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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Starbolt
Owner: greenstarbolt
Pet: GreenStarbolt
Breed: Gruslen

About Starbolt:

"GreenStarbolt stop throwing your pictures that you drew of Gruslens on the floor!" Telekiniesess yelled frustrated.
"Sorry Telekiniesess stop being so crabby. You know how much I want a Gruslen, but we only have 1,140 neopoints." GreenStarbolt snapped.
"Well, maybe we`ll get one as soon as I get a Snowbunny!" "Fine." GreenStarbolt said unhappily. GreenStarbolt and Telekiniesess were sisters. Telekiniesess was a month younger than GreenStarbolt but acted like she was older. Everyday was the same. They would both get up and fight for the breakfast cereal. Once Telekiniesess even broke her wing trying to push GreenStarbolt out of the way. She screamed and yelled and kept doing it for hours. Finally, GreenStarbolt had to help her sister and wrapped her sister`s wing in a bandage. But, once that was over they went back to pushing and shoving. GreenStarbolt had once seen Tenshinoyume with his Doglefox and got real excited and went to Telekiniesess and told her that she was going to get a petpet. She got so mad and slammed GreenStarbolt into the wall under a table with a rolling valuable sharp vase. GreenStarbolt was scared. They waited a second later without moving. All of the sudden, It fell on GreenStarbolt`s head! She whimpered and bared her teeth at Telekiniesess- It is terrible what had happened I`m not even going to tell you the rest of it. Anyways. One morning whaen GreenStarbolt and Telekiniesess were to get up and fight for the cereal Telekiniesess was the only one there.
"Okay," she said looking around. "Were is GreenStarbolt?" Then, she heard a loud cry, "Ouchhhhhhhhhh!" Telekiniesess flew quickly into GreenStarbolt`s room.
"GreenStarbolt!!!!!" she screamed. "You have Reptillioritus!"
"I know. Something came up to me and I didn`t know what it was-" GreenStarbolt could not finish because she had just fallen asleep.
"Oh no." Telekiniesess said quietly. "I have an idea." She said as she walked softly out of her room and closed the door. "I`m going to get a Gruslen for her." "I am going to be a nice younger sister." So she took off. Flying very far hoping and praying for them to have one." In Tyrannia, the last Gruslen was fighting Sabre-X.
"No, stop!" he growled. "You must go with this Skeith!" Sabre-X said as he was pushing the Gruslen, forcing her to go with the Skeith. The Gruslen got free and ran behind rocks and finally to the edge of a cliff where no one could find her. She looked out on the horizon and sighed. Then, suddenly she saw Telekiniesess. She gasped while Telekiniesess held out her arms inviting her to jump in her arms. The Gruslen looked back, and decided it was time to go with this nice Shoyru. So she jumped in her arms and headed back to Neopia. When they arrived they aproached GreenStarbolt`s room very quietly she woke up GreenStarbolt.
"Telekiniesess you better get away from me I might be contai-" she haulted as Telekiniesess gave her Cactopus Cream and rubbed it over her. All her troubles went away and GreenStarbolt said, "Are you sick?"
"Why did you give me Cactopus Cream?"
"Because I`m being a nice sister. And nice sisters do this." Telekiniesess held out the new Gruslen.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" GreenStarbolt screamed.
"So what are you going to name it?" Telekiniesess asked.
"Hmmm. I know. Starbolt." And ever since GreenStarbolt and Telekiniesess(who finally later got a Snowbunny from GreenStarbolt) lived a good life with happy sisterhood.

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