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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Worry a Little

Oh no....
We know that sometimes we put new features up late or like yesterday we can't put it up at all. So when those days happen we thought it would be nice for you to have something to use. Your challenge for this week is to create worry dolls. These should be of a favourite character on Neopets.com. Please tell us what you used to make your doll and also what character your doll is of in the description. We're judging the dolls on beauty, cleverness, and overall awesomeness.

First Place

Eight winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Lawyerbot Worry Doll
by _jen
Who better to ease your worries than Lawyerbot? Simply whisper to him before going to sleep, and by morning your Lawyerbot worry doll will have a brilliant legal plan which will be guaranteed to solve all your troubles! Just make sure to read the fineprint. This Lawyerbot worry doll was made using toothpicks, emroidery string, blu-tac, scissors, paper and coloured markers.

Kari the Negg Faerie Worry Doll
by alat24
To make this darling little Kari worry doll, I bent wire for the doll's form. I then wrapped the wire in a flesh-tone colored crafting thread. Afterwards, I attached a small wooden bead for a head and added strands of thread, one by one, for her hair. Her outfit is crafted of green felt as are her boots. The spots on her top and skirt are cutouts from magazine clippings. Her wings are made of basic green floral wire. Finally, her pink negg is made of- you guessed it- chewed pink bubble gum tape. A bit gross, but give me a break! I ran out of modeling clay :) Kari the negg worry doll is left faceless as some worry dolls are. The face is left up for the interpretation of the owner. This small doll is a bit taller than the typical worry doll, standing at 1 inch and 2 centimeters tall. In total, Kari took about 5 hours to make. While the body wrapping took some time, perfecting the clothes, hairline and the ever difficult updo, took the most.

The Deserted Fairground Gang
by alphapunkrocker
I made Scratchcard Sidney, Test your Stength Arnold, and Coconut Shy Guy worry dolls, surrounded by robot Chia clowns as an ode to the familiar faces of the Deserted Fairgrounds. They are crafted from beads, wire, and lots of embroidery floss. The chia clowns stand at roughly 1 inch tall and Sid and Coconut Shy Guy stand at 3 inches. I was worried I might not finish the guys before the deadline, and then I worried the the contest would be extended, but then I worried if I didn't submit it before the 11th, I'd miss my chance if the contest *wasn't* extended!! But now I can relax with these fellows under my pillow. ;)

siyana, first to rise
by anaeloviise
My doll is Siyana, First to Rise, one of the founders of Altador kingdom. Materials used: wooden bead for the head, embroidery felt for body and hair, various ribbons for clothing, silk flower for part of the dress and orbs, glitter and craft glue

Shadow Usul Worry Doll
by blue_eyed_tiger_j
Shadow Usul Worry Doll made with twist-tyes and black yarn. Dark purple yarn is used for the neck ruff and yellow yarn for the eyes.

Queen Fyora to the Rescue
by gloomyparadise
I used pipe cleaners, clay, yarn, a styrofoam ball, beads, paper, colored pencils, and a hot glue gun in order to make Fyora, the Faerie Queen. The reason I chose Fyora is because she is a real role model for all Neopians. Even though she was turned to stone, she immediately began the rebuilding of Faerieland. Fyora can keep me at ease no matter what happens in Neopia!

Illusen Faerie Doll
by raindrop778
Tools: Wire, embroidery floss, fake flower/leaf petals, glue, markers, white out. The picture with my hand is so you can see the size of the doll comparatively. I hand braided her hair and I added the green streaks as well as highlights, boots, gloves etc. I tweaked her outfit and based it on one of the other thumbs of and earth faerie. Illusen, the faerie of the glade. To me a worry doll isn't something that you torture, it's something that gives you hope. I've always loved magical creatures and hence I've always loved Illusen the earth faerie (my favorite type of faerie). Sometimes when you're down you need some magic to light up your day.

by rosemmary
My worry doll is of the Foreman/Chef/Janitor Angry Orange Yurble. I chose him because he always makes me smile, and when he's angry, I don't have to be. He was started Saturday afternoon and finished at 6am Friday morning... x.x; Supplies: wooden craft sticks, embroidery thread (5 colors), Super and elmers glue, thimble (bucket), craft paint, flower tape (toga), scissorsm, red sharpie (mop handle), two baloons (his head structure), Altador background (for posing)

Second Place

Fourteen lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Jerdana the Protector
by _mirow_
For my worry doll, I decided on Jerdana the Protector (to protect me from my worries, you see). I used pipe cleaners to create the frame, then wrapped that frame in blue yarn. Her clothes were sewn together out of fabric, then painted with acrylic paint to match Jerdana's own clothes. Her hair and some of the borders on her skirt are also made of yarn. To hold everything together I utilized a hot glue gun :) The back of her shirt opens up, and is a perfect hiding spot for whatever the worry on your mind might be.

by albatross
This worry doll is of Illusen, the earth faerie. She'll be sure to take those worries away :) She was made with embroidery floss, toothpicks, felt, acrylic paint, glue, and a wooden bead.

Worry Chombies
by dark_lady_gray
When thinking about my favourite Neopets character, it's easy to pick a faerie or interesting villain. But truthfully? My favourite characters really are my own beautiful Chombies, and they're the only creatures that could truly help my worries. I made a few dinosaurs from my Chomby herd using yarn, hand cut spines, and lots and lots of glue. These cute little guys stand only 2 inches tall, and would surely help cure anybodies sorrows :)

Hannah got her hair burned!
by ghutti
Poor Hannah! So many dynamites... I knew it wouldn't end up nicely! Materials used: Toothpicks, Hot glue, Wool, Felt, Marker pens and Fire (?!)

Don't Worry About Sloth, Be Happy!
by ines_la_mejor
To make my Sloth/Happiness Faerie Worry Dolls, I used toothpicks to make the body, black thread for the clothes, and green yarn for the face and hands. I tried to follow the traditional way of making worry dolls, so when you're worried about silly things like Dr. Sloth, just put your Worry Doll under your pillow and it will turn into a Happiness Doll!!!

by louise_the_zero
I chose to create the Snowager using yarn, paper, scissors, and a sharpie. Most people might think of the Snowager as a scary ice worm that blasts and harms Neopets. However, I see the Snowager as a majestic, grand, incredible beast. Its stripes of blue color are absolutely gorgeous as it wraps around and protects its stash of treasure. Also, when it is asleep, I and many other Neopians have the lucky opportunity of obtaining something from its stash! I believe that the Snowager is a really amazing creature, and it deserves a lot more spotlight and attention than what it gets.

Worry Dolls Faerie Edition
by nsynczangel
For my worry doll, I decided on Jerdana the Protector (to protect me from my worries, you see). I used pipe cleaners to create the frame, then wrapped that frame in blue yarn. Her clothes were sewn together out of fabric, then painted with acrylic paint to match Jerdana's own clothes. Her hair and some of the borders on her skirt are also made of yarn. To hold everything together I utilized a hot glue gun :) The back of her shirt opens up, and is a perfect hiding spot for whatever the worry on your mind might be.

Don't Worry Nereid!
by rocky5617
I used glue, pipe cleaners, a bouncy ball,a clothespin, and lots of string!

Mira, the Space Faerie
by scientificnotation
My favorite Neopets character is Mira, the Space Faerie. She's quite awesome and perfect for telling your worries to, considering she spends most of her time in space. Materials used include toothpicks, beads, embroidery floss, permanent markers, glue, scissors, paper, colored pencils, and lots of patience. :)

CHARMing Princess
by scinnychan
I worked with old cardboard and my Grandmothers yarn. I also used a scissor, a pen and tweezers, because my fingers are so big. =) My fav Neopet Character is the Shenkuu Warrior Princess. I love this game, becauce everytime when I'm bored or angry, I play this it and my mood suddenly gets better.

Eco-Friendly Earth Faerie
by tamien
If you, like myself, worry about the degradation of the (Neopian of course!) environment then this all-natural, organic, biodegradable Earth Faerie worry doll is for you! Hand-woven flax skirt, and beautiful soft, flowing fern hair. Her shirt is even made with organic cotton! Once she has eradicated your worries, you won't have any extra worries about your rubbish - just pop her in the compost! (Hi Neopian random contest entry viewer person! I made this lovely Earth Faerie doll with a piece of drift wood, cotton, flax, ferns and assorted leaves. Oh and a little bit of PVA glue here and there just to cheat a little, but shh.)

The Balthazar Blues
by wemblin_wembly
What better way to chase away your worries than by telling them to a neopet with large teeth, well unless you're a faerie I guess... Balthazar was made with toothpicks, embroidery floss, bead, eraser, glue, marker, whiteout.

The Virtuous Dr. Sloth
by xfts
Don't worry, be Happy! This Dr. Sloth worry doll has a toothpick frame held together with hot glue, wrapped in cotton string, and covered in felt and polymer clay. Let the good doctor take all your worries away! After all, he looks an awful lot like the Happiness Faerie, doesn't he?

by zimzimbabwe
Who could worry about ANYTHING after seeing something as cute as a family of Pink Quiggles?? I realize worry dolls are supposed to be pretty small, but I figured he was a good size in case your worries make you want to squeeze something chubby :P

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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