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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sparf
Owner: Jiabella
Pet: Meramo
Breed: Kadoatie

About Sparf:

Out onto the stage walks a spotted techo in a top hat and tuxedo. He takes the stance of one comfortable in the spotlight, and grins at the audience.

"Hi there, ladies and germs!" says he, executing a neat bow. "My name's Meramo, and I'm here to introduce to you the magic of my wonderful singing petpet." The crowd oohs. Meramo glances knowingly off of stage left, then back towards his crowd.

"First, I'd like to take a moment to introduce tonight's headlining act. This lovely pet and I have been together for... well, let's just say quite some time. I swear to you there isn't a petpet with a better voice than the one my little girl has." The techo beams with obvious pride, and the crowd awwws. Meramo goes on. "She first started singing in the Lost Desert, out behind our house. When people started noticing her voice, though, we took the act on the road. We've been all over Neopia by now, performing in various venues- in fact, her unique talents have made us quite a sum of NP, I'm proud to say."

The audience is shifting in their seats now, interested, and Meramo notices their anticipation. He takes off his top hat and, spreading his long hands to the side, he steps forward. His voice is loud and pleasant, carefully modulated but obviously excited.

"And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my most distinct pleasure to present... my marvelous singing kadoatie!" He stops for a moment.

The audience holds their breaths. Meramo turns again towards stage left.

"Guys, bring 'er out!" he calls, and two black-clad stagecrew members drag a stool onto the stage. The creature atop the stool stares balefully at the audience.

"Sparf," it says.

There begin to be murmurs of dissent among audience members.

Meramo spreads his hands placatingly. "Folks, folks, I know she might not look like much- but I swear to you that this little kadoatie has the most amazing voice... C'mon, Sparf, give us a song."

The mass of spiky brownish fur swivels its head to look at its owner.

"Sparf," it says again.

The techo standing onstage behind the mutant kadoatie begins to laugh nervously, eyeing his unusual pet.

"C'mon, Sparf! Sing for them!" he whispers.

"Sparf?" asks Sparf, her voice loud if not particularly melodic. Her owner is practically jumping up and down.

"Yes, Sparf- 'Sing'! Sing!"

Finally, Sparf seems to understand. She turns her head towards the audience and raises one paw delicately. Her asymmetrical eyes sparkle like topaz in the bright lights, and, after a moment's breath, the little kadoatie tilts her head back and lets forth a noise that would have sounded more appropriate coming from something amphibian.

"Sppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf!" she cries. Most of the audience cringes.

Meramo, however, seems very pleased.

"Great job, Sparf!" He calls, doing a little tap-dance. "Sing some more, huh?"

Sparf, however, needs no encouragement. Her great gaping tooth-filled maw opens very wide, and soon she is producing a veritable symphony of yowls, mews and roars.

One look at the audience shows that they are less than pleased with the performance. About ninety percent of them have their hands/paws over their ears, and one particularly sensitive checkered korbat is rolling in the aisles in an attempt to drown out the noise. After five or six minutes of Sparf's 'singing', an exasperated silver lupe raises himself out of his seat. He addresses the techo on stage.

"Look... that thing's driving me crazy! I'll... I'll pay you to quiet it down!"

Meramo looks interested.

"Yes?" He glances at the rest of the audience. "Would anyone else like Sparf to be quiet?"

The worn-out audience members nod and form a line leading up to the stage. They all deposit a handful of neopoints in Meramo's top hat, then go back to their seats.
After he's collected all he's going to collect, the techo bows to the crowd, goes over to Sparf, and drops a treat in her mouth. The noise ceases instantly. Meramo makes another small bow then hefts Sparf into his arms and carrying her off-stage. The audience is too tired-out to clap.

"Good show," Meramo whispers to Sparf when they are safely in the wings.

"Sparf," she agrees, and starts contentedly, competently, humming a pretty melody.

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