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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tekavi
Owner: Jinsusie
Pet: Kuarulin
Breed: Noil

About Tekavi:

I'm Tekavi. I'm a lab pet's petpet, meaning that my owner Kuarulin goes to the secret laboratory everyday to be zapped by the lab ray. Many of you don't know, but being a lab pet's petpet is a stressful job. It's hard to be a good petpet when you have no idea what surprise each day will bring. Will Kuarulin be a friendly aisha tomorrow that needs a cute noil to hug? Maybe she'll be a fierce grarrl that wants to wrestle instead? Perhaps she'll be sad because she lost a few levels and needs consolation. To be a good petpet for my owner, I need to be brave, smart, and able to handle any situation. Don't believe I can be all that? Well, read on!

From Tekavi's Journal:

The 15th Day of Hunting, Y5

Dear Journal,

Today I was painted rainbow. The reason? For the safety of my life. Why? Let me tell you what happened...

I shaded my eyes from the bright laboratory ray blast as I faithfully waited for my owner to finish her daily zap. As the light faded, I heard a howl behind me. When I turned around and saw my transformed owner, I realized she had changed into a lupe! She took one look at me and shouted, "CHIA!" and charged straight at me. How in the world had I been mistaken for a chia? Hmm, ok, maybe my orange mane and yellow fur but still, of all things, a CHIA?!!

I would have been noil steak today had I not nimbly leapt out of the way, run down the road, and led my owner on a merry chase through Neopia Central. We weaved in and out of almost every shop, tore down the Collectable Card Shop card tower (oops!), overturned the Soup Faerie's soup cauldron (sorry about that!), and destroyed all the chia plushies in the Toy Shop (my owner did, not my fault!). When we finally reached the chocolate factory, my owner got distracted by the chocolate chias. In the meantime, I ran into a nearby shop, grabbed a pair of disco aisha glasses, ran back to the chocolate factory, and dropped them over my owner's eyes. She turned around, noticed me, and said, "Hey Tekavi! Where have you been all day? Have you seen a little chia around? I've been chasing him for hours but now I can't seem to find him anywhere!" Success! Crisis averted!

My owner's owner Jinsusie, who had been running after us (and paying for all the damages, by the way), gave me a hug and said, "Thanks for another job well done!" Before we all left for home that day, we visited the Petpet Puddle and I received a nice new rainbow coat, so that I would never be mistaken for a chia again.

Like I was saying, being a lab pet's petpet is hard work. It takes an extra special petpet to do this special job. So all you pets out there that like taking daily zaps in the laboratory and have heard my story, remember to show a bit of appreciation to your petpets today!

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