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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Locked up Loot

ARRRRR... International Talk Like a Pirate Day is almost upon us! In preparation we are encouraging all of our fellow pirates to lock up their treasures and keep them safe. Thus yer task fer this week is to create a container or sorts to keep your treasures safe. This can be a wallet, a box, a chest, a bag etc., but it needs to be Neopian pirate themed. Take a picture of your creation and submit it with a description telling us what your container is and what you used to create it. The entries will be judged by cleverness, usefulness, and how Piratey it is!

First Place

Four winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

My Pirate Slorg Bodyguard
by bianca90210
This is where I keep all my loot locked up, and for good reason. With Slimy Sam, the vicious Pirate Slorg, guarding my loot, no one can get near it (not even me)! The materials I used to make my container include Sculpey clay, a pasta machine, toothpicks, a ruler, scissors and paper. First, I used the pasta maker to flatten a long strip of clay. I then created 2 long rectangles and 2 small ones out of that clay, using the ruler to make sure each pair was equal. I cooked these rectangles for a couple of minutes to get them hard. Once they were done, I used them as the base for the walls of my chest. Using more clay and the pasta machine, I wrapped the walls in fresh clay and created the wood and gold designs by hand. Once the walls were done, I flattened out some clay for the sand base, and stuck the walls of the chest together, setting them in the center of the base. I then sculpted the lid, the dubloons, the Pirate Draik egg, the hook, and of course, Slimy Sam. Finally, I created the sign on my computer, cut it out, and stuck it to a toothpick, which I then pushed through the lid of the chest. For the backdrop in the photo, I used a picture of a sky and a picture of sand that I found in a book. The lid of the treasure chest comes off, and the inside is hollow, so there's plenty of room for all my loot!

Better than bank!
by doug_henrique
My Idea was innovate the place where the pirates could keep safe your dubloon, treasures, etc., and that nobody suspect, so I thought in a Pirate Draik Egg hatched. Who could imagine there are dubloon inside a Pirate Draik Egg hatched? Nobody, It's a perfect place, just need to fit it and it look like a new Pirate Draik Egg! To create I used a balloon and pasted newspaper, after I painted and decorated.

Never trust a meepit...
by exilha
Arg! What a better place to hide your treasure than with a meepit! I took two glass vases and molded foam around them to make the base structure. I cut shapes to make the facial features and added another layer of grey for the body. I then dressed him in proper pirate attire (shirt, bandana, and an earring) A fake treasure chest was added to confuse anyone looking where they shouldnt be! And if the meepit wasnt scary enough, he brought backup (which seems to be a maraquan slorg) along. Meepits are feared across neopia so I knew they would be best to guard my loot. It took me approximately 15 hours to get him just perfect (essentially these photos dont show the detail on the bandana, how round his tummy is, or his bushy black tail)

Cofferling:Petpet and Safe Chest
by tonyrichard
Cofferling isn't just a loyal petpet. It's a safe treasure chest! While you are playing with him, you can hide your dubloons, neopoints and jewels! Made with a chest, brown cardstock, red EVA paper, white paper, gold paper and necklaces. Which ghost will take neopoints from you when you are with this bravery petpet?

Second Place

Nine lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Pirate Cofferling
by chacaleit
Materials for the chest cover: Shoe box, carton, carton roll, newspaper and tape. I've covered the chest with pieces of newspaper mixed with water and glue. After it's dry, I've painted it with plastic paint. For the teeth I've used EVA, red paper and wire for the tongue and for the eye-patch carton and a tape.

Pirate Chest
by ennausa
This red and white pirate chest was made entirely out of duct tape. It's made with a curved top for added authenticity, and has the text 'Pirate Day' cut out of duct tape and stuck onto the front.

The cursed safe
by gnorbules
I took a very old book which I painted black and then decorated as the curse of the pirate Aisha, which happens to be Badia's favorite book. I cute a little hole in the middle of the book so it would be the perfect place to hide my treasure. No one is ever going to expect an ordinary book to have a treasure right? (No interesting books where hurt in the making of this entry.)

Mysterious Locked Chest
by heart_of_sword_
This beauty, my matey, is me locked treasure chest where I keep me random little bits and bobs. From me eye patch and plunder to me shiny golden tooth. I constructed it with a soap box (for the inner foundation), lollipop sticks (for the wooden planks look) , tissue (texture for the lid), assorted modelling clay (for the border and the moss/seaweed on the chest) and a dash of coffee (for the paintin', not for me'self, arrr!)

Duct Tape Pirate Wallet
by hummerthug
Yarrr!!! This wallet be made almost completely from pirate-grade silver duct tape fer the exception of the small window made from a piece of a sandwich bag. Paper money, Pirate Token wallet crest and Grundo's Gym Membership Card arrrr made from cutlass- proof printer paper. The money and crest are coloured with pencil crayon while the card is coloured with very fine tip marker. The crest is glued on with super glue. Dubloons arrrrrr made of bake-hardened modelling clay. Took about 10 hours te find inspiration and create this perfect little gadget fer keepin' me treasures safe on the high seas.

The Treasure Map
by lime36692
This little box is based off of a treasure map on a deserted island. I cut out the cardboard and taped it together then used paper mache to get the shape of the box. I painted all the sides uniquely and made the palm tree and mini treasure chest out of colored paper and glued it onto the top. My Gelert here loves to hide his Dubloons (also made from paper mache) in this box (;

Forgotten Hidden Treasure Chest!
by starqueen_10
My chest represents Krawk Island, Forgotten Shore. The materials I used were: Popsicle sticks, construction paper, paint, rocks, sand, pennies, clay, glitter, a box, and grass.

Dubloon Carrying Case
by tigger07083
For this contest I created a carrying case for dubloons (and any other pirate items). I used paper, scissors, tape, and prismacolor markers. I also used seashells and a toothpick flag as decoration. The case has a dubloon appearance and can assist any Neopian who needs extra storage for their items.

Krawken Case
by x_briony_alice_x
From the success of finding treasure from the Krawken underneath Krawk island, Governor McGill has ordered an immediate mass production of Krawken Case! A lockable treasure chest that allows the owner to store all their treasure under the sturdy tentacles of their very own Krawken! From Neggs to Codestones to TCG cards, the Krawken looks after them all from intruders! Disclaimer: Krawken may become jealous of all your treasure and begin to steal some for itself.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!