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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Alfonso
Owner: varcanum
Pet: Hectibus
Breed: Snomorg

About Alfonso:

Regarding my origin:
I am the petpet of a Techo called Hectibus. Though he wished to construct a synthetic companion for himself, the common practice of building creatures from assorted pet parts (a la the Lil Frankie and the majority of Snomorgs) was not to his liking. And so... he assembled me from various vegetables.

My arms and hands are fashioned from broccoli, asparagus, and okra. Potatoes make up my torso and legs. The fuzzy ruff around my neck is composed of shredded cabbage and lettuce, and my oversized head is a bulbous squash, with slightly misshapen onions for eyeballs. Hectibus stitched my parts together and glued two black olive slices to my eyes for pupils, completing me in doing so (he later added two screws on the top of my head to strengthen the zombie effect).

In order to infuse me with life, Hectibus brought me to the Haunted Woods and doused me with a gooey elixir that he bought off of Edna. Though my birth was rather unceremonial, it was significant in that I was the first Snomorg composed wholly of vegetation ever to live.

Regarding my owner:
Hectibus is a bizarre and eccentric Techo, even more so than the rest of his abnormal species. He's undergone training as a fighter, though he enjoys reading much more than battling. He often shares his books with me, hence my rise above the average level of Snomorg intellect. Hectibus sometimes plays a game of his own invention with me, called El Picklesaur Tossing; during this game, he and I each fling an El Picklesaur plushie as far as we can. Whoever throws his plushie the farthest is declared the winner. If he loses, he usually becomes temperamental and threatens to consume me.

Regarding my Petpetpet:
If you didn't know what he was, you might mistake my Larnikin for a crimson globule of pure fat, and in truth, that really isn't too far from his nature. When I first received him, I was a little intimidated by the responsibilities that having my own pet would bring... as it turns out, however, he doesn't require much care. He basically just sits around with that big, goofy smile on his face, occasionally yawning. Larnie's very pleasant to have around, though; he jiggles amusingly when you poke him, he listens to all of your problems (though he might just be ignoring me... I can't really tell), and he actually makes a fantastic sponge - not only is he absorbent, but he usually devours the dirt that he cleans up.

Regarding myself:
Well, I suppose I'm a decent pet. Aside from the fact that I sometimes steal Cherry Brandy Truffles from Hectibus (and who wouldn't? Those things are irresistible), I'm loyal and amiable. My only major flaw is the fact that I sometimes get the urge to eat myself, but that doesn't happen too often, so it's all right.

Regarding this Petpet Spotlight Entry:
It's over.

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