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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pyra
Owner: jalapenojelly
Pet: DrSlothF
Breed: babyca

About Pyra:

A strange looking neopet that stands on his hind legs and looks like a cross between Dr. Sloth and a green skeith walks to the center stage while carrying a pink and magenta colored petpet between his two long sleeve cloak covered arms.

"Greetings denizens of Neopia. I came here today to introduce you to the petpet that had taken me a long time to find. My name is not important, though if you wish to, call me Doc, as my full name seems to make many Neopians go haywire and want to attack me because of my creator's misdeeds."

He then holds up the petpet and shows that it is a babyca to the audience before comfortably mounting it on top of his head. One of the babyca's tails lightly wraps around Doc's neck while the other two wiggle as if they had lives of their own. It's then that Doc speaks up again.

"This is Pyra and she's a babyca. She and I share a special connection. Both of us have had some experience escaping my creator, Dr. Frank Sloth. But she is deaf due to head trauma that she had experienced before making her escape. It is unknown who or what specifically caused the head trauma, but Dr. Frank Sloth had some mutant grundos searching for her, so it is unsure if he or his minions was the cause of it. If it wasn't for the help of the person with whom I live with (who was willing to offer a high reward of 600,000 neopoints to whomever brought her back), then I wouldn't be here today."

At this point, Doc flared out his wings at the memory, then folded them back into place. With taking a deep breath, he continues the story.

"Shortly before arriving here, I was completing an Employment Agency job when suddenly I was attacked by an Attack Meatball wielding Bruce. Normally, I would have just ate anything he threw at me, but he had somehow modified his battle dome weapon to include cheese in it. Although I'm only part skeith, I knew that I was still slightly allergic to it. Somehow, Pyra was able to sense the altercation in the item, launched herself at it and ate it in one bite."

A humungus burp rang through the building emanating from the petpet sitting on Doc's head. Her cheeks changed to a deep rosy red color in embarrassment as she placed her two free tails in front of her mouth as if to say, "Excuse me."

"And now, I believe it's time for my little hero to take a nap." Doc explained just before leaving the stage to go home.

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