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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fungus
Owner: Agent_Ada
Pet: Rifraf
Breed: Krawk

About Fungus:

It was the Faerie Festival and while all the other petpets were happily celebrating the Neo holiday or playing at home with their owners, Fungus the Krawk petpet was all alone in his extravagant NeoHome, with only his expensive toys and a Robo Chia butler for company. He sat huddled in his fancy playroom, looking miserably at the vast array of Limited Edition plushies and Ultra Rare toys before him. Every time, his owner would bring back costly Mootixs and newly released toys for him to make up for his prolonged absence. Normal petpets will be thrilled at the sight of these goodies, but Fungus wanted none of those. All he craves for is his owner's love and attention. Despite the horde of expensive brand new toys he now had, an old, tattered and dirty looking Faerie Queen Doll remained his most precious possession, for it was his owner's very first gift to the petpet.

You see, Fungus' owner, Rifraf is a very busy Neopet. He holds a high-ranking job at the Faerieland Employment Agency and spends most of his time away from home. When he's not working, Rifraf will be busy training at the Training School or Swashbuckling Academy to prepare for his Battledome matches. They may be super rich, but poor Fungus was often neglected as a result.

'Sorry Fungus, I can't play with you today. I have a very important Battledome match today. But I promise to keep you company on Faerie Festival ok?' - That was Rifraf's promise to Fungus three days ago but as usual, Rifraf had clean forgotten about it. Fungus glanced up at the clock on the mantelpiece and gave a sigh. It was going to be 12:00 am NST soon. He was going to spend the Faerie Festival alone again. While the clock ticked away, Fungus started thinking back the happy moments he used to share with his owner... before Rifraf became too busy for him... They were not rich and life might be simple then, but Fungus really missed those good o' days. A tear slided down the Krawk's cheek as he held the Faerie Queen Doll in his arms. How he wish his owner could spend more time with him! Suddenly, a strange brilliant glow enacted from the Faerie Queen Doll and in the center of its blinding glow appeared none other than Fyora, the Faerie Queen! 'I have heard your wishes, good petpet! In celebration of the Faerie Festival, your wish will be fulfilled!' Fyora smiled benignly down at the Krawk petpet and with a wave of her glittering wand, was gone. In place of where Fyora once stood was Rifraf, in full Plushie form! It might seem ironical but Fungus' wish really came true. Now that his owner is a Plushie Krawk, he can no longer fight at the Battledome because he doesn't have his sharp teeth or claws anymore. All he can do is spend his time playing games with Fungus in their vast playroom. Fungus is certainly one truly happy petpet now. Till now, Rifraf still doesn't know the secret wish that Fungus made or how he suddenly became a Plushie pet. It's all like a bizarre dream to him. So hush! Keep it from him ok? ;) And remember that the Faeries are most generous to Neopians on Faerie Festival! So make your wish wisely!

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