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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mary Meep
Owner: giggle_faerie_laughs
Pet: dulcis_angelus
Breed: Babaa

About Mary Meep:

You are wandering down Island Crescent on a pleasant summers afternoon, heading towards the beach for a game of Myncii Beach volleyball with your friends when you hear a yell come from the jungle. As you are not of the faint hearted, you decide to check it out. So you enter the jungle, walking amongst the undergrowth for several minutes when you see a blue flash leap straight past you and into a nearby hedge. Startled, you step back quickly and trip over a log and end up flat on your face in the mud.

Mary meep: Bahahaha! I got you SOOO good! *Steps out from behind the hedge and jumps on your stomach*

You: Hey! That's my new shirt! Great youve gotten mud all over it!

Mary meep: Ehehehe,

Dulcis_angelus: Mary! *rushes over* Mary! You've won the Petpet spotlight award! Mary! Where areoh, I'm so sorry. Please excuse anything that she's said or done to hurt you.

You: Uh... no problem.

Mary meep: Great, looks like she found me

Dulcis_angelus: *picks Mary meep up* didn't I say to stay with the others?

Mary meep: Maybe...

You: Uh, didn't you say that she won the Petpet Spotlight award?

Dulcis_angelus: Yeah! I don't know how but you did! Isn't that great?

Mary meep: Isn't that the contest in which pets brag on about how much they love their petpets and how they found them in cardboard boxes and took them home?

Dulcis_angelus: Yeah. Why?

Mary meep: Oh great...

Dulcis_angelus: You should be proud that you got that award!

Mary meep: Whatever, I'm going back to the house to play Neoquest 2 *runs off back to the house*

You: So your petpet seems, how shall I put itquite unique?

Dulcis_angelus: She's special in her own little way, I suppose... I found her in Meridel forest. I was told that a local Shepard had lost his flock of babaas after being chased away by Darigans soldiers. I was heading back to Neopia central when I heard a faint bleating. I went to check it out and found a baby babaa in quite bad condition. She had managed to escape the Darigan citadel with the help of a draik, but the draik got recaptured and she was left on her own. I took her home and nursed her back to health, even taught her to speak. The other farmers babaa where never found though. Recently she's been hanging around with a group of meepits, so has picked up a bad attitude problem from them.

You: Yeah, you can never trust meepits. Anyway, how come your babaas fleece is blue not white?

Dulcis_angelus: Uhthat was something that happened last week when I was down the market with Giggle_faerie_laughs. Mary had gotten hold of some blue hair dye and she kinda had an accident with it and covered her fleece completely with itand it won't come out...

You: Ok then... hey? Did you here that?

Dulcis_angelus: Oh no...

You: What?

Mary meep: GIVE IT BACK!!!!!

Chokato: Fee fee fee! *waves the electronic game around in the air*

Mary meep: Nooooooo! Give it back! Give it back! *rushes over to Dulcis_angelus and starts crying* PLEASE tell that stupid feepit over there to give me back Neoquest 2!!! I need to save it before she turns the game off!!!! I'll have to start all over again and I had just beaten Zombom!!!! Please!!!

Dulcis_angelus: HmmmI dunno...

Mary meep: Please!!!

Dulcis_angelus: Well...

Chokato: *Turns the power off without saving the game* feepit! *Drops the game and runs off*

Mary meep: *Sits on the floor crying her eyes out* Baaaaaaaaaa!!! Baa baaa baaaaa!!!

You: Is she ok?

Dulcis_angelus: *whispers to you* She'll be ok; she's just slightly obsessed with Neoquest 2. Whenever this happens she always stops talking human and throws a tantrum.

You: Do you know how to shut her up? *covers ears from all the yelling*

Dulcis_angelus: Hey meepy, it's ok. *Picks up Mary meep and hugs her* I have something for you. *gives mary_meep a zombom pillow*

Mary meep: *stops crying and smiles* Yay! Thank you! I've wanted this forever! *Runs off back to the house*

You: That worked.

Dulcis_angelus: Sure did. And to think when I first found her she thought I was gonna eat her.

Allgeo: *is in the house and yelling at mary_meep* Look out dudes! It's Lord Darigan!

Dulcis_angelus: Gotta go protect mary... she has this thing of trembling in fear and hiding whenever someone mentions the name Lord Darigan *runs off* Allgeo! Stop it or I'll tell Giggle_faerie!

You stand there watching Dulcis_angelus run off, forgetting the reason for coming into the forest in the first place, and head off home for a nice cold glass of neocola.

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