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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Land of Terrariums

*sigh* Summer is almost over. :( We have a task for you over the next couple of weeks that will keep summer with you in the weeks and months ahead. Your challenge this week is to create a terrarium. This terrarium should be neopets themed. It should look like a Neopian land, you can put it in any sort of container, which should help keep it themed towards the lands. Take a picture of your terrarium and submit it with a description telling us what land your terrarium represents and what you used to create it. The entries will be judged by cleverness, humour, and natural beauty!

First Place

Three winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Krawk Island Terrarium
by ararazul
I spent about 10 hours to make the krawk island terrarium. I get a glass container and put 1) layer pebbles, 2) layer activated charcoal, 3) layer soil, and add the plants. I decorated sand,blue sand for the sea, I used cardboard, plaste, sticks and plastic ink for the pirate ship; plastic box and coins for dubloons chest; wood blocks, clue, plastic ink for the academy.

Lutari Island Terrarirum
by brazzles
My terrarium represents Lutari Island. To create it I used: An old Fish Tank, Potting Soil, Aqaurium Pebbles, Plants!
I chose plants which fit the lutari island colour scheme and also added a piece of bark to represent the wood huts on the island.

Habitarium Terrarium
by inuyashalover37
Presenting the Habitarium that fits in the palms of your hands! It comes complete with it's very own pond, rocks, mud (pleeenty of mud), flower, gate, miniature trees and storage house. My terrarium was made from materials collected from the garden, including live moss, and topped off with its very own life-sized resident pinchit.

Second Place

Six lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Kiko Puddle
by cyberpet2001
Welcome to Kiko-Puddle!
A great place for Petpetpets to spend vacation.
I chose a taransparent container because of the glass-bottom-boat-effect. At first I filled the container with soil, bright sand and water. Then I put moss on the landside, planted seedlings and placed a few little stones there. I built frame works for the houses out of small willow branches. I tied the branches together with sewing thread and glued leaves on them to cover the framework. Afterwards I decorated the houses with bark. The buildings inside the water are made of little stones, seashells and glue and decorated houses and stones with plastic gems and a feather. I built a dock out of little branches and bark and a glass bottom boat by glueing pieces of hazelnut paring around a small transperent piece of plastic. Then I glued four small branches with a leaf on the boat. In the and I placed a few little flowers and pieces of plants inside the habitarium.

Jelly World
by inceri
My terrarium shows a far-off corner of Neopia: The Jelly World. I can't answer the question how it got there, but I can proof with this photo that the Jelly World is more than a rumor. In my world everything is edible. I used taste of lemon yellow jelly and a bit of cherry flavored jelly for the red house. The stream is made up of whipped cream. As a decoration I used jelly beans. Mhh...jummy!

Mini Mystery Island
by jadianne
Designed to fit into a coconut, this terrarium is quite tiny. However, smaller did NOT equal easier to make. First the coconut had to be cut in half...with a saw. Rocks (secured with contact cement) were used as a base which was then covered with soil. A selection of grasses, various seedlings and moss were carefully uprooted and replanted on this surface. Despite some blurriness, landmarks such as Techo Mountain (made from dried leaves) and Geraptiku (darker seedlings and dried moss) can be distinguished. My apologies for the picture quality. ^^ Purely cosmetic additions were the red blossoms and blue water. Because it simply couldn't be Mystery Island without bright colours and a beach. :D

Kiko Lake Mini Resort!
by tsarevna
Materials used for the terrarium was a large plastic tray, cardboard cut out to hold the houses and such. I used paper mache on the landscape to give it form and then planted on top the dirt with little plastic pots for the plants. The houses were done using the broken tennis balls, I halved them and covered with color paper and molding clay. The windows are buttons and water was just a large cut up plastic bag. Coral house was made from an old jewelry box, using just the top and some molding clay again. The lake deck was just cardboard with one toothpick on it. Overall, the reason why I choose Kiko Lake was because it seems as the perfect last summer get away in Neopia! :D

Meri inches farm
by wemblin_wembly
My terrarium represents Meri Acres Farm in Meridell. My version, Meri Inches Farm, is located in a 12 inch glass container. The marrow is a zucchini from my garden. The potato counter potatoes are small stones. Pick your own are 3 leaf clovers and a tiny yellow wildflower. The terrarium also contains moss for grass, a small fern and a tiny pine tree.

Tiny Terrarium of Terror Mountain
by xdreamsick
This tiny terrarium represents the highest peaks of Terror Mountain that appear over Happy Valley. Flour, sugar, glitter, q-tips (for the little snowman and snow weewoo!), toothpicks, paper, sticks, and buttons make up most of the structures (and a charm with attached paper wings and a blue thread coat to represent Taelia the Snow Faerie!). The plants include the herbs parsley, rosemary and thyme and flower petals make up a house structures.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!