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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ribbons
Owner: baby_lil_angel
Pet: MrFuzzley
Breed: Rock

About Ribbons:

My new owner, baby_lil_angel, had just saved me from the pound. I was very grateful, but at first I didn't get along with her shoyru, Lapphire. Lapphire was sick from NeoMites because she caught it from the Wheel of Excitement, when she was doing her chores. I laughed at her and told her baby_lil_angel couldn't afford medicine yet. I had not gotten any sleep that night because there were a lot of forms and such that I had to fill out so I could be adopted. I became like an evil fuzzle. It was scary. Anyway Lapphire was really sick and hearing this made her even more sad. I felt really bad, and so I snuck out and told Lapphire to fly me to Faerieland. I took her to the Healing Springs and the Water Faerie cured her. We got along after that.

But what I did was pretty naughty. Naughty enough to get me on Santa's Naughty List. So on Christmas, I ran downstairs and found a lump of coal. baby_lil_angel felt sorry for me because she found out what I did for Lapphire. She gave me a pretty red ribbon to put on my lump of coal. I put it on my desk and went to Lapphire. I told her I'd the chores for her but I might need a ride to some of the places. I did all the chores with occasional help from Lapphire. I even got blasted by the Snowager. When I got home, I remembered I forgot to visit the Snow Faerie. I was exhausted and did not want to hike up to Terror Mountain, so I asked Lapphire for one more favor. Before I left I took my lump of coal with me because I thought I could try to start a fire if I ever got cold. So Lapphire flew me to the Snow Faerie and she asked me if I could help her. I said that I would try and she asked me for a rock and a red ribbon. I took off the ribbon of the lump of coal and asked her if the coal would work. She said that she would try but if it didn't work I would have to get a new ribbon and a rock. The Snow Faerie went inside and I waited. I was startled because all of sudden I heard jingle bells and what seemed to be the laugh of Santa. Then the Snow Faerie ran outside to me, extremely surprised and gave me the lump of coal with the ribbon now tied on it with a nice bow. She said the potion made the sound of jingle bells and Santa's laugh and then it spit out the coal with the ribbon tied onto it. Then the coal growled at her. She told me I could keep it and to send Lapphire next time because when Lapphire did quests, things were more normal.

I laughed and agreed, then I ran over to Lapphire who was trying to bargain with Mika and Carassa. I told her that if she came home I would give her a some Strawberry Butter Tea. That convinced her and as we flew home, I told her everything that happened. She told me that one when she was on her way to the Giant Omelette, she accidentely stumbled into the Tyrannian Petpet Shop and saw a pet rock that growled at her. I found out my coal was a petpet and I named her or him (I think it's a she) Ribbons. When I got home I told Ribbons my story and she still growls at me when I say fire because I brought her to Terror Mountain so I could make a fire to stay warm. When baby_lil_angel heard the story, she was a little worried because she didn't want pets all over Neopia to try to be naughty so they could get a pet rock.

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