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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Xaio
Owner: western_fire_dragon2
Pet: Bahamut_ZERO_fury
Breed: Gallion

About Xaio:

A fire draik walks in, followed by a gallion, which is finally tailed by a little chick. He clears his throat, "Ahem. My name is Bahamut_ZERO_fury, but everyone calls me Bahamut. And this.." He steps back for the audience to get a better look, "Is my Gallion, Xaio. That's pronounced Zai-o." Bahamut smiles and sweats a little. "There isn't much to say about how we got him. Heh, Lizzie, my owner, saved up enough neopoints with her payments working with Dr. Frank Slo-" Xaio tugs his owner's pants to get his attention, and shakes his head. The chick chirrups, "Pi-pwee?"

"Oh, forget I said that." He eyes the ceiling, as if trying to remember something. "Yes! Well, Xaio, as you can tell, is different, His horns are curled forward. And even though Xaio is very young, he is very intelligent. And he does NOT like being the center of attention. But he's a caring companion. Ever since the death of my whoot..." He sniffs, and his gallion coos comfortingly. Bahamut smiles, and continues. "You see, the day after I got Xaio, Lizzie came home after doing some errands for Sloth-- err, Frank. She called all my sisters, and my two brothers together to see something she had found. It was a blue-speckled egg! Frank didn't have an incubator, and both Celezzie's feepit, Faithmore, and Lizzie's two birds, were too small to sit on it. And all us pets were too big. But Xaio strutted forward, sniffed the egg, and took it carefully in his mouth. At first, we thought he was going to eat it, but to our suprise, he took it to his nest made out of my old clothes, and settled down, letting the egg rest under his chest fur. Three days after that, the egg hatched, and out came the chick, which we call Pwee." Pwee looks to the audience, lifts one pink foot, then the other, flits its wings, and chirps happily. "Pwee!" It then snuggles up to Xaio.

"Pwee saw Xaio first, and so it thinks that Xaio is its mother. Lizzie said because he was the first thing it saw after it hatched." He reaches down and picks up the gallion, and the chick hops into his arms with him. "I can't say much more about my gallion, but I feel that I will get to know him better. And I thank you for your time." He nods his head in a quick bow, and strides off, carrying the caring gallion, Xaio and the annoyingly cute chick, Pwee.

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