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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mr. Wubbles
Owner: serpentae
Pet: Chalix
Breed: Snarhook

About Mr. Wubbles:

A lanky Halloween Kougra comes marching out onto the stage, a chubby pink blob perched upon his head-- a Snarhook, to be precise. As the Snarhook's eyes fall upon the gathered audience, he perks up and makes several excited burbling noises, preening for the crowd.

"I'm Chalix, and this," the Kougra announces proudly, "is my Snarhook, Mr. Wubbles."

At the mention of his name, Mr. Wubbles wiggles happily.

"He's a real odd little thing, very affectionate. Annoyingly affectionate, actually," he adds, as Mr. Wubbles snuggles happily into the fur on top of his head, and purrs in a rather feline way, enjoying the attention.

"The whole reason I have him is thanks to one of my closest friends, Ilryn. Mr. Wubbles started following him around, but since he already had a petpet, he passed him off to me." Chalix grins ruefully. "Not sure which of us got the better end of that deal, actually."

Mr. Wubbles, meanwhile, seems to have decided he'd like to interact a little more closely with the crowd, and is slowly climbing down Chalix's leg. Chalix plucks him off and plops him back onto his own head as if used to this sort of thing.

"So, I called him Mr. Wubbles. Ilryn seemed to think--" He cuts off as Mr. Wubbles again tries to climb down. "Get back here," he mutters, grabbing at him. Glancing back at the audience, he clears his throat. "So, uh, where was--? Oh, yeah. Ilryn seemed to think that I was crazy for naming him that, but-- Mr. Wubbles, no!"

For Mr. Wubbles has just flung himself from the stage into the crowd, and there are quite a few alarmed screams from those who aren't exactly fond of pink, slimy creatures. He nuzzles up against the leg of one audience member, who looks mildly horrified and dashes from the auditorium.

Chalix, meanwhile, has leaped down into the crowd as well, trying to grab Mr. Wubbles and take him back onstage, but he's having difficulty getting through the crowd. "Er-- don't worry, folks!" he says loudly. "Nothing to worry about!" The crowd, however, doesn't seem to want to listen, and most of it is fleeing towards the exits.

"Okay, here we go!" Chalix shouts with relief as he finally reaches Mr. Wubbles. He makes a grab for the Snarhook-- and due to his, well, sliminess, Mr. Wubbles squirts right through his grasp and shoots upwards towards the ceiling, gurgling merrily at the ride he's getting. He lands smack on the head of a terrified-looking Acara, who screams and runs for the door along with the rest of the stampeding crowd.

"Mr. Wubbles!" Chalix shouts desperately. He launches himself above the crowd, glides over to the Acara, and scoops him up safely from her head. He angles around and lands back on the stage, cradling Mr. Wubbles triumphantly. "Okay, everything's under control now, there's no need to..." He trails off, staring around, as he realizes the auditorium is completely empty but for one lone Lupe, who is snoring loudly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Wubbles," he murmurs weakly. Mr. Wubbles beams.

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