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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Delicious Wands

There is a movie coming out soon that a few of us are looking forward to watching. There seems to be a problem though... we have no awesome treats to eat! Your challenge for the next couple of weeks is to create a wand. This wand should be 100% edible and it should also taste good. There are many wands in the world of Neopets and so there shouldn't be any trouble finding one that you think would make a tasty treat. It would be great if this treat is easily transportable so it can be taken into a theater without any fuss. These wands should be made entirely by you. An adult may help you so you don't hurt yourself etc). Please tell us which wand your treat is of and also what you used to make it in the description. We're judging the wands on how yummmy they look, how transportable it is, and overall creativity and coolness (which also can be geekiness).

First Place

Four winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Sparkling heart CANDYY wand
by desisaur
A tasty treat that everyone will sure enjoy ! Ingridients: Strawberry LaffyTaffys, Cherry LeffyTaffys, Strawberry Nerds 100% candyy ! (: it tastes as sweet as it looks. and its not too big and its not too small you can bring it anywhere, you can either hold it or put it in a bag!

Holly Wand
by emmajane320
I chose to make the holly wand for this random contest, made completely out of candy. I used an old fashion candy stick as the base of the wand, and peppermint leaf candies for the holly. I made the end of the wand from green jujubes, (as you will see, mostly everything is green.) I sliced double-layered sour gummies shaped as O's in half so that i had the back, white, and the front, green, separate. I wrapped these around the wand near the centre. The red that you see is made from jelly beans, some cut in halves, and some in thirds. I also cut gummy bears in half and they were used near the top and bottom of the wand. Lime flavoured powder was sprinkled around the wands. The wands are set on top of an old shoebox covered in pink tissue paper, and "HOLLY WAND" was written on the side. I put a Uni holding a crystal candy stick on one side, and a kacheek on the right, next to more candy.

Gift of a Piece of cake
by georgea12345
Inspired on the item: NC gift of a Piece of cake, it is a wand 100% edible and easily transportable, even to go to the theater because is collapsible as seen. Made of colorful fondant, decorated with chocolate treats and jujubes. The cable is made of bradstick. I hope you like :)

Honey Wand
by pilicaracer
I choose the Honey Wand to be the one I magically turn edible. It's made of gingerbread dipped with honey. It was my firt time to bake gingerbread all by myself, and my hand just slipped when I added sugar to the batter, so it turned out a bit too sweet. It's still quite delectable for those who like sweet cakes tought :)

Orange Slice Wand
by sabriina
I used an orange slice (obviously), a peeled carrot for the rod, yellow licorice for the ribbon around the rod, spinach and brussel sprouts for the leaves, mushrooms for the flowers and some of the peels off the carrots as the insides of the flowers. I must have used a million toothpicks to hold it all together. The mushroom flowers were by far the hardest part of this creation but on the plus side, if I messed up I could eat it. Yum yum.

The Amazing, Edible Snowball Wand!
by starprincess1684
Introducing the best in wizarding movie treats: The Amazing, Edible Snowball Wand! Its sturdy, with a rice cereal treat frame and pretzel rod core. Its transportable, with a quiet theater-friendly cellophane wrap and convenient large purse size. Its delicious, with 8 oz of white chocolate coating! But wait, theres more! Its even functional, with a removable 'snowball for throwing at a certain on-screen Dark Lordor for sharing with friends!

Negg Nest Wand
by sweep_the_doghouse
This edible Negg Nest Wand is not only tasty but healthy too! The nest contains carrot and dried apple (cut into flower shapes), & tropical truffles for the neggs, on a bed of pumpkin seeds. Tropical truffles are made from: macadamia nuts, dried pineapple, dried apricots, lemon juice, cream, white chocolate, & dessicated coconut. The nest is made from: peanut butter, milk chocolate, & fried noodles. The handle of the wand is made from two pieces of celery filled with more nest mixture to hold them together.

Rainbow Ribbon Wand
by teganandsara
I decided to bring the NC item 'Rainbow Ribbon Wand' to life in a very sweet way. Not only is it sweet, the pretzel stick in the wand's handle brings a very enjoyable salty element to the treat. Craving something tart? The sour gummy candy and the light and zesty lemon cake will deliver. I made most of the elements from scratch save for the candy and pretzel. It was fun and very cool to make a pixel item materialize in such a tasty way! Fit for Queen Fyora, this beautiful and multifaceted treat will keep you going through the entire movie (or anywhere else you may be going!)

Second Place

Six lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Butterfly Wand Lollypop
by cookiezncreamgirl53
In celebration of the new movie, we have created a new snack: The Butterfly Wand Lollypop! We used Twizzlers for the actual wand part of it, cut out pieces of fruit roll ups for the wings, and used a gusher fruit snack for the head of our butterfly. Glitter Gel was used to decorate the wings and we whipped up a batch of royal icing to stick it all together. This treat is both delicious and portable! :) It combines all our favorite movie snacks, enjoy!

Jhudoras Wand
by fuzzy_365
This took me 3 hours to make, but it was worth it with the base being the Pirouette and the marzipan coating it and being the claw and wings. A marshmallow was the eye and mini marshmallows were beginning of the hand held part. The wand is about the size of the palm of your hand. I chose Jhudoras wand because she is one of my favorite faeries.

Sparkling Negg Wand
by icedfrostings
When stumbling upon the Random Contest this week, I was excited to see that I could wrap two of my favorite things in the world all together into an edible wand. Much to my pet MsDictionary's surprise, I would be making the Sparkling Negg Wand, in which she holds most dear. I started off by digging out an old plastic easter egg which I covered six layers of thick foil for my Negg's molding. I removed the plastic egg and filled the foil mold with cake mix and baked it. It then sat in my freezer for three days and was later dipped in melted white chocolate mixed with lavender food coloring. From there, I used green apple rinds for the stem of the Negg and the ribbon. The "core" of this wand is three-day-left-out strawberry fruit roll ups. The outer coating is covered in white chocolate and yellow sprinkles. As for being transportable...well, if you're anything next to magical, we can just slip that tasty treat into our little beaded bags! Last but not least, it wouldn't be complete if a few Neopets hadn't barged in and insisted on their own chocolate wands. You may notice, someone failed to mention to our little friend the grundo that he might need that wand for the final battle =/

Flower Star Sugar Cookie Wand
by ihermionegranger
The wand that satisfies any movie lover's taste! A wonderful combination of sweet and salty. Based off the Flower Star Wand.
Materials Used: 2 Star shaped sugar cookies, 1 Pretzel rod, Icing for decoration (White, yellow, orange, neon purple, and neon green), Powdered sugar icing to hold cookies together

Orange Slice Wand
by kittylin
My version of the Orange Slice Wand is a large orange slice, dusted with sugar, and impaled on a tall pretzel stick. It is decorated with marshmallow fondant; which includes marshmallows, food colouring, and confectioner's sugar. If allowed to dry, marshmallow fondant hardens, but still remains very edible. When used in combat, this wand is likely to squirt citrus juice directly into the right eye of one's opponent!

Wand of the Moon
by krilon____
My wand is based on the Neopets Wand, Wand of the Moon. I used two different forms of materials, sugar cookie and royal icing and food coloring to dye the icing. How I did the cookie was I made my own tracer by drawing the wand out on a piece of paper. I cut three cookies out and placed them, in raw dough form, one on top of the other to make the cookie 3-dimensional. I baked the cookie then frosted it with the royal icing, creating the blue decoration using the same icing. The treat is very transportable as you can see in the picture as I'm holding it up in my hand. The frosting is VERY difficult to work with as it dries quite quickly, so the difficulty of that frosting was moderate to more advanced in form. Hope you like it! I can tell you from my end that it tastes SUPER yummy! :P

Candy Cane Snowflake Wand
by pigeonthunk
This yummy treat is modelled from the Candy Cane Snowflake Wand. The handle and top swirl are made of peppermint bark pieces that were fused together by melting a cup of peppermint bark and globbing it on the seams between pieces. I also used melted bark to attach the peppermint sticks and round candies at the top. Then the whole thing was refrigerated to give it a little extra strength. It was hard not to eat before it was finished!

Grape...the flavor of evil?!?
by princesslfamanda
The Wand of Dark Nova is a homemade grape lollipop with black food coloring added in to make it look super evil. The eyes are cinnamon candy held on and decorated with white frosting. I also colored the stick black with an edible marker. For the Neoquest Wizard Wand I made a blue peppermint lollipop(no stick) and put it in a tootsie roll I had shaped into a wand and coated with cocoa powder. Both wands are portable and can easily be sneaked in, I mean taken, to the movies. XD

Honey Wand
by raiceratops
I made an extra-edible version of the Honey Wand!
I used: 5 graham cracker haves (as the "honeycomb"), peanut butter (as "glue"), a pretzel rod (as "stick"), an orange roll-up snack (around the "stick" for some added flair), honey (as the, well, honey!)
I also made the bumblebees out of jumbo marshmallows, edible markers, and soda tabs (not completely edible unless you take the wings out--mainly for decoration).

Candy Cane Snowflake Wand
by reitalover
This is my candy cane snowflake wand. I used sour tubes candy to make it.

Elegant Gemstone Wand
by vampyerslayer73
This is a Elegant Gemstone Wand. I used blow pops, with ring pops for the gems. The gold is lemon twizzlers. I used powder sugar mixed with egg whites and little water to make a glue. I used the powder sugar and stuck blow pops together. then i put the ring pops together. i added the twizzlers around as to look like gold.

Winged Wand of Wonder
by vampyre_demon
It is three a.m. an I just got back from a certain movie to upload my picture of the wand I may have snacked on during the film. So I apologize if my braincells are asleep. This candy coated marvel is based on the Winged Wand of Wonder. It is a pumpkin cake pop (pumpkin cake + cream cheese frosting covered in orange coloured white chocolate) on a orange-flavoured piece of old fashioned stick candy. Wrapped around that candy is candy clay (corn syrup + chocolate). It tastes delicious. And is gluten-free and full of sugar. The perfect thing for midnight movies. And went lovely with the cake pops that were golden balls with golden wings I made for everyone else to eat. The movie was lovely.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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