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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Sleeping Anytime Anywhere

Oh wait, is it time to wake up? It is the month of sleeping and well.... it can be hard to stay awake. We know some of the people here have fallen asleep at some wierd times in strange places. Your task for this week is to draw a picture of one of your neopets when they have fallen asleep some place strange or just at an unusual time. Please tell us what your Neopet was doing and why they fell asleep in the description. We're judging the pictures on humour, cleverness, and overall awesomeness.

First Place

Fifteen winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

They Must Be Very, Very Tired...
by __ninth_gate__
C'mon, playing music in a park for a day can't be THAT tiring, can it? How can Rial and Jril fall asleep during Xandra's evil spell, bringing down the whole world of Faerieland? They must not want to wake up from their pleasant dreams of becoming famous musicians...

Wheel of UnExcitement
by andyac123
My Poor Faerie Chomby went to go take a spin on the Wheel of Excitement, but it appears he fell asleep! I guess Faerie Neopets just don't find the Wheel of Excitement very...exciting!

Fishing skill in improvement
by captainwaha
Waiting to catch something at the underwater fishing cavern... All... day... long...... Zzzzzzzz

Sleeping in the classroom
by drta01
_chupa_nimalitos_ was really excited about training in the mistery island, on his fist day of classes he woke up really early and prepared himself to train, but by the time the nimmo master was ready to teach him some lessons he was so tired that he felt asleep on the desk and wasn't able to wake up until the next day :s..... at least he learnt a lesson, if you're going to train, don't get tired before you go to school ~(-.-)~

Bouncy Supreme Mishap
by kasokami
Kalahdris was exploring the non existent Jelly World when he decided that he wanted a nap. He found the warmest sunniest spot above the jelly lava and quickly fell asleep - unlucky for the unlucky Jelly Blumaroo he now has no where safe to land in his escape

Jewda Sleeping
by khiton
After a long day of play, Jewda got to work cleaning himself. He was exhausted enough, though, that he dozed mid-lick.

Rise and Shrine!
by leaflunch
Making the pilgrimage to the Shrine once a day is never easy, but 0ch_Aye the Techo has quite possibly found THE WORST time to doze off under the hot Lost Desert sun: that one elusive second when King Coltzan is handing out 1,000,000 NP!!! :o

I'll shoot that appl-.. zzz..
by minor_things
Frankish has always said that since he's a Woodland Blumaroo, he is an excellent archer. Britfry, his Blue Wocky friend, agreed to let him shoot an apple off of her head. She was just starting to get nervous when she heard a noise... looking over, she saw that Frankish had dropped his bow and was laying against a rock, snoring!

Cozy Computer
by mstr_dark
It's winter, and in many parts of Neopia it tends to get pretty chilly. It's chilly at home for this long-time owner too! Just as I got up to wrap myself up in a scarf, adjust the heating, and grab a delicious cup of hot chocolate, My Zafara, Novus, decided to be a little sneaky and make himself comfortable on the warm keys of my laptop. I've heard of spontaneous napping, but this is certainly new to me! What could I do? He's too cute to move. Granted it's difficult to type with him laying here, but just look at him! Sleep well, Novus. The Month of Awakening is fast approaching!

Unfortunate Timing
by semmy_genius
Knight, my Fire Krawk was staying up late waiting for the latest Faeries' Ruin plot update. He waited and waited, holding his most trusted Battledome weapons, the deadly Icy and Fiery Battle Ducks. His patient was running out, and sleepiness eventually came over him. He dreamt of success, plot prizes, and pies. But unfortunately , this was exactly the time when Oblivion returned!!!

Don't Sleep and Drive
by shmozie
My 2 pets Pickle the Poogle and Aqua the Kacheek are playing Chariot Chase. Since Aqua is older, she has to drive. She loves to eat cookies and after eating, she tends to take a nap. So evidently, she decided to eat before driving, and started to dose off because of the yummy cookies digesting in her belly. Poor Pickle and the Alabriss can't steer clear of the pile of dung in front of them because the driver fell asleep! This could get messy... Eww~

Sleeping in the Well
by sowens78
Ziggs was searching throughout the Wishing Well for The Wishing Well avatar. After hours upon hours of searching, she became tired and fell asleep.

Narcoleptic Zafara
by spanex
Whoops! Wrong time to fall asleep now, Jymbe!

Sleeping on the Job...
by the_kouji
This is the time that Zinhka feel asleep in the Magma Pool. She had be up for more than 24 hours playing Kass Basher while waiting for the guard to fall asleep, and when he finally did, she trotted on up to the pool. She got about halfway in when she collapsed into a deep slumber. And that's why we're banned from going anywhere near the Magma Pool now.

Battledome Snooze
by yap_shed
Looks like Buzzer_Brain got a bit tired during training. I can't really blame him, it takes forever to finish off that old ragdoll! But who would have thought Bob could be so... cuddly?

Second Place

Twenty lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Snoozin' in Kiko Lake
by _kawaiidesu_
Keltsun, my Red Cybunny, fell alseep after jumping off of one of the Glass Bottom Boats in Kiko Lake, and eating as many Kiko Lake Treats as he could fit in his mouth. Of course, one of the locals came to see what this fluffy blob of red and white was doing above his modest little underwater city.

Kitchen Napping
by ahqua
Suiqu the Lupe has a tendency to sleep-walk. Here she sleep-walked straight to a cookie jar to grab a snack...only to fall asleep right as she reached her head in to grab a cookie!

Lever of Doom
by art_un
Pwauk the island Lutari ignored the warning "DO NOT PULL" and pulled the Lever of Doom in Virtupets Station. He somehow dozed off (probably because it's the month of sleeping) and fell asleep ontop of the lever.

Carousel Nap
by ashesii
My Kau was excited to go on her first carousel ride, yet it only took thirty seconds of the rhythmic bouncing to put her to sleep!

Alas, Poor Uni
by calicolupe
Remembered_Shadow had a rough life on Neopia. No matter where he went, he could never get happy. His dull grey coat was oddly muted among the rich colors of flowers, and the sun did little to brighten his day. Such is the life of a grey Neopet. Therefore, in an act of desperation, the Uni decided to leave Neopia--perhaps life off of the planet would be lighter and happier! He'd heard gravity was sparse there, so not much would weigh him down. Surely, it couldn't be worse than being the most lusterless pet in the world. So onwards and upwards Remembered_Shadow went, to live amongst the stars in the Virtupets Space Station. Sure enough, the walls around him were shiny grey, the floor below his feet, a soft blue... He fit right in, and no one frowned at his color. He felt at peace, and at home, at last. He fell asleep just as Sloth and his minions began attacking the Virtupets Space Station. Alas, poor Uni. Troubles abound no matter where you go. (( Remembered_Shadow lives on my side account.))

This won't end well
by campih400
The thing about Extreme Herder is that it's extremely tiring. Sure, you get to be a hero but you also have to constantly rescue Petpets from Balthazar before he can devour them. Looks like the poor Kacheek forgot to grab a can of Apple Achyfi for that well needed energy boost before continuing on to the next level..

One Aisha's Nightmare
by dragon_claw229
One day, Sadizo decided to try his brain at Maths Nightmare. Much to his delight and Imiya's horror, he was quite good at it and was enjoying himself quite a bit. Imiya watched in horror as equations she had never seen in her life flew by and the mutant ixi anwsered them as quickly as they appeared. Suddenly, Imiya's nightmares didn't seem so bad anymore...

Slumbering on a Marrow
by evaniab
Princess has set out on a journey to the Neopian wonder called 'Old Bessie'. She flew all the way from Faerieland, so due to her fatigue she immediately fell asleep once she reached her destination. Today, Neopians can enjoy viewing Neopia's largest marrow - with the sound effects of a snoring faerie kougra sleeping on top of the gigantic marrow.

My sweetie
by evilelin
Ever heard the expression "you are what you eat"? Well, my kougra Kwilith is jet to experience that, but be sure that she is trying!

by im_so_faboo
My neopet, danny5803, had been staying awake for DAYS trying to get the high score on Meerca Chase. Eventually he fell asleep, and lost the game. He now wants to redeem himself by winning one of the Random Contests.

Asleep at Sloth's Salon
by jadianne
It all started that night I let Demongelic read her little sister a bedtime story. Mind you, a selection from Scary Sloth Stories was definitely not what I had in mind, but what can I say? She IS a ghost lupe after all. Turns out Nagasakai loved them (no accounting for taste I guess). Since then she's been a full fledged Dr. Sloth devotee, covering her bedroom with his posters and constantly dragging around her Dr. Sloth wagon. She even had the nerve to demand I exchange the collectible Usikicon lunch box I got her for a cheap Sloth one. And you guessed it! Nothing but a Dr. Sloth Bento Box Lunch will do for Nagasakai. Every. Single. Day. So when I heard the news bulletin announcing that THE Dr. Frank Sloth would be giving a few select neopets the honor of a Sloth Appreciation Day makeover (using some of his own special hair formula no less), I knew what to expect.

nyappy3pig Sleeping
by kikale107
This happened before Sausague's birthday. We had decided to make a cake for Sausague. Nyappy3pig helped me to make the cake. When the cake was ready, I put it into the fridge and went sleeping, because it was really late. On the morning, when I woke up and went to the kitchen, I found nyappy3pig sleeping there with her face on the cake. I woke her up and she was really embarrassed, but she started to explain what had happened. She couldn't wait until to the morning so she had decided to go to the kitchen to taste the cake a bit. But everything didn't went like she had planned. It was really late, so nyappy3pig was really tired and she couln't stay awake and she had fallen a sleep. I wasn't angry for her, but when Sausague saw his present, he was a bit irritated.. Or actually, not only A BIT.

by ollieland
Feteles the Mallow Grundo has decided that he needs a well earned rest! Unfortunately Feteles choice of bed happens to be two biscuits and a block of chocolate! We aren't positive as to why he has chosen this particular bed.. perhaps he is still wearing his favourite Halloween costume?! All we know is Feteles needs to stay away from hungry Neopets and Neopians or he wont be there for much longer!

Beauty Rest
by pikemaster1
Koledyn, being the man he is, accompanied his sister, Shego374, to the Grooming Parlour. The smells of beauty products and the sight of girly colored apparel are enough to put any man to sleep. Shego and the shopkeeper further ensured that the young Draik "got his beauty sleep".

Haunted Woods Heist
by rebsdixiedancer
Most people think that ghost pets don't sleep but Rebs_Dancer would like you to know that they do, and on this unfortunate occasion Rebs fell asleep while on her way to buy scratchcards for herself and her siblings. After this incident Rebs has been trying to stay away from the Haunted Woods, but she just can't resist all those spooky foods that bruce has to sell. Darn Mynci...

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo..
by repulsives
What if my blue grundo falls asleep next to the plushie while she was in the middle of picking fruits with a rope tied to her? The pets who come to visit the TDMBGPOP will be confused!

Sleeping on Duty
by smellsomebeans
This is Galanthe reporting for duty... the coast is clear. Over. Owner has left the kitchen door open... I am now approaching the refrigerator. Operation Tasty Food is now in progress. Over. It's so much fun playing secret agents! There is so much food in here...I'm sure nobody will notice if I have a tiny bite of that doughnut. Maybe a bit of that ice cream. A few sausages. Oh and some of that too. *munch munch munch munch* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... *wakes up an hour later* ...buh? Owner just opened fridge door, I repeat, owner just opened fridge door! Mission failed!

Dreaming of Spring
by soragin
This is a picture of Azyy, my apple Chia. He fell asleep while eating a fancy dinner of Blumaroo Steak and Fresh Green Salad. As an apple Chia, Azyy just came out of his hibernation. While he was replenishing his tummy, the lure of the sleep was too much for him. He is probably dreaming of the upcoming spring.

by warrenresidence
Looks like beatabaum fell asleep while surfing, babies are so unpredictable...

The most dedicated fan
by zellenin
My pet has gotten his hand on exclusive Wock 'til you drop-athon tickets, an event where the band would play for 24-hours at a outdoor venue in Tyrannia. While this might sound like a special kind of torture to me and you, my pet is a dedicated fan. Armed with candy and vast amounts of neocola, we decided to stick it out. I took this picture about 17 hours in, when the rest of the audience had had the sense to leave. But not my pet! I was almost proud of him that day. Almost.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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