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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: ItchyBoo
Owner: Sarinick_chick
Pet: _Sunia_
Breed: Feepit

About ItchyBoo:

Sunia: My Petpet ItchyBoo and I met in a very strange way one cold Happy Valley morning...

I gazed up at the frozen tree and groaned. What a day this had turned out to be! Not only had I forgotten to meet FruFru under the tree outside of the Snow Wars castle, but now my jacket was stuck up in it's branches! I glared at FruFru, and he grinned sheepishly- He had been so agitated because I was late, that he ripped off my jacket and flung it up into the tree. Nice, huh? I could see it up there, caught on a frozen limb. There was no way I could climb the tree, but maybe I could find another way... I walked up to the tree and began to shake it furiously. Leaves fell all around me, but the coat stayed put. Shaking harder, I noticed that a rather large lump of snow fell from the tree. I nudged it with my foot and it wailed pitifully. Picking up the shivering lump in my paws, I turned it over. It was a half iced-over Feepit! It's spotty coat camouflaged it perfectly in the snow. I rubbed its fur to warm the poor thing up, and completely forgot about my jacket. I smiled at the Petpet, and headed for home with it under my arm.

Next morning...
I woke up and rubbed my eyes. Yesterday had been eventful, that was for sure! May owner, Sarah, let me keep the Feepit, and I named it ItchyBoo, because the first thing it did when we got home was race to the fire and itch off all of the snow that had attached to it's fur. I reached under my bed to pick up my new Petpet, but realised with a shock that ItchyBoo wasn't there! Zooming downstairs and out the door, I ran all over the neighborhood in Happy Valley. Where was it? Stopping at the tree I had rescued ItchyBoo from the day before, I heard a rustle in the leaves. A loud squeak and a mass of blue and white fur leaped on me from above. It was ItchyBoo, and it had my jacket in it's mouth! I hugged Itchy, and put on my jacket. It had chilled overnight, but was better than nothing. Lifting up my Feepit, I zipped it into my jacket, turned, and headed towards our home.

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