bigger and brighter leaves to create the design of the tiara. :) (It's symmetrical). To spice it up and make it more exotic, I added threads with candy corn at the ends to make it more seasonal. It can be worn for a princess, a festival, or for any fall celebrations.

Autumn Tiara
by mint64200
Now, just because it's autumn, that doesn't give you any excuse to look sloppy! As you can see, my beautiful Cybunny is looking her best wearing the latest fall fashion that I made her. The materials used to make her outfit include an old orange tutu, a headband, a bronze ribbon, autumn leaves, berries, twigs (both straight and twirly), a hot glue gun and scissors. First, I broke up the twigs into 3-inch pieces and used the glue gun to cover the entire headband in twigs. Then I glued the autumn leaves onto the top of the headband and all the way around, then did the same with the bottom layer. Afterwards, I glued on berries and the decorative twirly twigs around the headband. I fit the orange tutu around my Cybunny and cut out two holes for arms. Next, I glued some more leaves onto the satin ribbon so there was an equal distance between each of them, then put a berry in between each leaf. After that, I wrapped the ribbon around my Cybunny's neck, like a collar. Finally, I created a leaf pile for my Cybunny to stand on by placing layers of green tissue paper on the ground, then covering it in leaves, since every Neopet deserves to jump into a nice big pile of raked leaves!

Leaves of Autumn
by miss_meagan_214
My autumn tiara is made to replicate the autumn tiara which was once in the NCmall. I spent about 6 hours making this tiara, I used glitter glue (purple, gold, red and green), Super glue, Artificial Silk leaves, Real leaves, Spiral plastic, Artificial cranberry bunches and a Plastic tiara.

Scarabug Crown
by natte13
This Lost-Desert-themed crown is inspired by Scarabugs, but of course no Petpets were hurt in the process. It is made out of: colored paper, leafs, berrys, little braches, grass..., glass beads, fabric and cord. Although the inhabitants of Sakhmet have to live without the joy of seasons, they want to celebrate Autumn, too. With this crown they can show their enthusiasm about the upcoming months. But living in the desert, they have to protect themself against the sun most of the day. This fashionable hat covers head and shoulders of its owner, so he or she can spend the day at the marketplace shopping without being worried about getting burned by the sun.

Leafy Autumn Tiara
by oracle01
The tiara's base is made from a headband I had laying around the house. Using beading wire, I made each separate point of the crown by twitching a few beads into a pattern I thought looked pretty awesome. :D For the middle main piece I did the same thing, but fanned out the wire to get the intricate shape to it. Once finished I wrapped the end bits of the wire around the headband. I did the same thing for the three hanging "branches" that rest on the forehead. For those, I just finished them off with a leaf shaped bead. Taking another long string of wire, I proceeded to finish the front end of the headband with wrapping seed beads all the way around the front to give it a more polished look. For the crowning touch-- a single maple leaf was glued into place behind it. Real leaves for this project couldn't be used since I live in an area dominated by palm trees and other trees that stay green all year 'round. Koo was very happy to model off my finished product, as you can see here. Thanks so much for looking!

Autumn Head Wreath
by stryclone
I based my entry for this random contest on the NeoCash item, the Autumn Head Wreath. This is my favorite fall item, and it was a lot of fun to make. I started by going outside into the forest, and collecting a bunch of different leaves, flowers and branches. Then I used a plain plastic headband and a hot glue gun to recreate the wreath.

NC Mall Autumn Tiara
by wylddarkheart
I started with a basic plastic tiara, a wreathe of artificial autumn leaves, some real leaves harvested in my neighborhood, plus a cluster of plastic red berries, some sparkly balls which I glued into clusters, and my trusty hot glue gun. The first layers glued onto the tiara were the artificial leaves, so that the real leaves would be the focal point; unfortunately, not many of our trees have changed colors yet! I then added the sparkly ball "grapes" and the real leaves, and then finally the red cluster in the center of the tiara. The final touch was the gold, glittery twist accents (which don't really have an official name). I constructed it with hot glue layer by layer.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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