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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Saphira
Owner: cool_angel160
Pet: KrazedThing
Breed: Gallion

About Saphira:

A Gallion trots up onto the stage; right behind her flies a starry Korbat she holds a Kacheek extinguisher in her talons. They both look at the large audience; the Korbat starts to talk while the Gallion amuses herself by chasing a fly.
"Hello my name is KrazedThing and this is my Gallion, Saphira. She is a really great Petpet! She has a great personality and-
No! Saphira! No! Bad!" Saphira, who was trying to fly away over the audience, was now being wrestled down by her owner.
"Saphira come here right now! No!"
The energetic Gallion suddenly spurts a large amount of fire at the stage curtain. KrazedThing grabs the extinguisher and controls the flames. Many of the audience members look frightened and a few leave for the exit.
"Arrg! You crazy Gallion! Sigh well here is the main reason we came here, Saphira! Trick time!" The Gallion looks a little confused for a second then bounds into the air. She does amazing aerial stunts, dives and loops, twirls and swirls. The audience looks amazed at the little Gallion who only less than a minute ago tried to burn down the stage. Saphira finally lands looking proud of her self she gallops over to her owner who passes her a small handful of Gallion treats.
"Good Saphira! Now do a handstand!"
The little Gallion balances on her hands using her tail for help, her horns making small dents in the floor. She flips upwards landing awkwardly on her chin. She squeaks loudly and runs over to her owner.
"Aww... are you ok?" KrazedThing strokes Saphira.
"Well, that was Saphira!"
KrazedThing heads over to the side of the stage calling her Gallion, Saphira spotted the fly she saw earlier and blows another spurt of flames at it.
"Not again!"
KrazedThing grabs the extinguisher again and puts out the flames; looking embarrassed she grabs her Gallion and flies off the stage.

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