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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Lighting the Darkness

Halloween is coming...

As the spookiest of days comes closer we thought it was time to start thinking about decorations. Thus, your task for this week is to create a black silhouette portrait of one of your Neopets with a spooky frame. There can be other things in the portrait with your Neopet, but everything must be in silhouette. You can use be as intricate as you want with these, but we need to know that you made it so please feel free to include pictures of the process along with the final picture. The portrait should be spooky. We will expect a full description of how you made the portrait. We will judge entries based on creativity, spookiness, and its amusement value. :)

First Place

Eight winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 10,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Apple Lantern
by _4u4ever_
My lantern was inspired by the spooky dessert called Apple Lantern on Neopets. I cut out the core and carved the apple from the inside. Then I carved out the face. I tried to make it look a bit like Pant Devil so it would be even more Neopets themed. After I finished the carving I taped a candle to the bottom of the lantern and added the little handle (made of paperclips) on top so the lantern could be carried around. Finally I placed it on a plate and decorated it using cranberries, wheat and a rose leaf. I think it turned out very pretty but spooky :)

by _sme_
Materials for Petpet Lantern: Cardboard, yellow tissue paper, black marker, twist tie, tape, glue, scissors, exacto knife, spray paint, battery-powered candle. Materials for Wraith Lantern: Black Poster board, tape, purple tissue paper, glue, scissors, exacto knife, battery-powered candle.

Your Nightmare
by akabami
This lantern have three sides. One side is with Hubrid Nox standing on top of Castle Nox. Another side have the Hungry, Esophagor along with The Brain Tree. The last side have a creepy tree with Meowclops on it. Basically i made a frame and used photoshop to help organize the castle and tree. Then I traced them on construction paper. I used construction paper to make The Brain Tree and Esophagor. And for Nox, I traced it with marker and pen. I had lots of fun making this lantern and hope you guys like it.

The Haunted Woods Meets Kvistore
by deliquant
Materials used to create lantern: Mason Jar, Cheese Cloth, Dirt, Spray Adhesive, Black Card Stock, Black Acrylic Paint, Sponge Brush, Pencil, Scissors, Silver Glitter Puff Paint, 3D Adhesive Black Glitter Letters, and Finishing Gloss Glaze. I created the lantern by taking a mason jar, spraying adhesive over the entire jar, and I wrapped a section of cheese cloth around it. When the glue became semi-tacky, I went outside and smeared dirt over the cloth to give it a worn look. I painted the mason jar lid black. Then on card stock, I drew a spooky tree from the haunted woods, a Meepit silhouette, a couple tombstones, and my Mutant Lupe, Kvistore, in the form of a Ghost Mutant Lupe. I cut out these pieces, arranged them carefully on the jar and then glued them in place. Once it dried, I added black glitter adhesive letters spelling out the phrase, 'Happy Halloween!'. Then I took some silver glitter puff paint and gave the Meepit hiding in the tree eyes, and I gave some tombstones faces and others names and dates. Once the glitter glue dried, I coated the entire jar in a gloss glaze. My lantern is inspired by the Haunted Woods and my favorite Neopet, Kvistore! One of his favorite places to visit is the Haunted Woods, and what better time of year than now? The Meepit was added to the lantern, because that's where they -gets dragged off by a horde of Meepits-

Creepy Meepit Lantern
by elynah
When thinking of a good theme for a spooky lantern, naturally the first thing that came to my mind was a Meepit. So I decided to go with the idea! I sculpted the lantern from white modelling clay (with the help of some toothpicks). After it had dried I slightly sanded some parts of it. Then I used watercolors to paint it and coated it with matte varnish. I also gave it a nice finishing touch with gloss varnish.

by hemi15
My lantern was inspired by Terror Mountain. The design is the Snowager wrapping around a mountain with icicles hanging off the edge. The lantern itself is a glass jar and the mountain and Snowager was made from clay, and then painted. The light is a flameless tea light, which works very well in the dark! I hope you enjoy my entry.(:

Plushie Draik Candle Lantern
by jazzehness
It might not look spooky enough for October, but believe me when I say it is... after I finished making this, I went to grab a drink in the middle of the night and it startled me with those big red button eyes! I wanted to make a lantern involving Draiks, so what's more fitting than flames coming out of a dragon's mouth to light the way? And who knew one birthday candle could bring so much eerie lighting to a dark kitchen?! I would have chosen a spookier color for a Draik, but I wanted to make a tribute to my future Plushie Draik... I'll be lighting yet another candle when I finally get him! A special shout-out to my mom for the idea to use buttons for eyes, and my friend Raven for letting me use her Plushie Draik as a model. ;D Thanks guys!

Albot Lantern!
by shuvuuia
I have always loved the design of Tangor's petpets, especially the Albot! So, I thought, why not make a snazzy, working Albot Lantern? I cleared eight hours to sculpt an Albot out of Polymer Clay, Aluminum mesh, and wire. After baking, metallic copper and brass acrylic paint was carefully applied. Can't wait to light my way through Halloween with this! :D

Second Place

Ten lucky people have 5,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

by alicewaldorf
My lantern was inspired by the Jack-O Lantern. Instead of actually sculpting a real Pumpkin, I made mine with paper, glue, scissors and orange ink. I put a real lantern inside the paper pumpkin and in front of it I attached a wrapping paper. The three buzz were drawn with pen and crayons and hanged by wires on the top of the pumpkin. The wrapping paper gave the idea that the lantern was lightened by the fireflies-buzzes. My ixi, Derpina, was attracted by the light!

Spooky Apple Lantern
by bumble_berry_blue
This spooky apple lantern was inspired by the apple lantern item! First, I grabbed an apple, a tea light candle, paper towel, a marker, a knife and spoon, scissors, green paper, a green paper clip, and tape. I covered my work area with paper towel because I knew things might get messy. I used a marker to trace around the candle onto the bottom of the apple and used a knife to cut a candle sized piece out of the bottom of the apple. I used a spoon to scoop out the inside of the apple (and sneak a few delicious bites) until it was pretty much completely hollowed out. I used a knife to cut out the eyes and mouth on the side of the apple. Next I used scissors to cut out a small leaf from green paper. I unfolded a green paper clip and taped the leaf to one end. I stuck the other end of the paper clip into the top of the apple. I carefully lit a tea light and placed the apple on top, so that the candle sat inside the hole at the bottom of the apple. Finally, I relaxed and enjoy the spooky glow of my apple lantern!

Mutant Graveyard Lantern
by lighthearted
My lantern is loosely based off of Albert the mutant kacheek and the Mutant Graveyard of Doom. My first step was collecting my supplies. I used glue sticks, black construction paper, scissors, a No. 2 pencil, and a steak knife for cutting away the little bits of paper I couldn't reach with scissors. (Don't try doing that without supervision.) After that, I shaded in the parts I wanted to cut away with the pencil (it's difficult to see in the picture). My third step was cutting away the shaded in bits with the steak knife, and my last step was assembling the lantern and lighting it. I had three sides to my lantern: Albert with his lantern, a meepit with a tree, and a meowclops in a pumpkin patch/graveyard. The fourth side had a hole cut in the back to place a candle through.

Lighting the way by Ghostkerchief
by ningaloocfw
The Ghostkerchief Lantern, is inspired by none other than the lovely Ghostkerchief, the light almost paper like quality of a ghostkerchief and the shinning yellow eyes, which can easily be seen in the dark. The lantern was made by paper mache onto a handmade foil mould, which was later taken out (after alot of patience and the use of tweezers), painted/ coloured, celophance was placed in his head to help the light shine a bright yellow. Wire was attached to his head along with a handmade yellow clay bead. A fake candel (safety first :P ) was then inserted and wired in! Overall he shines beautifully and is easily held, to help guide my way home safely!

Msp Lamp
by plaquenil
This was inspired by my pet Beldmos, who is a MSP Poogle. The design is a square light box with remote-controlled LED mounted inside. Three sides are geometric, and only one is scary. If you find it too creepy, you can turn the poogle away from you.

Lighting by sides
by shadow_lady_gel
This is my 5th entrace for the RC I work pretty hard to make this lamp, I hope you like it so much as I.

Two is better than one
by snewties
These lanterns were made from left over glass jars from sauce containers. I pasted mod podge (a type of glue) all over the outside of the jar and then later adding layers of tissue paper onto it. The faces were drawn, colored, and then cut out to be pasted, after the tissue paper has been applied. I made an apple lantern, esophagor, and a ghostkerchief. They are simple to make and very practical/safe for lanterns, since they are in a jar. No fires here!

Haunted 'Ween' Woods
by stlcardinals
This is my first time making a paper lantern. :) Truth be told, I had a lot of fun. I used: some wax paper, orange paint, black construction paper, and a very fine paint brush. I honestly, didn't think that wax paper would work. Sure enough it did. I cut squares of wax paper along with stripes of black construction paper. I glued the stripes of black construction paper as the board to the paper lantern. (For support) I then drew random Haunted Woods images. From the Weaponry to a Meepit. To represent Haunted Woods in this lantern. I cut them out carefully with an exacto knife. Last, I sprayed them with black spray paint.

Spooky Kougra Lantern!
by stormcolt
Hello, Neopia! My entry features my darling baby kougra, Nolani. The entire entry was made with a sugar pumpkin, a potato peeler, and a handy orange zester. The details were carved based on pictures of a spotted kougra and a cheetah, which I've always thought kougras looked like. After doing most of the carving in a few hours, I used a knife to make a hole in her top so I could clean out the interior of the pumpkin. After a few minutes of elbow grease to get the seeds out, I placed a small tea candle in the middle of it. I made sure that the bottom of the pumpkin was flat, so the candle wouldn't topple easily. The entire pumpkin now weighs about a pound, and it's very easy to move even while lit. Have a Spooooooky Holiday everyone!

Spider Grundo
by vegisk8r
My lantern is based on the Spider Grundo and its arms and legs work as handles to carry it but it also balances so you can put it down whilst exploring. I started by sketching the Spider Grundo onto paper to make templates. I cut the seperate parts out of foam board and covered them in the same colour tissue paper that I used to make his body so it would all match up. It has a small platform inside to hold a candle safely.

Third Place

Lastly there were 100 runners-up who will each receive 2,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!