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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Board of Gaming

Daily Dare is here and we are excited! We were talking about games and what our favourite types of games are. Many people said that they love board games. This inspired us, so your challenge this week is to create a board game based on a Neopets game. (Use a non-board game themed game please.) Please tell us what game you made into a board game, if there are any changes in how it works, and what you used to make it in the description. We're judging the game on how close it is to the original, creativity, and overall awesomeness.

First Place

Eight winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 15,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Freaky Factory - The Boardgame
by aisari
I have created this two-player board game using graphic design software, photo paper, color printer, cardboard, precision knife, glue, plywood, fretsaw, sandpaper and paint.
The first player to complete 7 production orders will become employee of the month!
Normal blobs: Throw the third dice to determine how many units of liquid Kreludite you may add to your vat.
Angry blobs: Throw the third dice to determine how many units of liquid Kreludite you must remove from your vat.
Angel blobs: Fill up an entire vat of choice.

Rink Runner!
by dark_lady_gray
For my game to board game experiment, I chose Rink Runner! The idea of the game is the same, collect the notes, but with a twist. Now the players must go around the board and collect one of every note and place them in the note docks at their starting spaces, while avoiding the #s (which make you miss a turn), in order to win! The game is played with one die and players who land on a note of their colour get another turn. The Bruces I made have magnets in their hands and the notes on the board are magnetic as well, so they can literally pick up the notes themselves while racing around the rink. I tried to keep as true to the game by including the scoreboard and only using note colours found in the game itself.

Neverending Boss Battle
by dukiri
I love devising board game mechanics and I love space shooters, so making Neverending Boss Battle into a board game just seemed natural. The conversion of this Flash game to a board game was surprisingly simple and just as surprisingly fun to play in board game form.
Changes: Fits up to four players, though it can be played solitaire. Turn-based gameplay (which cost Sloth a weapon), added cards and dice (of course). Players can only take one hit before being destroyed (for simplicity's sake), and the Warp and Spreadshot powerups were taken out.
Materials: Sticker paper, glue, index cards, a paper clip (to make the spinning center piece), and scrap cardboard. Lots of cardboard. Colored with acrylic paint, colored pencils, and markers.

Tubular Kiko Racing
by kitten_klawz3
I made Tubular Kiko Racing into a board game.
To Play: Take turns rolling the dice and moving your kikos down the river. Collect points as you land on them. Crossing checkpoints will give you 200 points. The player with the most points in half an hour wins.
Quick play: First to complete one lap wins.
1) Swirls are whirlpools that send you back to the start.
2) Rocks are represented by grey circles. They push you back 3 spaces.
3) Three wavy lines represent strong currents that push you forward 3 spaces.
Materials used: Plasticine, Card, Paints, Paint brushes, canvas, Permanent Marker, and toothpicks.

Dubloon Disaster: The Board Game
by olivebird
I chose to turn Dubloon Disaster into a board game, and since it isn't exactly the traditional set-up for such, I had a lot of fun incorporating the details of the game into my own! The point is to move your little Krawk piece (each one is encased in their own boat and comes in red, green, yellow, or blue) to the center where the wrecked treasure lies. The die has 6 of the 7 dubloons you encounter in the game, their numbers associated with their values. When you land on a mine section of the board, you have to draw a mine card and do the pirate-y neopets activity written with the rest of the players! The player who wins gets the reward also on the card. Both the game pieces and the die I made out of bakeable plasticine and painted with acrylics, and the board itself is a piece of cardboard covered with gesso and painted with acrylics. I also put in some cut-out paper details like the treasure chest and the bolts in the wood. A lot of the design elements in Dubloon Disaster are sneakily repeated, I hope you can find them all!

Faerie Cloud Racers: The Board Game
by protochaud
The game that I chose to emulate for this competition is the ever-popular Faerie Cloud Racers. I endeavored to retain FCR's unique style, while incorporating traditional board game elements. My design allows 2 to 8 players, each representing one of the 8 Faeries in FCR (discounting Fyora). Each player selects a Faerie Racer token, and the corresponding trail stones, then half of the participants (half plus 1 with an odd number) draw cards to determine the number of obstacles to be placed on the board. For the initial round, the youngest player positions the obstacles as he/she pleases; in subsequent rounds, this "honor" (or advantage) passes to the first player to "crash" in the preceding game. Obstacles must be placed at least 3 spaces from all starting points. Shuffle the deck before beginning. Play begins with the player to the left of the obstacle placer, and continues in a clockwise manner. A turn consists of drawing a card to determine the number of spaces to be moved, and placing trail stones in each square passed over, then returning the card to the bottom of the deck. A player has "crashed" when there is no viable pathway (as in the original game). Play continues in this fashion until only one racer remains. I made the racers from glass stones, assorted 'dissected beads', faux flower parts, potpourri, pipe cleaners, a yellow feather, and hot glue (OUCH!). The Space Faerie's trail stones (believe it or not) are CLEAR glass stones each painstakingly wrapped in aluminum foil. I found this challenge to be an enjoyable diversion from the Daily Dare (and schoolwork), so Kudos to you, TNT, for devising the greatest Random Contest ever!

Ultimate Bullseye II
by sierra_nevada37
Playing the Game
Choose an arrow. Start by placing your arrow on the big arrow on the top of the board. Roll for player order; highest goes first. The objective is to get the arrow to the center of the board before your opponents do and claim the gold trophy!
The Rules
- From start, a player must move in the direction that the arrow on the board points.
- Players must stay in each ring until he or she lands on a bullseye square and fulfills the requirements to proceed into the next inner ring.
- Types of bullseyes:
-Red concentric rings: a standard bullseye. Must roll a 7 to claim the bullseye and advance into the next inner ring. In the event the roll is not a 7, the player must continue in the same ring in which the landed bullseye square is located.
-Punchbag Bob: must roll a 4 to proceed inward two rings.
-Yellow King Skarl balloon: choose the value of one die and roll the other one. Must roll a 10 to proceed inward one ring.
-Red Meridell balloon: choose the value of one die and roll the other one. Must roll a 6 to proceed inward one ring.
-All inward motions are to be made into the inner square adjacent to the square.
Although the original Ultimate Bullseye II is classified by Neopets as an action game, it is frequently listed on avatar boards as a luck-based one, with the introduction of 3D making it harder still. Thus, bullseyes and overall success in the game require perfect timing (not too hard, not too soft). This aspect was reflected by the specific score requirement to get a bullseye and advance (note that this score, combined with the frequency of bullseye squares, facilitates speed of play). Hitting Punchbag Bob requires additional finesse but the rewards in the online game are great (20 points, the equivalent of two bullseyes) and so two advances are the reward. Since the balloons are worth a fair number of points (and a lot more if the player manages to hit the board after hitting a balloon), extra concentration is required; for this, the player receives one roll (use of several balloons in the manner described for Punchbag Bob would also speed up play too much). Once a player has moved in, he or she cannot move out one or more rings because in the actual game, there is no way to lose points already earned. Of course, as is the goal of all players who play longer than just for the avatar, the gold high-score trophy is the ultimate goal for the ultimate Ultimate Bullseye II player.

Turmac Roll (The board game!! ;))
by super_princess_peach
What I used:
-pencil, scissors and acrylic colors
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
-the blue player begins (blue, yellow, black, red)
-if you lose all of your 3 lives you are dropped out of the game (this doesn't mean you can't ein anymore)
-you get an extra life if you get on one of the red '+1 life'-fields
-if you get on an 'obstacle field' (this includes mud) you have to draw a card
-if you get on a 'tree obstacle' you may throw the dice again
-if you get on a '!' field (mud) you have to follow the arrow to another field
-the first player which reaches the goal gets 300Pts extra
-after the first player got in the goal you have to add your points up
--berries (Pts on card)
--lives (50 Pts per life)
--the number of the field you're standing at multiplied by 3
-the one with the most points is the winner
What you need:
-paper and pencil
-calculator (would come in handy)
Have fun :)

Second Place

Twelve lucky people have 10,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Kou-Jong, the travel version
by bilked
The ancient game of Kou-Jong, only this time each block can be pressed down for easy storage, and with them all being made out of paper, the game altogether weights less than 100 grams, and is 100% recyclable! Perfect fortthose long boring car, train, plane or on-the-back-of-a-Draik journeys.

Shenkuu Warrior (The Original!)
by clydesdalejen
I chose the original Shenkuu Warrior game to make into a real board game! I've always been addicted to this game online, and thought it would be even funner as a board game. :) You can play as either Princess Terrana or Princess Lunara. Players take turns rolling the dice and advancing that many spaces, following the direction of the grappling hooks. If a player lands on a question mark, then they pick up a card and follow the directions on it (which are to advance 1-3 spaces, go back 1-3 spaces, roll again, or lose a turn). The first person to make it to the top wins! I made the board game out of a big, foam poster board, markers, paper, paint, and colored pencils. I made the two princesses out of clay and paint. I had a great time making this, and an even greater time playing it with my sister! :D

Illusen vs. Jhudora: The Board Game
by degenius
This game is based off of Illusens/Jhudoras quests. I used bristol board, glue, scissors, foam, construction paper, and a computer. How to play: Players separate into two teams (Illusen/Jhudora). Each team remains on their side of the board. When you land on an item/quest space, pick up item/quest card. You have two turns to complete the quest. Failure to complete results in losing a turn. Completing it gives random prize. Landing on the shop wizard allows you to pick any item you want from deck. When two opposing tokens land beside each other at the centre a battle commences. The team with the most prizes wins battle. The loser loses all their prizes (starts back at quest level one!) Roll dice if there is a tie. To win you must complete receive all prizes and defeat the other team in a battle. The main difference is that the prizes have no specific order or value (quantity not quality), quests do not increase in difficulty, and you don't have to wait 12 hours to do another quest.

Usuki Frenzy: The Board Game!
by emilyg96angel
Play as Gerard the Grarrl, Perry the Poogle, Francesca the Flotsam or Kara the Kacheek in Neopia's favorite flash game turned real life! Race around the board to pick up all your needed usuki sets before your opponents. The first person back with all their needed usuki sets wins!

Hasee Bounce Jacks version
by gabriel_music
For my entry, I made Hasee bounce a board game. It is played with jacks. The jacks represent the doughnut fruit and the bouncy balls represent the Hasees. This board game can play 1-4 players. The rules are similar to jacks. One play bounces the ball picks up a jack and catches the ball in the same hand. The player keeps the jack for it is their doughnutfruit now. The player then will try again, but this time catches two jacks. Then so on and so on. If the player fails to catch the ball or collects the wrong number of jacks, then it is the next players turn. The game is over when there are no more jacks left to collect. The winner will have the most amount of points. Orange is worth 1 points. Purple is worth 3 points. Green is worth 4 points. Red is worth 6 points. Black is worth -2 points. Try to no collect black jacks. I used the jacks, bouncy balls, paper, tape, color pencils, sharpie markers, and a box.

Pterattack: The Board Game
by lil_jen_aside
I drew the artwork on paper with coloured pencil and ink, then glued the flat pieces to lightweight cardboard for reinforcement and trimmed to fit. The dice are taped together (slippy fingers!). The figure is just for fun but a painted Orange Pteri figure to match. Most of the filesize is explaining the rules! =p

Feed Florg!
by ll0508
I based my boardgame on Feed Florg. The object of the game is to last the longest without getting all five of your petpets eaten by Florg. The game can be played by 1-4 players and each player gets five petpets. The players start on the starting space and roll one die. After that, you pick the direction you want to go. You can either land on blank, lose a petpet, or card spaces. The cards can either be good or bad. You can lose a petpet to Florg or even gain a petpet! The player will eventually land on 'pick direction' spaces which will cause them to pick a direction. You cannot go backwards. you must try to keep the petpets on the board to keep Florg happy. If 2 players roll the same number on the die on their turns, then Florg gets angry and they lose a petpet! When all but one players loses all of their petpets, then the remaining player is the winner! If everyone loses their petpets then it is a tie. This game is very fun to play and can be played over and over! No petpets were harmed in the making of this game.

Meerca Chase Board Game
by louise_the_zero
How To Play:
1. 2+ Players
2. Roll the dice to determine the order of play.
3. On your turn, roll the dice and move your piece that many spaces.
4. Red neggs cause you to lose a turn!
5. Beware of the ferocious neggs - they will chase you back to a lower space!
6. If you are lucky, you may land on a special colored negg, which will lead you to a higher space (Power negg gives a boost, green negg grows into a tree to climb, fish negg lets you swim up, rainbow negg creates a rainbow bridge, blue negg turns you into a blueberry to roll up, and gold negg is used to buy a plane to fly to the finish!)
7. The first person to reach the finish(or the avatar) wins!
8. Have fun playing!
Materials Used:
1. Construction paper
2. Permanent markers
3. Colored pencils
4. Ruler
5. 6 sided dice
6. Play pieces with Meerca images from neopets.com

Web of Vernax: The Spyder Swarm
by morialemaru
I made a Web of Vernax board game. As told in the Neopedia, the Spyders swarm every spring. Well, now it is spring break for many, and the swarm is coming! You and a friend play as a Spyder. Your goal is to collect as many Vernax and stash them away before the swarm hits, and they'll all be gone! In the board game, someone spreads the Vernax out evenly over the board. You roll two dice to move, and move the number of squares on the dice. You're a Spyder, so you have to move along the 'web'. You can take one Vernax at a time (putting it into the Spyder's mouth!) and take it back to your Spyder nest for storage. If you land on a Spyder Bite space, you can roll twice, after which the Spyder Bite must be moved to another random square. The player with the most Vernax after they're all gone wins!

Wheels of Neopia
by ookakine_folfsky
Please read the picture to understand the gist of the game. There are rules that aren't in there, but I made sure to name the main points of the game.

Math nightmare!
by pamperedbiscotti
Because there's a math geek in everyone 8D
On each turn, the 2 dice are rolled and the number of moves are made accordingly. The objective is to get your sheep back to the barn successfully. The different types of tiles and their instructions are as follows:
1.Grass patches - nothing
2.Colored Bubbles - pick the corresponding colored card and answer a sum. If the answer is incorrect, you have to move back one step.
3.Alarm clock - go back to the start :(
For materials used, please refer to the image! This whole project took a total of 4 hours to complete.

Snowmuncher The Board Game
by scruffy8puppy
How to Play Snowmuncher the board game
2-4 Player Game
1. Choose your character
2. Each player is given 4 Bloat B-Gone Cards at the start of each game. They must be used after each player has played 4 turns. If the player does not have a Bloat B-Gone Card, Dieter is too bloated to move and must return to the start. More Boat-B Gone cards are acquired by landing on Green Gem Cards or Purple Gem Cards.
3. Once all players have their 4 BB-G cards, roll dice to determine who goes first.
4. Draw 1 card.
5. Move to space commanded on card. There are 7 possible cards in deck.
Basic Color Cards
Pink - Move to closest Pink space
Green - Move to closest Green space
Blue - Move to closest Blue space
Orange - Move to closest Orange space
Special Cards
Magical Gem [Green or Purple] - You found a magical gem! Move to the closest colored gem dictated by card. You have the option to pick up a Bloat B-Gone card. Green gems entitles the player to 1 Bloat B-Gone card; Purple gems entitles the player to 2 Bloat-B gone cards.
Snow Worm Card - Oh No! You are attacked by a snow worm! Move to the closest snow worm space, from there you must move back 2 spaces. You are not required to perform any of the tasks dictated by the RoadBlock card.
Road Block - Whats this? A roadblock! Looks like you are stuck here till the road is clear. You are skipped your next turn while you wait for the road to clear. Loose a turn card.
6. Move your pieces to follow the commands on your card.
7. Each player is only allowed to draw one card per turn.
8. You may not give other players Bloat B-Gone cards.
9. Continue playing until one player makes it to the end. Remember that you must play a Bloat B-Gone card every 4 turns or Dieter is too bloated and must return home for a nap.
Good luck and happy eating! !

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